Sunday, October 23, 2011

Andrea Speed Giveaway Winner

Good morning all. Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend. I'm just busy as a little bee over here getting the Place ready for next week's Riptide blog tour stuff. But before I run off to finish that, tis time to pick a giveaway winner for last week

*drum roll*

Last week's giveaway was for... 
Winner's choice of Infected: Prey or Making Contact by Andrea Speed 

joder ~

Thanks for playing blog with me everyone. Uber big thanks to Andrea and to Riptide too. You all rock mah socks.

Next week my stop on the Riptide Blog Tour continues with Peter Hansen. He'll be hanging out sharing the goods about his upcoming release First Watch.

Tis time for tentacles. Tentacles W00T! 

Next week's gonna be way fun. WAY fun. I get to interview Peter aaaaand I get to interview mah first tentacle monster. AweS0000ME (<---sings that part)

More coolness, more giveaway and all that Riptide fantabulousness. 

That's all for me for now.

Later taters!


  1. Congrats Joder

    (I may be testing out the new posting system...)

  2. Hi Alex. Thanks for coming by and testing out the new posting system.

    Curious if you like it from the commenter's end? I think I'm really liking it from my end. But, ya know, want it to be good for users too. :)

  3. Congratulations, Joder,  Enjoy!

    I look forward in reading Peter Hansen's posts.

  4. I'm always suspect of everything attaching to my gmail, but aside from that, it's fine. Though I don't know why it doesn't offer me the option of getting notices when you reply directly to my comment... *head tilt*

  5. I think to get the notifications, you have to subscribe up there at the top of the comment section... I think...

  6. Testing comments

  7. Or actually it looks like it had a subscribe to comments option when you logged in to post, I think that gets you notifications too. 



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