Thursday, September 22, 2011

Riptide Blog Tour Pre-Party Starts Tomorrow!!!!

One more day. One more day! ONE MORE DAY!! *flails*  The biggest thing to hit my little blog in like... ever... and it starts in just... one more day! *flails more*

*mumbles* breathe Amara  *takes deep calming breaths and tries to not hyperventilate*


Most of you already know, but for those that haven't seen me snoopy dancing and flailing about... The Riptide Pre-Party starts tomorrow. For 8 days Aleksandr Voinov and Rachel Haimowitz are coming to hang out here to talk about the first 8 books in the first wave of releases on October 30th and why they bought it. 

So cool.

As if that's not cool enough... there are prizes. Lots of books, and swag even!

So vera cool.

Aaaaaand, and every post you comment on will earn you an entry into the end-of-year grand prize drawings for one of three awesome prizes: a Nook, a Kindle, and an iPad.

So vera VERA cool. 

My head... it spins at the coolness of it all.

The Pre-Party schedule is as follows...

    Riptide Publishing Pre-Party Celebration!

  • 23 - Andrea Speed ~ Pretty Monsters
  • 24 - Peter Hansen ~ First Watch
  • 25 - Rachel Haimowitz ~ Master Class
  • 26 - Storm Grant ~ Sucks & Blows
  • 27 - Brita Addams ~ Romeo Club #1: Surprises
  • 28 - Cat Grant ~ Once A Marine
  • 29 - Damon Suede ~ Grown Men
  • 30 - Aleksandr Voinov ~ Dark Soul vol. 1

As if that isn't enough awesome to hit my little blog here, the actual tour starts October 1st and goes thru December. 3 months of more uber awesomeness. Each Riptide author will be visiting my Place. There will be interviews, reviews, excerpts and... more prizes. I made a special page up there at the top... *points*...see it? That's where you can find the full schedule for my Place and I will link all the goodies there as they happen too. Cuz trust me when I say, you totally don't want to miss out on stuff. 

This is going to epic. e-PIC!

OMG, I'm so not ready. 

I still have soooooooo much to do. Posts to schedule, and, and, and ... mah Place is a mess. I need to clean up! Company is coming!!!! 

I'm not nervous at all. I'm totally not freaking out. 

Ok, yes I totally am.

Must get busy. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!  I will see you tomorrow! 

Later taters!

*flails off*


  1. I love how excited you get about things (^.^)

  2. LOLOL :D :D

    I am about to burst over here. I'm working on the posts right now and pretty much wanting to snoopy flail around my living room. No joke. :D

    This is all going to be sooooo awesome. I need to calm down thou, I'm gonna pop something. lol.

  3. This is an Awesome Site.



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