Friday, September 23, 2011

Riptide Pre-Party Day 1: Rachel Haimowitz and Pretty Monsters by Andrea Speed

Well, here we are, the day has finally arrived. Day 1 of the 8 day Riptide Blog Tour Pre-Party.  To that I say... W00T! and ... AweS000ME (<---sings that part)

Let's get this party started!

To kick things off, the fantabulous Rachel Haimowitz is here to talk Pretty Monsters and Andrea Speed. I've listed the day's giveaway at the bottom of the post, along with the fine details of course, and both Rachel and Andrea will be stopping by to say hello so feel free to comment away to either of them. Fire at will. *winks*

Now, with a big warm welcome, I shush up with my rambles and give the place over to she who is made of awesomeness... Rachel Haimowitz.

Pretty Monsters by Andrea Speed
eBook release: Oct 30 2011
Word count: ≈2,500
Page count: ≈9
Heat Wave:  2 - Kisses and touches, no love scenes
Erotic Frequency:  2 - Not many

Blurb: Josh knew the night shift at the Quik-Mart would be full of freaks and geeks—and that was before the hell portal opened in the parking lot. Still, he likes to think he can roll with things. Sure, the zombies make a mess sometimes, but at least they never reach for anything more threatening than frozen burritos.

Besides, it’s not all lizard-monsters and the walking dead. There’s also the mysterious hottie with the sly red lips and a taste for sweets.

Josh has had the hots for Hot Guy since the moment he laid eyes on him, and it seems Hot Guy might be sweet on Josh too. Now if only Josh could figure out whether that’s a good thing, a bad thing, or something in between. After all, with a hell vortex just a stone’s throw away, Josh has learned to take nothing at face value—even if it’s a very, very pretty face.

Rachel Haimowitz talks Pretty Monsters:

I’m a huge fan of Andrea Speed’s, and have been from the moment I read Infected: Prey. We traveled in the same circles on Twitter, so when the time came to start inviting authors to submit to Riptide, she was right at the top of my list.

Fortunately, we got to talking, and Andy was very enthusiastic about the idea of writing something for us. She had a couple things in development, including a novel called Strange Angels we hope to bring you sometime in the second half of 2012, and a series idea about a guy named Josh who worked in a Quick-Mart beside a portal to hell.

Readers of the Infected series know that Andy loves a bit of horror in her romance. They also know she loves a bit of humor. The main character in the Infected books is a bitter, snarky son-of-a-bitch with—if you’ll pardon the cliché—a heart of gold. I loved loved loved those little glimpses of humor, and when Andy sent me the first draft of Josh of the Damned, I found myself laughing my ass off. All those little glimpses had become great big glimpses, and while she kept the horror—there is the occasional dark undertone in the JotD series—everything about it is just, well, hilarious. She has such a wonderful voice and such a unique tone—that incongruous mix of horror and hilarity—there was no way I couldn’t buy it.

We did a lot of work on that first story, and out of that process came the idea for a whole series. So you’ll be seeing a lot more of Josh and Colin, along with other recurring characters like a lovesick yeti and a pack of werewolves that keep stealing the bumpers off the cars in the parking lot. Plus? The first one’s only $.99. Trust me, it’ll be one of the most amusing dollars you’ve ever spent!

Today's Giveaway:

Choice of Infected: Prey or Making Contact by Andrea Speed

The fine details...
  • This giveaway is for an eBook copy as listed above.
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me you’d like to be entered in the giveaway.
  • Commenters also entered in end of pre-party giveaway of 2 prize packages.
  • All commenters also entered in year-end Riptide grand prize giveaway of an ereader; Kindle, Nook or iPad. Each post commented on counts as an entry.
  • Please include a valid email address or we won’t know where to contact you.
  • Backlist book giveaways do NOT include books released in the last 3 months.
  • Giveaways do NOT include Riptide releases.
  • Winners will be selected at random using
  • If the chosen winners do not respond to my email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.
  • By entering the contest, you are confirming you are at least 18 yrs old.
  • eBook giveaways open worldwide. 
  • Swag giveaways USA only 


  1. I love the cover for this book. I must confess I haven't read anything by Andrea yet but she is on my to read list I have heard many wonderful thing about her.


    Sarah S


  2. Woot, the very first official post of the Riptide blog tour! This is . . . verra verra exciting for me, as a certain someone might say ;-)

    Sarah, Andy is just wonderful. Not a lot of people do humor well, especially of the dark sort Andy excels at. Pretty Monsters would be a great entry into her work because a) it's hilarious, and b) it's only a dollar, but the Infected series is also just spectacular (if a bit gut-wrenching at times, and if by a bit I mean huddled-in-a-corner-crying).

  3. I'll be the first to admit that the Infected series can get mighty depressing at times. But Josh of the Damned should just be fun, so if you like lighthearted, this is for you. (I hope.:D)

  4. Yay! Here for the first day! lol... O.o It's 2am but who cares right?! xD
    ah, I'd like to be entered in the contest please. :)

    I too have yet to read anything by Andrea Speed, but I have been wanting to. (^^;; I own the first two books of the Infected series but they're still on my 'to read' list. I'll get to them I swear!) I like a little horror in my story though. It only makes the happy ending that much more sweeter. ;3

    I gotta say that the blurb for Pretty Monsters has me very interested. haha... A good laugh and awesome new characters! Not to mention the cover is nice~ very eye catching! <3 lol...
    anyways, I look forward to getting my hands on this new book. Lovesick yeti? Pack of Wolves? Bring it on! :D
    ...but for now... I go to bed. bye~ ^w^/ *waves*

  5. I'd love to be in the contest too, please!
    I have read Andrea's novels, and you're right Rachel, she has the ability to blend the dark with humor very well. And Andrea, your writing can be darned depressing at times, but it's definitely worth reading! JotD sounds like it could be a lot of fun. :D

  6. There's definitely nothing depressing about Pretty Monsters. Just lolz :) Kind of a nice change from Infected, eh?

  7. I'll bite; I love quirky characters and not-so-horrible horror-y type stuff. (Although I will say that I *still* have nightmares from that time I saw Bambi when I was, like, 6 years old...I'm thirty-mumble now.)

    tracykitn AT yahoo DOT com

  8. Oooo...horror, humor and a bit of bleak, one of my favorite combinations. (Stephen King would be so much better if he didn't take himself so darn seriously.)

    *hangs head* I've never read Andrea's work, (not yet) mostly because if I bought everything I wanted to read, my family would be homeless, lol

    Enter me, please :)

  9. I've been wondering what this book was going to be like! The cover is one of Riptide's standouts, and I probably would've bought it anyway based on cover and blurb, but your description has convinced me: I need this in my life.

  10. You guys have such passionate and compelling artwork. It's beautiful to see.

  11. (Don't count me in the Speed contest, I own both those books already. :)

    JotD sounds right up my alley. I'm not a big horror fan, but dark humor is great, and this sounds perfect, with a lovely cover to boot.

  12. Doh! Just realized I didn't leave my email address! Sorry :(


  13. I'd love to be in the contest, it's a great cover, I love the eye!
    I'm wusswoo at gmail dot com

  14. @Sarah: Isn't that cover great? I've not read anything by Andrea yet either. Rachel loves the Infected series so much I've gone out and gotten a few but haven't had a chance to crack those jewels yet.

    Thanks soooo much for coming by!

  15. @Rachel: W00T W00T!!! Tis party time! heehee, I'm so vera vera excited :D :D Big thanks to all of you for letting me party with you. I'm one uber excited blog girl. Snoopy dancing all over the place. :D

    @Andrea: Hi Andrea, Welcome to my blog. :D I can't wait to read Pretty Monsters. Both daughter and I are just chompin' at the bit for this one!

  16. @Loveless: Yaaaay! Thanks for coming by for the party. Lol you got here early! Hope you managed to get some sleep last night. I didn't, I was to party nervous.

    @SueM: Thanks so much for coming by Sue. You're definitely in m'dear. :)

    @Tracykitn: *waves* Hiya! Lol that's a long time to be traumatized by Bambi. :-p Poor Bambi. Thanks for coming to the party honey. Hope you have a good day today. :)

    @Angel: Thanks so much for coming by. :)

    @Peter: *waves* Hi Peter :D I soooo can't wait to get my hands on this one. I'm pretty sure I need this in my life too. :D

    @Kate: Hi Kate. They do give good cover don't they. I'm in love with them. Thanks so much for coming by.

    @Alex: *waves* Hi Alex! Thanks for coming by darlin'. Hope you have a fantabulous day today!

    @SueM: LOLOL thanks for coming back with your address. It makes these giveaways sooooo much easier. ;-p

    @wussuoo: Thank you so much for coming by. Hope you have a great day! :)

  17. Great author + great cover = great start!

    I'm so glad Andy's got a short coming out. Been dying to delve into the "Infected" books, but I can't manage reading anything too long at my desktop.

    Congratulations to all y'all! (Honest, I really do talk like that. Must've picked it up when I lived in Minnesota. *snort*)

  18. Thanks, K.Z. :D

    It's very exciting to hear everyone's so happy with the covers for our shorts. It's tough to do unique art on a $.99 story, but we're working with some brilliant artists (credit for this one to Jordan Taylor), and they make a LOT possible.

    But oh, I weep for Chris Griffin's moving on . . .

  19. Christine Griffin did the artwork? Hell, that explains everything! She's one of the High Powers in my graphic artist pantheon.

    But...but...she'll no longer be doing book covers? Noooooo!

  20. Nono, Jordan Taylor did this artwork. Chris Griffin hasn't done covers in a while; I actually think Fugly was her last, or nearly so. I actually tried getting in touch with her to see if we could coax her back into the book cover business and she never even responded to my email :*( Which is sad, because if Fugly isn't the best erom cover in the history of erom, it's certainly right at the tippy-top of the list.

  21. I look forward to reading this. And am looking forward to other books from Riptide too. I haven't read Andrea yet but I love horror mixed with snarky.

  22. I loved the Prey series, looking forward to Pretty Monsters!! Count me in!

  23. First of all I'd like to congratulate everybody at Riptide for starting this venture which looks really promising. A lot of my favorite authors will be releasing books with you and I can't wait to read them.

    I'm a graphics designer, therefore the way a book looks is very important to me. The covers I've seen so far look fantastic. The one for Pretty Monster is my favorite one - I think. It's hard to decide since they're all so beautiful.

  24. Tiffany - then this little series should be right up your alley. :)

    Laura - thank you, it's really good fun. :)

    Enny - thank you. We're really lucky to get to work with some of the top talent, both on the writing and design side. :)

    Everybody - thank you for joining us!

  25. *waves* Hi everyone! K.Z., Tiffany, prplmom, enny-k thanks for stopping by!

    *waves* Hiya Aleks :)

  26. *waves and throws confetti* Congrats on the first day of your pre-release party!

    I'll admit, I haven't read anything by Andrea before, but I've been eyeing her upcoming release, The Little Death, for a while now. Just waiting for it to be up for pre-order in ARe.

    Please count me in for the giveaway as well!

    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. Excited to pre-order, can't wait for October 1st!

    @TT_Armstrong- twitter

  28. The Infected Prey series is one of my all-time faves and I can't wait to read this book by Andrea. Add me, bunnykins. :)

  29. Oops forgot my email.
    kleemoon66 @

    Oh and the bunnykins comment was for Amara. lol

  30. Peers in, looks around. Notices Confetti on the floor. Takes one little step in and then scurries around to the corner to people watch.

    Was I supposed to bring a dish? This isn't a potluck, right? Is it a BYOB? I don't see any "adult" beverages. Hmmm.

    I've never read Andrea Speed, but what I've seen so far is pretty darn funny. I like funny. Please enter me in the contest. My email addy is lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com.

    And, I go by another name in GR. ^_^

  31. @Beatrice: Thanks for coming to the party. And bringing confetti! I totally forgot to bring some. You rock. :)

    @Tanya: Thanks so much for coming by. :)

  32. Had to stop by and say hi to Amara, who is one of my all-time favorite people, to Aleks and Rachel, Congratulations on the first day of the pre-launch and to Andrea, a fellow Riptide author. I look forward to reading Pretty Monsters. Looks great.

    Amara, your blog is beautiful!!!

    Hugs to all

  33. @K-lee: *waves* Heya! Lol you mean bunnykins wasn't for Aleks or Rachel? But... they are sooooo bunnykins :D

    I think I totally have to call them that now. Muahahahah >:D

    *whispers* you totally cracked me up with the bunnykins thing. Just sayin ;)

    @La Crimson: Hiya :) A dish is good, Im hungry, but ... I'm thinkin' adult beverages would be mroe fun ;)

    Thanks for coming to the party m'dear. :)

  34. @Brita: *beams* thank you! I made it aaaaaaall by myself :D Even made the background too. :D It was hard. lol.

    I'm so glad you like it. :D

    Thanks for crusin' by darlin'! Can't wait til we get to play! Am excited. :D

  35. I'm so looking forward to this story -- the whole series actually. Pretty, funny monsters? Right up my alley. Especially when they do absurd things like steal bumpers.

    Congrats, everyone!


  36. "Bunnykins" will cut a bitch. Just sayin' ;-p

  37. It sounds like a good book. I, myself am not familiar with the author, but I am always looking for new authors to read. Sign me up!

  38. Bunnykins?! You know, this means I'll have to think of a killer bunny in a way that isn't a total rip off of Monty Python ...

  39. @Anne: Hi Anne :) Thanks for coming by, and a BIG BIG congrats to you m'dear :)

    @Rachel: Ha! This bunnykins is soooo not afraid of you bunnykins :p Bring it. >:D

    @Nikki: Hi Nikki. I hear such awesome thing about Andrea's books. I've not read any yet myself, they're on the massive TBR pile. This will be my first, I'm so excited for it. :) Thanks for coming by!

    @Andrea: *laughs at that*

  40. Yay!! So excited the celebration has begun :-) I just read - and loved - Infected: Prey so would love to win Making Contact.

    smaccall AT

  41. I can't wait to read this, it sounds Fantasticly fun!!

  42. I would like to be entered in the contest please... this is hust so fricken awesome.

  43. Josh sounds like a great character, I think you're on a winner there Andy and Rachel. Love the cover too.

  44. Am I too late to comment? I'd like a chance to win :D

  45. @Bookwyrm: Yaaaay indeed! Thanks for coming to the party m'dear. :)

    @Mia: *waves* Hiya. :)

    @Norma: Definitely have you down. :)

    @AB: *waves* Hi AB. Thanks for coming to the party :D

    @maderr: Nope, not to late at all. You're totally in. :)

    Thanks everyone for coming by! Hope you're all having a fantastic day!

  46. The blurb of Josh is intriguing but it is kind of short.

    Would there be a compilation of the whole series at the end?

  47. @moniqee: It depends how many there end up being. #2 is in the edit queue and #3 is in the works, but if Andy only ends up writing four our five, they probably won't be collected together. If she ends up writing ten or fifteen, then we'll probably put together a collection. It'd be a loooong wait, though.

  48. If it's anything, Rachel, I could probably write these forever.

  49. lol with such interesting blurb, it is pretty understanding you could write like the soap opera series but it would be nice if it is a little longer ( for my reading )

    I like the cover of Pretty Monster as well, do I expect different covers? Sort of like collectors cover.

  50. Well, I already own both of today's offers, so no need to include me in today's giveaway. I just want to add that I've loved anything I've read of Andy's and can't wait for more!

  51. @Andy: Glad to hear it; we'd be thrilled to publish them forever too :D

    @Moniqee: Every book Riptide publishes--even our $.99 shorts--gets a unique cover.

    @Adara: Wahey thar, stranger! ;)

  52. Wow! I'm #52 commenter and very excited about this project - I know y'all have been working really hard.
    I'd love to get in on the giveaway, so please throw my name in the "virtual hat" and I'll see you around the tour and festivities!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  53. *is thinking she should patent the whole "bunnykins" thing - snickers*

  54. Hi moniquee, Hi Adara :) thanks for coming by!

  55. @msmjb65: You sure are! Been quite a day of festivities :D Thanks soooo much for coming to the party. :)

    @K-lee: LOLOL OMG, you slay me. I can honestly say you are the one and only person to ever dare call me... bunnykins. :-P

  56. It looks like a fun read. Please add my name to the contest.

  57. Credit where credit is due: stunning cover, Jordan Taylor! (Yeah, okay, I am a total cover whore.)

    Best of luck with your debut story, Andy! I'm already sold on it. :)

  58. I would like to be entered into the oontest, please.

    Oh, this is a must have for me; it sounds great.

    I think my creidt card is going to get a major workout soon....

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  59. I'm a little late to this particular party... and wading through confetti to sign the guestbook.
    Loved the blurb, and and have this on my want it yesterday list. :)
    Congrats to one and all on a very interesting lead off for the launch party.

  60. Looking forward to Andrea's release. This story looks like it's going to be a whole lot of fun!!

  61. Oh the blurb was just not enough!! Can't wait to read more about Josh and the Hottie... the Quik-Mart sounds like an interesting place to work too!

  62. Hi Booklover, CAS, Poppy and Brenda. Thanks so much for coming by today. :D

    Hope you had a fantastic day today!

  63. Another interesting story! How exciting!

    seritzko at verizon dot net

  64. Hi Amara

    Thank you for hosting Riptide Blog Tour and please do take me out from this draw coz I own Andrea's ebooks.

    I hope I wont regret getting this pre-order once the estore is up. The eyes are hypnosizing me. *__*

  65. Hope its not to late to enter.
    Any thing by Andrea Speed is always a must read for me.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Only 0,99$! I think I'll buy it.
    I love the eyes on the cover, green eyes are so beautiful.
    I hope love stories with love and humor and I'll be waiting for this book.


  68. What better place for a portal to hell than a Quicky Mart parking lot! Please enter me in the contest. Thank you!


  69. Hi, I'd like to get the Infected: Prey. I think all of your books look great and I'd definitely read them. I love the genre. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  70. I'd like to enter the contest too. Never one anything, would be nice to. And Andrea Speed is one of my favorite authors.


  71. I would love the chance to win this book...Thank you!!

  72. Wow! I love the cover. And the blurb sounds very very interesting.

    I hope I'm not to late to enter in the contest. If not, count me in, please. Thanks ;)


  73. Hi SusieQ, moniquee, Maria, Phoenix, Noughty, and leisa. Thanks so much for coming by!

    Hi Mickie and Halfwolf. Thanks for coming, and you're not too late at all. :)

    Hope you all had a nice week!


    Thanks for playing everyone!!!



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