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Riptide Party Day 7: Top Secret Sneak Peek as Rachel Talks Grown Men by Damon Suede

OhMyWOW. Party day 7... ROCKS! Well, they've all rocked, but this day rocks extra hard. Today is  Damon Suede's Book, Grown Men, and we get the first peek at the blurb. Cool yeah?  Yeah. But there's even more cool. We get that and...

*looks around* ... come closer... *whispers* ... and the Top Secret, never before seen... *looks around again*... work in progress... back cover. Don't tell anyone thou. It's not finished yet, the details still need to be painted in, so.. shhhhhhh. Iz special just for us. *grins so big it hurts a little*

Isn't it beautimus?

Fan-frigggin-tastic is what that is. I have only one question. If that's the back, the detail-less back even... what the hell kind of awesome is the front gonna be? *wide-eyed stare* Full of... WOW.

Check that beautimusness out, then pull up a chair while Rachel talks about Damon and his awesomeness of a book.

All I have left to say is... welcome back Rachel *whispers* you rocked my sox again. Big time. :D

And a big huge... welcome to my Place Damon. So good to have you. :D

eBook release: Oct 30 2011
Word count: ≈28,000
Page count: ≈95
Heat Wave: 5 - Very explicit love scenes
Erotic Frequency: 2 - Not many
Type: Part of a Series

Blurb: Marooned in the galactic backwaters of the HardCell company, colonist Runt struggles to eek out an existence on a newly-terraformed tropical planetoid. Since his clone-wife died on entry, he’s been doing the work of two on his failing protein farm. Overworked and undersized, Runt’s dwindling hope of earning corporate citizenship has turned to fear of violent “retirement.”

When an overdue crate of provisions crashes on his beach, Runt searches frantically for a replacement wife among the tools and food. Instead he gets Ox, a mute hulk who seems more like a corporate assassin than a simple offworld farmer.

Shackwacky and near-starving, Runt has no choice but to work with his silent partner despite his mounting paranoia and the unsettling appeal of Ox’s genetically altered pheromones. Ox plays the part of the gentle giant well, but Runt’s still not convinced he hasn’t arrived with murder in mind.

Between brutal desire and the seeds of a relationship, Runt’s fears and Ox’s inhuman past collide on a fertile world where hope and love just might have room to grow.

Rachel Haimowitz talks Grown Men by Damon Suede

I had the rare pleasure of meeting Damon Suede long before I had any idea who he was. In fact, he was the one who found me, at the 2011 Rainbow Book Fair in Manhattan: he came up to me in a crowd and said, “OMG ARE YOU RACHEL HAIMOWITZ?” and, let’s face it, from there on out it was love ;-)

Damon and I passed a fascinating couple of hours at the fair chatting All Things Books, primarily as pertained to our industry. Editing, covers, favorite authors, marketing ideas, etc. It took about ten seconds to realize that Damon had one of the sharpest minds I’d ever seen. He’s ebullient, relentlessly creative and impassioned, almost encyclopedic in his knowledge of our genre and the industry at large, a far-out-of-the-box thinker, and just the nicest guy you could ever meet. On top of that? He’s got an eminently gropetastic ass.

By the time Riptide came around, Damon had released Hot Head to some of the biggest fanfare our genre has seen in a long time. He’s a brilliant storyteller, no doubt about it, but it was clear—at least to me—from his writing that he’s very much a screenwriter (this has been his day job for some time). Screenwriting and novel writing are two very different disciplines, but they flex most of the same muscles and require many of the same skills, so I got back in touch with Damon and said, “Listen, I love you to pieces. I love your writing to pieces. I love your enthusiasm to pieces. Let me take your next manuscript and rip it to pieces.”

A guy who loves to learn and grow as much as Damon does was quite excited about the idea of strong editorial direction, and I already knew from our discussion at the book fair that he was quite excited about all the other ideas upon which we’d built Riptide. And I was quite excited about the idea of working with such a gifted writer, and also with such an energetic standard-bearer. When Damon believes in something, he’s out there waving its flag like nobody’s business. He’s a force of nature, and it’s an honor and a privilege to have him on our side, waving Riptide’s flag and stuffing our suggestion box with one brilliant idea after the next. As with all our authors, we didn’t sign a book, we signed a career. Our hope is to work with people for this book and many more books to come. Damon is so strong as an author and a standard-bearer and an idea man that I honestly didn’t care what book he brought me. We signed him without even having seen a manuscript. That’s how much faith I had in him.

And let me tell you, now that I have seen the manuscript? All that faith was justified. You’re going to LOVE Grown Men. This is sexy sci-fi at its finest—and at its most accessible, too; it’s not the sort of dense, technical “hard” sci-fi that might scare readers away. In Grown Men, his experience as a screenwriter shines through with masterful worldbuilding, creative characterization, punchy dialog, and a wonderfully unique voice overall.

Today’s giveaway…
First Wave Winner’s Choice: Pick any one backlist book from Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt, Brita Addams, or Cat Grant (“Frontlist” books, i.e. Riptide releases and newest non-Riptide release, are excluded, as are the Courtland Chronicles).

The fine details...


  1. Am I the first?! O_O :) *dances around*
    Please count me in for the giveaway.

  2. I forgot the email: mariaml254(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Firstly, congratulations on this new Riptide release. Hot Head was pretty good!

    May I please ask - what do we readers expect from this science fiction series?

    I mean would this series be like standalone characters but happening in the same timeline or planet.......or would these characters be included in the other stories.

    Thank You


  4. I didn't know this was science fiction! Awesome, Damon.

  5. The back cover looks great looking forward to this one.

    Adored hot head and eagerly awaiting the sequel - write Damon write -


  6. Whew! Not the first this time... :) Now this novella is also a must buy - after reading Seedy Business, and once I got over the sheer audacity of it, I really need to find out what happens in this story! Of course, there's no need to mention (again) how wonderful Hot Head was/is. Damon certainly has a gift for writing in every field he tries. (*hugs* Damon!)


  7. OK
    1) Oddly, this is pushing EVEN MORE of my buttons than the others so far (and they pushed plenty of them) but I'm not sure why. WAY too early in the morning for that kind of thought.

    2) I kinda want that back cover, as is, all blown up and framed and hung (*heh* I said hung...) somewhere in my house. Puh-leeeeze?

    3) WV: prountst Maybe it's the word, or maybe it's the early a.m. after being up too late last night, but... Got nothin'. Boo. *pouty face* (<---learned it from my 6YO so you *know* it's a good one.)

    *blows kisses to Amara. And Rachel. And anybody else who wants one.*

  8. And, damn it. Forgot my email.

    tracykitn AT


    (WV still nothing special: adjun Close to adjunct.)

  9. This is a series I must read. I can't wait to start it.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  10. Interesting premise and mute characters always catch my eye. What a week of partying this has been!

  11. I absolutely adored Seedy Business from the MMRomance Hot Summer Days stuff, so I can't wait for this related story! (For those who haven't read it, you can download it for free on - - As part of the special GayRomLit edition of the Don't Read in the Closet anthology being released from the HSD collection!)

    So, count me in! adara adaraohare com

  12. @moniqee - Ox is mentioned in the previous story (I posted a link to it above), and some of the background of the universe and who he is is written in that story, but as Damon started writing THIS one first and realized it was going to be way too big for what the HSD was supposed to be, he wrote Seedy Business at the same time, in the same universe, with Ox's twin brother. So, all that to say that I'm pretty certain you'll be able to read Grown Men as a standalone story, but the other is FREE, so you can read it anyway!

  13. Loved Seedy Business and adore Damon! Can't wait to read this one!!

    paranormalpoppy AT gmail DOT com

  14. Morning folks, and thanks for stopping by!

    You can absolutely read Grown Men as a standalone--there's no need to have read Seedy Business first. In fact, I purposely didn't, because I wanted to come at Damon's submission with an untainted eye and make sure everything still worked. S'aaaaaall good :D

  15. Absolutely loved Hot Head! This series definitely sounds readable as most sci-fi is not my thing. Am so looking forward to all the books you guys have profiled this week!!
    seritzko at verizon dot net

  16. Good morning everyone!

    Hi moniquee, Andrea, Sarah, Sue, BL, Adara, Poppy and SusieQ, thanks so much for coming :)

    @Maria: Lol Yep, first indeed. :)

    @tracykitn: lol inorite? I was thinking the same thing last night when I saw it. I want it on my wall. :D We need to get you better veriwords. ;)

    @Alex: Inorite? Heck of a week! Thanks for coming honey. :)

    Thanks so much for coming by today everyone. Hope you all have a good one!:)

  17. The back cover is BEAUTIFUL! And the story sounds intriguing.

  18. The back cover looks great! I'm looking forward to your releases ;) So many books to chose from 30th of October:)
    Count me in please!

  19. The back cover... Wow. It's so pretty! I'm so happy that Riptide is working with talented cover artists - more incentive (as if we didn't have enough already, ahaha) to buy your books!

    One day, I will find a place like that. Or have that picture glued to my window so I can at least pretend. LOL.

    Please count me in for the drawing! :)

    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  20. I love Sci Fi so againnI am adding this to my I want list.

  21. Dumb question here...Amara, have you been picking winners daily or will all winners be chosen at the end of the party or just announced then? Need to know how much finger crossing I need to keep doing!!

  22. Lol Totally not a dumb question at all, I've been so busy partying I wasn't sure either. *whispers* don't tell anyone but I have no idea what I'm doing, make this all up as I go. :D

    I've not picked winners yet. My plan is to start tallying everyone today and get ready to pick after Aleks' book parties on tomorrow. I think we're announcing winners Oct. 1 after Aleks, Rachel & Chris come to sit and chat w/me. :)

  23. WHOA! I am feeling a bit over stimulated! So much awesomeness today!
    @Amara I thought I was the only peep who said beautimus! :)
    @Rachel All of your comments about Damon and his writing were abso wonderful but I really got stuck on the eminently groptastic ass. RED lIGHT STUCK!
    Which of your amazing artists is working on this beautiful cover?
    Who wrote the awesome blurb?
    Sounds like Damon :) 'shackwacky'

    @Damon.. loved Hot Head, was blown away by Seedy Buisness and now that I know Grown Men is set in the same world and who Ox is... gimme! (please :)

    I apologize for the length of this post but as I said THIS day is just overflowing with awesomeness.

  24. Hi all!

    @CAS: Seriously, if you ever get a chance to grope that ass? Grope it.

    The cover's being done by Roberto Quintero, who also did the cover for First Watch.

    The blurb was a collaboration between me and Damon. He probably did most of the heavy lifting, which was wonderfully refreshing :)"Shackwacky" was all Damon, and was by far my favorite word in the whole blurb :)

  25. Tiffany, Adituangel: Isn't that just full of awesome? I love this one. :)

    Beatrice: Lol, I want to glue it to my window too! I could so get lost in that. Srsly. :)

    Hi Mickie :) Thanks for coming to the party. :)

    CAS: darlink, comments float my boat. The lengthier the floatier ;) lol Nope, I say beautimus all the time. And I make up word as often as possible. It's fun. :D

    Thanks for coming by ya'll. Much appreciated!

  26. WOw! Thank you every one. Very glad to see we didn't scare anyone off with the pervy blurb. :)

    We really worked to get that right, because Grown Men is not hard sci-fi or a space opera at all. Anyone who hasn't given sci-fi a try, it's a nice entry point (heh heh) because it's not aliens and high-tech and spaceship battles...but it IS a primal planetoid with these two rugged bastards circling each other in a sexy pas de deux. And ya got slow burn kinkiness with an 8 foot giant on a futuristic eel ranch. It's definitely not the same old...I think y'all will be pleased.

    Blurbwise, Rachel really took my initial blather and beat it into shape and then we sort of kicked it between us till it grew eyes and fins and teeth. Then -plop- dropped it into the infosea. LOL We have such different takes but we really DO collaborate well as it turns out. I'm VERY relieved that it sounds appealing.

    And there's no need to read anything else to enjoy Grown Men. It totally stands on its own. Actually Seedy Business does too. And the HardCell Universe IS very much its own monster. These stories share the universe but occupy wildly different takes on it.

    And Amara, thank you for making us feel so welcome here! And for letting that little slice of the back cover debut here...I will confess that since I saw the cover It's my desktop wallpaper. And when y'all see the main image you'll flip your kittens. :D Very stoked. Again, NOT what you're used to seeing for sci-fi M/M.

    If y'all have any questions just give a holler...I'm writigng like a madman, but I'll be checking back in.

  27. Oh my, if that's what the BACK looks like, be still my heart for the front, lol. And that blurb is *delicious*. ;D

    p.s. to Amara -- you're not counting my posts on here, right? I'll get all the 10/30 bks once pre-ordering starts so don't count me here, no worries. I just wander in because...I'm incredibly nosy, tbh. LOL

  28. Count me in please-I loved Hot Head & this new one sounds intriguing! :)
    sparkly_vampfan AT hotmail dot com.

  29. @Damon: *waves* Hi there :) You're so very welcome. Tis 100% my pleasure. I can't wait to get to play more blog with you, it's gonna be fun. :D And I gotta say...I was totally honored that I got to share that beautimus back cover. That baby is sheer awesomeness. Vera excited about your book too. Vera VERA. CAN/NOT/WAIT. :D :D :D

    @Kari: Hiya :) lol I was assuming I you wouldn't want counted, wasn't fer sure thou. I shall exclude you. Either way thou, I love you're being nosy and leaving your comments. :D Makes me smile. :D :D

    @sparklyvampfan: Hi there. Thanks for coming to the party :D

  30. Ooh, I am so excited about this one. Loved Seedy Business (and of course Hot Head too). Looking forward to reading it.

  31. First, Damon--Runt and Ox--LOL love those names--truly!! I have just started Hot Head and am enthralled--really enthralled--this one I may stay up all night reading--work be damned--wait did I just really say that?? Oh well--you dear author are worth it!

    Can't wait for this next one!

    A new fan!


  32. Hardcell... Hardcell... why does that sound familiar? Was there a short in the m/m romance group book about this world? humm.. I could be wrong but either way this sounds interesting. I am not much into sci-fi but never one to deny broadening horizons!


  33. Wow! That back cover is gorgeous! And this sounds like a wonderful book - I'll definitely be pre-ordering this one :-) Please count me in for today's giveaway.

    smaccall AT

  34. Oh, thank you, thank you, for the sneak peek, guys! It's a marvelous back cover. Honestly? I haven't been this excited about an SF story in years. Damon - I so love that you really grasp the heart of SF - it's not just about space battles and Arthur C. Clarke style dry-fests. It's how the human spirit, the human mind and brain react and adapt to new challenges. (WANT this. NOW. ahem. Sorry.)

  35. Day 7 and still lots of comments. pretty cool for y'all.
    I just have to say that the blurb for Grown Men is so...bizarre..but in the best possible way! I can't wait to read it!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  36. Love Damon's work!

    Contest please?!
    twodogs4us (at) gmail (dot) com
    thank you!

  37. Omg! If that is only the back... I simply can't WAIT to see what the front is like!!
    And Damn, does it sound amazing!!

    D: geh! was a bit busy but now I shall go back through the entries I missed. SO happy I didn't miss this one! lol...

    I want in on the contest please!! >o<

  38. Science fiction and explicit sex scenes. O_O What's not to like?

    Please enter me.

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com

  39. I have been waiting for this book since reading Seedy Business, so glad to know I can add it to my pre-order list soon.


  40. Dawn here -

    I am a major Sci-Fi and fantasy fan from way back, and just reading this has got me excited... we need more interesting sci-fi in M/M romance...

    --- and writing a mute? Man, that must have taken some brain power... it's so easy to use dialogue to create characters... much challenging to go without it for a major character... I will be very interested to see how Dameon did this...

    please enter me in the contest. my email is

  41. Hi everyone! Thanks sooooo much for stopping by!

  42. Hi everyone! Thanks sooooo much for stopping by!


    Thanks for playing everyone!!!



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