Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't Read In The closet: Volume 1

Don't Read In The closet: Volume 1

This volume is the first 28 stories (days 1 – 19) released during the event. It has over 250,000 words and comes in around 740 pages! Not bad for a FREE read.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Don’t Read in the Closet: Volume One

Jade Archer – CUPID‘S BEAU (Fantasy/Friends to Lovers )
J. P. Barnaby – END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT (First Love )*
Sarah Black – SUCKER-PUNCH (Athlete/Hurt-Comfort )
Scarlet Blackwell – BREAKING WAVES (Surfing/Angst )
Penny Brandon – FINDING JACK (Cowboys/Mild BDSM )
Lee Brazil – BE A BAD BOY (First-Time/Family Drama )
Cardeno C. – WOMAN WITH A DILDO (Friends to Lovers )
L.C. Chase – OPEN TACKLE (Friends to Lovers )*
Kim Dare – MASOCHISM 101 (BDSM/Friends to Lovers )
S.J. Frost – A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY (Musicians/Rivals to Lovers )
Jeanette Grey – HEART AND SOUL (Friends to Lovers )
Jambrea Jo Jones – WILD BLUE YONDER (Military )*
Pender Mackie by DOG DAYS OF SUMMER (Blue Collar/First Date )
KM Mahoney – SHOW & TELL (College/First-time )
JL Merrow – BEAR NAKED (First-time/Bears )
M.J. O'Shea – BRIDGES (First Love )*
Neil S. Plakcy – PHOTO BOOTH (Cowboys/FBI )
Dustin Adrian Rhodes – STORM OF PASSION (Friends to Lovers )
Jaime Samms – MOURNING (Hurt/Comfort )*
Justin South – REFLECTIONS (First Love/Hurt-Comfort )
Zach Sweets – LUSCIOUS LOVE (Coming out/Food Kinky )
Piper Vaughn – WANTING (First Love )*
Silvia Violet – TIME TO TELL (Military/Friends to Lover)
Deanna Wadsworth – UNSCHEDULED MAINTENANCE (Office Sex )
Stuart Wakefield – THE ELEMENTS OF LOVE (Sci-Fi/Ménage )
Alex Whitehall – HOLD ME TIGHT (Hurt-Comfort/BDSM Light )
Lisa Worrall – JUST ONE KISS (Gay-for-You/Cops )
Connor Wright – GONE TO PIECES (Sci-Fi/Mild BDSM )

* a few of the 27 stories also included in our Special Edition featuring authors attending the first annual Gayromlit ( retreat in New Orleans, LA, next week.

This edition is also free 

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  1. I have it, and one of these days I'm going to read it (but today I'm too busy being a complete doofus in the kitchen. Some days, I just need to completely avoid that room -- hopefully, it won't be as bad as I'm expecting.)

    WV: fixest -- well, hopefully I can fix the mess I've made...



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