Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Review: Sucks & Blows by Storm Grant

Sucks & Blows by Storm Grant

Publisher: Riptide Publishing
eBook release: Oct 30 2011
Word count: 4,500
Page count: 19
Heat Wave: 4 - On-screen, mildly explicit love scenes
Erotic Frequency: 2 - Not many
Type: Standalone
Blurb: Deeply in debt to a loan shark, oversexed dentist Cary Drewel lives in fear of foreclosure and bodily harm. His new practice is missing one rather crucial element: patients. Which, terrifyingly enough, is the one thing his creditors also don’t have.

Pierce Sharpe, a powerful vampire with a drinking problem—or, more accurately, a problem drinking—can’t feed through the pain in his damaged eye teeth. In danger of losing his standing in the vampire community, Pierce seeks Cary's dental services. When Cary extracts his canines, Pierce must turn to other bodily fluids for sustenance.

Together, Cary and Pierce find a mutually pleasurable solution to both their problems. Turns out, though, there’s more to this dentist-patient relationship than simple suction, and what began with raw hunger from each of them might just end in love.

My Rating: 5/5

Characters:  5
Plot:  4
World building:  5
Writing:  5
Premise:  5

Heat Level:  2
Sexuallity:  M/M

My Thoughts:  I’ll be honest.  When I first saw the blurb for this one, I didn’t expect to like it. I’m a hard core vampire girl.  I want my vampires dark, sexy and scary. My first thought was “Seriously?  A Dentist and a vamp with bad fangs?” I hesitated.  I was soooo wrong. This story… I loved. Love Love LOVED. 

This was adorable. It was a fun, light, sexy, very unique little vampire tale.  I’ve never read anything by Storm Grant before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her writing is fantastic.  Her sense of humor had me chuckling through the whole story.  The characters were fabulous; Her Dentist with the over active libido and silly sense of humor was just too cute and her vampire was as sexy as I want a vampire to be, even with his bad fangs and his utterly adorable inability to enunciate, poor guy. I totally fell in love with him. She even managed to squeeze in some hot and steamy, a villain, a bit of action, and the vampish edge I need on my vampires. All in 17 pages. Quite a little package, she may have well have just wrapped it up in bow. Awesome. My first Storm Grant book, but definitely not my last. I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

Bottom line: Highly Recommended. Uber high even.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the review; it was informative and fair.

    I can't wait to read Sucks & Blows.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  2. I am kinda over the dark broody vampires (and never got into the sparkly ones; those made me want to say "noooooo! Run away!!!" and I literally threw the book at the wall -- thankfully my aim is bad or there would be a hole.)

    Anyway, my fav vampires in the m/f market are Katie MacAllister's Dark Ones, who manage to be dark and brooding in the most hysterical ways possible, so...anyway....I think I had a point, where did I lay it down again?

    OH, yeah. THERE it is.

    I like funny vampire stories, so I'm looking forward to this.

    Yeah, that's what I was trying to say.

    (also, wv thingie: pyingfie? rly? I mean, RLY? O.O I got nothin'.)

    tracykitn AT

  3. Wonderful review Amara!
    Makes me want to read this even more and I was already fired up.. :)
    Almost half way there for these releases.. almost.....
    Cheers! Well done.

  4. Thanks for the review, you really make me want to read this story :P

    luciatea01 (at)

  5. Lovely review. I liked Pierce too.

    Why would I want to win? So I can read other books by Storm Grant. :)

    mslasha (at)

  6. Sorry to be tardy. Internet down today.

    Thanks so much for both the interview and the supportive comments. I'm very excited about Riptide's debut!

  7. Great and short review. This make me want more and more the ebook.


  8. Thanks for the great review :-) Definitely have this one on my pre-order list.

    smaccall AT

  9. @Booklover: Thanks. :) Twas a good little story to be sure.

    @Tracykitn: Hiya honey. I think I'll always love my dark broody vampires, they're just sexy as hell. And yeah... vampires should just never, ever, EVER friggin' sparkle. That's just... just... *shakes head*...
    ANYhoo, I think you'll like this one. :)
    (I need better WVs. What's up with those lately anyway. Stoopid thing)

    @CAS: Hi CAS. Thx darlin' I'm glad you liked it :D You totally have to get this one. Srsly. :D

    @Lucia: Hiya. Glad you liked the review. :D

    @Lasha: Hiya. Thx :) After this one I srsly need to check out more of Storm's books.

    @Storm: *waves* Hiya Storm :D

  10. Please enter me in the contest!

    twodogs4us (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. Great review! The more I read about this book, the more excited I am for it. Equally excited about the giveaway, so thank you for that too.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  12. Eek! Awesome review!! I'm even more excited! lol...
    oh! I'd like a chance at the giveaway too! xD

    arella3173_loveless @

  13. Hi Maria. Yeah, I don't do long lengthy reviews. I don't care for them much. I'm more of a short and sweet get to the point kinda girl ;) Glad you liked it. :D

    Hi Bookwyrm, you're welcome. I hope you enjoy it. Twas a vera good one. :)

    Hi Paws. I've gotch'ya down for it :)

    @Hi joder. Thanks much, I'm glad you liked it :))

    Hi Judi! Lolol. Glad you liked the review m'dear. :D

    Thanks for coming by ya'll. Hope you're having a good week! :D

  14. Thanks for the short and sweet of it, Amara. Looking forward to reading this. =)

    adara adaraohare com



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