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Riptide Blog Tour ~ Excerpt: Surprises (Romeo Club #1) by Brita Addams

While Brita and I have some more of that yummy Raspberry tea (alright, I'm really having coffee, I no likey da tea *winks*) how about a little teaser of Surprises. Tea and coffee are over on the table, feel free to pull up a chair and join us for a cuppa if you'd like.

Publilsher: Riptide Publilshing
eBook release: Oct 30 2011
Word count: 5,900
Page count: 25
SeriesRomeo Club
Heat Wave: 5 - Very explicit love scenes
Erotic Frequency: 5 - Lots and lots!
Type: Part of a Series
The Blurb: Smart, successful, handsome, and thoroughly sick of the club scene, Don ventures into a popular upscale dating service. Aroused and intrigued by the boldfaced sexual queries on the Romeo Club’s application, he finds himself embellishing one answer after the next. Don thinks he’s taking control of his fate, but when he’s done, he ends up turning over a lot more than just his questionnaire to the dominant Adonis who runs the service.

In a private back room, beneath the snick of handcuffs, the slide of silk over his eyes, and not one hot mouth but two upon his skin, Don learns just how much more than matchmaking the Romeo Club has to offer a guy who doesn’t mind a few surprises.


How often do you like to fuck?

Not “have intercourse” or “make love,” but “fuck,” written out right on the application. Damn! I hadn’t expected such personal questions, but after a few moments of thought, “No limit” seemed as good an answer as any.

“What is your favorite position?” Oh, the possibilities.

“Bent over a sofa, chair, table?” All of the above, giving or receiving.

“On all fours on a bed or the floor?” Right you are.

“Standing against the wall?” Definitely has merit.

“Do you suck cock regularly, or do you prefer to be sucked? Do you swallow?” I should have seen that one coming.

“Dildo preference—glass or flexible?” I’d never thought about it, but the question gave me ideas.

“Butt plugs?” Damn, did other people use those things? I squirmed, thinking a smaller one might have been in order for this excursion.

A whole section entitled “Probing Your Fantasies.” “Are you into cowboys, pirates, millionaires, policemen, doctors? Kidnap, rape, ménage? Explain your desires in detail.” I took the expeditious route and wrote, “Yes to all the above.” Why limit my options?

“Are you willing to put yourself in our hands?”

Now, that was a loaded question. The devil in me wanted to write, “Hell, yeah,” while the commodities trader wrote a more dignified, “Yes.”

Only one section left: “The Usual Stuff,” mercifully mundane after an hour’s worth of divulging everything there was to know about my sex life, real or imagined. Name, address, phone number. Then, bam, “Do you consider yourself handsome?”

Now, what’s a guy supposed to do with that? It’s one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t questions. If I said “Fuck yeah,” I’d come off as arrogant. If I said “No,” I’d sound like someone desperate enough to live in his mother’s basement. But then, I was filling out an application for a freaking dating service. 

Wasn’t that desperate by definition? Oh, hell, just leave it blank.

I checked over the tome to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, lest a fantasy be left undiscovered. My libido had kicked up several notches this past hour and the black and white photos on the walls did nothing to tame it. Damn, if this was a sample of what Romeo’s offered, I was glad I’d taken the afternoon off.

The adorable blond behind the desk looked up and smiled when I stood. Good Lord Almighty, they didn’t grow guys like that back in Kansas.

Blondie came around the desk, his slim hips working overtime. His body was built to my personal specifications. The fact he’d wrapped it in skin-tight jeans and a royal blue shirt was the cherry on top of the cake. Oh, my unruly cock, be still, boy.

I glanced at the black engraved desk plate: Aaron. He checked over my application with pursed lips and an exaggerated hand to the hip “Have you answered every question? It’s very important that you answer all of them.”

Hmm, what was he, the damn question police? “I believe I did, yes.”

“We’ll just have a peek, shall we?”

He grasped the clipboard with both hands and studied it, save for an occasional smirk or eyebrow waggle in my direction.

Ooh,” he said with a giggle. Though curious, I was too chicken to ask what part he’d read.

He flipped through the last couple of pages, then settled a hand over the first page. “You have unique tastes,” he said. The sparkle in his eyes was unmistakable. “I believe Blake would be interested in talking to you. If you’ll come this way, I’ll take you to him.”

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  1. I'm still waiting for my tea to be ready, but I do love this little tease.

  2. Oh yeah! Tea and a tease!
    What a way to start my day.
    Perfection! :D
    Thanks Ladies. *hugs*

  3. @Alex: I'm waiting on coffee I wish it would hurry... *glares at coffee pot*

    @CAS: g'morning darlin'. Lol glad you enjoyed.:D *hugs*

    Thanks for coming by guys :)

  4. Hey Alex and CAS - I've got my coffee and about to get my bagel. Glad you stopped by and liked the tease. These pieces are so much fun to write. Excuse to keep my mind in the gutter I suppose. LOL

  5. This excerpt was great... and has me curious... cant wait to read more.. much success... dawn_tate@rocketmail.com

  6. Wow! This leaves room for all kinds of kinkiness now doesn't it? Oh the fun Don is going to have! Makes me wonder though how much of it he will like and just how much is going to freak the poor boy from Kansas out! *grins*


  7. Loved the excerpt. This is on my must have list; I can't wait to read it.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  8. I'm pre-purchasing Romeo Club but I have to wait how long? Oh, man, no fair!! I'm gonna need a lot of tea!

  9. oh, wait. The email address has to be in the body of the comment?



  10. *feeling jealous about the maybe imaginary Raspberry tea* Great excerpt!

  11. Heh, it's not so bad, Mel--3 weeks and 3 days and you get to download all your pre-orders :)

    (Says, according to the captcha, the khing :D)

  12. I have to read this series. And I see that it's only a few more weeks until I can get this one.
    I'd like to be entered


  13. Thanks for the excerpt! This is one I'm definitely pre-ordering :-)
    Count me in for the giveaway.

    smaccall AT comcast.net

  14. This looks like it will be a great series. Do you have a certain number of books in mind for it or are you leaving it open for now?
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. Hi Everyone,

    June, I have twelve to fifteen stories in mind.

    Bookwyrm, Thank you for stopping by and reading the excerpt. Glad you liked it.

    Leni, thanks for stopping by.

    Lucia, thank you.

    Mel, thanks so much.

    Tracey, Hope you enjoy it.

    Brenda, yes, Don thinks he's a pretty luck dude.

    Dawn, thanks so much for stopping by.

    Word verification: dungs EWW!!

  16. Great exert. Can't wait to read this


  17. Sounds like a great book! Loved the excerpt.


  18. Love the excerpt!
    I can't say enough how much I'm looking forward to all of these new books! This is one of the ones at the top of my list! <33

    Please enter me in the giveaway if its still open. Thank you!

  19. Ohh I hope you dont mind another question from me, Brita. *__*

    Based on Romeo Club series, it is hard to write within the words count limit?

    I mean you have so far written 4 for this series, are there any of your favourite characters that you wish to give an insight to your readers.

  20. Oh, I want more!!!! Every day I'm more anxious.


  21. *waves* Hi Dawn, Hi Tracey. Thanks for swinging by. :)

    Hi Brenda. Inorite? Aaaaalllllll kinds of kinkiness indeed. ;)

    Hi Mel, thanks for coming back w/your email. :)

    @Lucia: *pours a glass of tea and passes it* ;)

    *waves* Hiya Rachel :D

    Hi Leni, Hi Bookwyrm369, thanks so much for coming by :)

    *waves* Hiya June :) Hi Sarah, Drea Loveless, moniquee and Maria. :)

    I'm so glad you all liked the excerpt. This little number is quite the steamy one. Hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for stopping by all!

    :D :D

  22. Love the excerpt, very steamy. I'm totally intrigued. Love to be entered into the giveaway.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  23. I loved the excerpt and cover!

    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  24. So can't wait for this to come out, I have the feeling Romio Club is going to be a very popular club! Hehe.




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