Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last Week's Winner, Next Week's Coolness

Good morning :) Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend. The first week of my Riptide Blog Tour stop is over which means... it's time to pick a winner.  Up for grabs for the weekly giveaway was a Brita Addams backlist book of choice. W00T!
*drum roll*

~ Mel H.~

Thanks for playing everyone. If you didn't get this one, worry not! There's sooooo many chances to win more goodies! Giveaway's a plenty!!

Coming this week...

Continuing with the Riptide Blog tour, Storm Grant is coming to visit with her upcoming Riptide book Sucks & Blows. There will be an interview, review, excerpt, guest post and another giveaway for the week as well. Hope to see you all for more party fun! 

That's all for me, for now. 

Later taters!

*twirls off*


  1. Thank you Amara HWTM :D and Brita for a very interesting and enlightening week. Looking forward to next week with Storm Grant and 'Sucks & Blows' !
    Congratulations Mel H! Woo Whoo to you!
    see ya'll again soon. :)

  2. *waves* Hi CAS! I'm so glad you enjoyed the week. That makes me smile all hugeamously. :D Hope you're having a good weekend m'dear!



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