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Riptide Party Day 6: Aleksandr Voinov and Once a Marine by Cat Grant

Sweet. Day 6 bring Cat Grant's book to my blog. It's been a little while since Cat's come to visit (*waves* Hi Cat) heehee, I like it when Cat comes to play :D

I'm excited. Again. Or..well...still.  This book is gonna rock, I just know it. I know it because I had the privilege of reading this one already, in an earlier form anyway. I got to read as she wrote it, pre-Riptide editors of awesome. It rocked then. I can't WAIT to see what it looks like now. My grabby hands are in overdrive over this badboy.

From rocks to... Riptide fab. Chatting it up, I give you Alekandr Voinov and Cat Grant's Once a Marine. :)

Thanks for coming guys :D

eBook release: Oct 30 2011
Word count: 57,000
Page count: ≈195
Heat Wave: 5 - Very explicit love scenes
Erotic Frequency: 3 - Moderate
Type: Standalone
Blurb: Discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, former Marine major Cole Hammond is struggling to find a new identity. But PTSD casts a pall on everything, and his hard-nosed, homophobic father can’t even bear to look him in the eye. To top it all off, he’s pretty sure he’s flunking out of law school.
Marc Sullivan is a kind, sensitive romance author-slash-waiter with a thing for men in uniform. Cole’s not wearing his anymore, but there’s no mistaking the warrior Marc meets in the diner one rainy afternoon. Cole’s sexy smile and Carolina drawl prove irresistible, but Marc’s played this game before, and he always loses. Once a Marine, always a Marine, and if there’s one thing Marc knows about such men, it’s that they all leave him in the end. It doesn’t help that Cole’s practically closeted in public, or that he refuses to seek treatment for his PTSD.
But like any good Marine, Cole’s willing to fight for what matters. And like the characters in Marc’s stories, he’s certain that if they try just hard enough, together they can find their own happily ever after.

Aleksandr Voinov talks Once A Marine

Okay, I’m confessing my guilty secret. Not only do I really dig humour (such as Storm Grant’s Sucks & Blows), I also really enjoy the occasional contemporary romance, especially if Cat Grant writes them. I’m not even sure how it all started – I guess I offered Cat my services as a beta reader a few books back (I think it might have been Allegro Vivace) and she accepted – but I’ve been following Cat’s career for a good long while now.

So, when Once a Marine was done, I was one of the first people to read it. I made a couple comments here and there (as a beta reader does), but at the same time, Riptide was taking shape and I was starting to get the “hungry acquisitions editor look” when I surveyed what my author friends were writing.
I’ve always loved Cat’s writing, from her music novellas to her Icon Men series – the fresh perspective she brings to things and the fundamental optimism of her books. You know it’ll all end well, the angst is mild, the people real, the writing flawless, and the research solid. In short, if you want a contemporary romance that hits all the spots, you can’t go wrong with Cat’s books.

With Once a Marine especially, I was curious how she’d handle the military characters after her professional, high-end musicians and bar staff and hookers. Cole Hammond is an ex-Marine, discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (and that abominable policy just died a cringing death, and good riddance!), suffering from PTSD and working to rebuild his life, which also means overcoming old reflexes. For example, learning to hold hands with his boyfriend in public is a challenge, but Cole deals with it.

And since I already had that appetite for Cat’s writing, I was also aware that her Courtland Chronicles series is either out of print or about to go out of print. So we made a deal with Cat, offering her a re-edit and re-issue of all five Courtland Chronicles books if we could have something new from her on top of that. (I honestly didn’t expect we could get our hands on Once a Marine, as that was basically earmarked for a big, well-established publisher, and at that stage we didn’t even have a website!) Cat didn’t think long about the offer, though (brave woman!), and signed six contracts with us in one day – five Courtland Chronicles and Once a Marine. Talk about faith and trust, and sheer balls.

We’ve just finalized the editing process of Once a Marine, too, and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s vintage Cat Grant with a great cover from Reese Dante. And we look forward to making 2013 the Courtland Chronicles Year at Riptide.

Today’s Giveaway…

Choice of Cat Grant’s Allegro Vivace, Sonata Appassionata, The First Real Thing (Icon Men #1), Appearing Nightly (Icon Men #2), A Fool for You (Icon Men #3), or Entangled Trio

The fine details...


  1. Oh heck, I mean, wow, I'm first again.... *shrugs*
    I haven't read any of Cat's novels before, but given the quality of the authors whose writing I do know who have also signed on with Riptide, then Cat must be an author I need to read. Please count me in this giveaway!

    And Aleks, that was a very successful pitch as Once a Marine sound fantastic - another book on my wish list....


  2. I enjoy reading Cat Grant's stories and based on the blurb, once a marine looks good too.


  3. It's going to cost me a fortune come the end of October lol.

    The only book of Cats I have read is the first Icon book and it was a great little novella.

    I love contemporary stories and this one sounds right up my street :-D


  4. All these great books and I haven't found one I wouldnt read yet. It's gonna cost a fortune lol but from the sounds of things worth it.

    I love contemporary stories with mild angst and this one sounds right up my street.

    The only book of Cat's I have read is the first Icon Men which was a great little novella :-D


  5. This really is a fantastic little novel. And now, to embarrass Cat further, did you guys see she got not one but two EPIC nominations for best erotica novel of 2012? :D

  6. Opps looks like my phone is playing silly beggars and had posteD twd didn't think it had. Sorry

  7. I've read The Courtland Chronicles and loved it. I look forward in reading more of Cat Grant's works.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  8. I agree with Sarah, October is going to be expensive, because all these books look great (or you guys are just REALLY good at selling them).

    I was sold at "PTSD" and "angst" :)

  9. I have a weakness for men in (or out) of uniform -- didn't used to, but then the DH went back into the Army, and there you go...

    Also enjoyed the first two Icon Men, so....

    WV (esp. for you, Amara): arinfl. Are we missing a few vowels? Or is Arin from Florida? wish it was more dirty-sounding. Or just funnier.

  10. I don't understand Don't Ask Don't Tell. I think that it doesn't matter if you love men or women when you're fighting in a war. But if you're a Marine, you're a macho and you only can love women.


  11. Maria, if memory serves: DADT sort of had its heart in the right place when it was proposed, in that it was supposed to keep LGBT military service members from being dishonorably discharged from the U.S. military if they were found out to be LGBT, but it was poorly implemented - held to the letter of the law instead of the intent - and it became "discharge them WHEN they are found out" instead of "don't discharge them at all". With the law gone, that loophole in it is also gone, so now they can serve without fear of discharge, dishonorable or otherwise.

    I haven't read anything of Cat Grant's yet, so please count me in. =)

  12. Oh please count me in! I NEED the first icon men book, lol. Book three is burning a hole in my TBR pile!

  13. Sounds like another great book. I am really looking forward to all those that have been mentioned in the last week.

  14. As an Army vet who served in the military under the cringe worthy DADT, while still struggling with my own sexuality I must admit reading books that touch on that whole law/practice always intrigue me. I can remember my CO saying "Under Don't Ask Don't Tell I cannot ask any of you if you are gay, but that means that you cannot approach anyone to try to engage them in a homosexual act and if I catch you having homosexual relations, I will nail your ass to the wall and THEN send you to be dishonorably discharged!" *Grimace* My CO was/is a bitch. Glad I can say that without fear of retribution. LOL.

    I'm looking forward to reading this book and I'd love to be counted in for this giveaway, I need Allegro Vivace!

    veronicavictorian at yahoo dot com.


    V. Vee

  15. Thanks guys for commenting. It's a hot little book - the guys are totally lovable, too.

    And, hey, we're offering books as prizes, too, so you might be lucky and not have to buy ALL of them. :)

    Re: DADT - I think the mind just boggles at treating people who are ready to lay down their lives, sanity and health for their country. I was so pleased to see all the soldiers come out without having to fear losing their jobs/benefits. Of course, it's only the first step and many more need to be taken, but for me it was a sign that things are at least making progress.

  16. WOw I am going to have to get a 2nd job or a Loan to pay for all these riptide books that are coming.

    Please add me


  17. And the waves keep rolling in! :)
    Pre-orders start when?
    Amara's grabby hands thing seems to be catching. :)
    I've read Allegro Vivace and Sonata Appassionata (more than once :) Amazing stories and I would love to read more of her backlist, Oh and this new one..and the ones that are coming in 2012...
    Pls count me in again..


  18. Thanks for dropping by, everybody! I'm really, REALLY proud of OAM, and I can't wait for you all to read it! :)


  19. Sign me up! I love Cat's books and cannot WAIT for Once A Marine!

  20. Congrats, Cat -- both for the slew of wonderful lovely stories to come at Riptide but also the TWO EPIC nominations. Holy cow, LOL. ;D

  21. Rach & Kari - Thanks for the congrats! You both make me blush! :)

  22. Oh, and thanks for the congrats, Rach & Kari - you're making me blush! ;)

  23. Please count me in :)
    And Once a Marine sounds like a great book!

    luciatea01 (at)

  24. *waves* Hi everyone :)

    @Sue: Lol, yep, first again. I take that to mean you're enjoying the party, that makes me smile. I've read a couple of Cat's books now, she's vera good. Vera vera :)

    Hi Sarah, moniqee, BL, Alex, Maria, Adara, jayhjay, Tiffany, veronica, Mickie, Brien, and Lucia! Thanks for coming by ya'll! :)

    *waves* Hi Rachel, Aleks, Cat & Kari :)

    @CAS: lol grabby hands grabby hands :D

    @tracykitn: *waves* hi honey. Hm. yeah, need a better veri word. Maybe next time will be a good one :D

    Hope you're all having a great day! Thanks so much for coming by today :D :D

  25. *dances around* This one! I've been looking forward to this since I first saw the cover. I wholeheartedly agree with the others - October is going to be the month of big expenses. LOL. I'm sure it'll all be worth it, though!

    Please count me in for the giveaway as well. :)

    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  26. We'll soon have our pre-order system up and running - if you preorder, you get the stories a couple days before everybody else (MUAHAHA). :)

    Congrats, Cat! Well-deserved!

  27. @Amara -- You have NO idea how tempting it is to comment half-a-dozen times, just to see what fun stuff comes up. (Currently, it's "pluchem." I'm reading it "pluck 'em." And I'm thinking....yeah, I'm definitely thinking I'm gonna need some *grown-up alone time* in a few... *ahem* NotBlushingNotBlushingNotBlushing. Totally Lying, I AM blushing.)

    @Aleks -- Not sure the pre-order is good news or not. On the plus side, nothing currently needs a major fix, so I might actually have a book budget next month. Maybe a bit more pick-and-choosy than I'd like to have to be, but still...

  28. OOOoooo ooo ooo pick me pick me!

    twodogs4us (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. Cat--I am VERY excited about this one--lots of ex-miitary in my family--2 bothers and Dad--and a very good friend who is still active and thrilled that DADT is at an end. Can't wait.

    Aleks--you have a VERY exciting line up at your publishing house--kudos dear man! It's obvious your and Rachel's character had a great deal to do with author's willing to take a chance on Riptide!


  30. Me! Me! Me! *waves hand wildy* please enter me! Thanks

  31. Duh! Totally forgot to leave my email address earlier. It's

  32. This does sound like a good book. Congrats on the EPIC nominations.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  33. For some reason I was thinking that this blog captured email so we didn't need to add it. Oops. (Well, Rachel has it, but just in case...)

    adara adaraohare com

  34. @Aleks: Preorder FTW! W00T! You guys have some great and awesome giveaway/contest deal with preorders too down't you? I need to blog about that... *whispers* but I don't have any free space. lol. I need to make a new Riptide page and include it or something. I keep forgetting about it.

    @Tracykitn: LOL I would play veri word with you, but it doesn't give me one for my own blog. *whispers* you are SOOOO blushing ;)

    @Paws: LOLOL. Thanks for coming to the party today. :)

    @sammy: Thanks for coming by today :)

    @Araya: LOLOL. wildly waving hands prolly totally helps ;)

    @Brien: Thanks for coming back with your email. :)

    @June: *waves* Hiya :)

    @Adara: Hi. No, sadly it doesn't capture the emails, darn it anyway. Looks like you have one tied to your profile, so I'd have been able to find you, but a lot of ppl don't. Many times I've picked winners for giveaway's and had no way to contact them, and they didn't end up seeing my announcement post, so I ask for them now. It's a hassle for you guys, I know, sorry about that. :(

    Thanks for coming by today everyone. Hope you had a wonderful day. :D

  35. Ooh! I'm snapping this one up as soon as it's available :-) Please count me in for the giveaway.

    smaccall AT

  36. Wow, look at all these comments! Thanks for dropping by, everyone. I feel so loved! :)


  37. @Amara, it's ridiculous. I'm 30-mumble years old, I hang out with *soldiers* for pete's sake, I have three kids, I read EXPLICIT buttsecks, all my dearest friends have put their best efforts into dirtying me up, and I still, according to the most adorable ex (and dearest friend) "manage to retain a baffling air of innocence, even while saying the dirtiest stuff." I blush at *everything.* I'm blaming it on the Irish fairness of my skin.

    WV: imobils -- just a few letters away from immobilise, which leads to BONDAGE which leads to... you guessed it, a *redface* tracykitn. LOL!

  38. I'm back for Day 6. At this point I'm here for the duration. I get kind of obsessed once I get involved with an event like this!Also, Once a Marine looks great and is going on my to buy list.
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  39. Hope I'm not to late to add a comment. Internet provider seemed to be in a snit yesterday. As with all Rip Tide's upcoming releases, this one sounds amazing! You all should be so proud...a start up like this couldn't have been easy. Looking forward to "opening day"

  40. Marc isn't the only one who has a thing for guys in uniform! Sign me up! If there is a military uniform involved, the book is as good as bought!

  41. Seriously, anything with a Marine is a must read. Please enter me!

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com.

  42. Amazing Cover!
    Truthfully I have yet to read any of Cat's novels but with that cover and that blurb...not to mention Aleks' pimpage (lol) I certainly want to now. ^__^

    Please count me in this giveaway!

  43. Wow. Thanks for coming everyone! You are all so awesome. Srsly.



    Thanks for playing everyone!!!



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