Monday, October 3, 2011

Riptide Interview: Brita Addams talks Romeo Club

*gasp* Brita is coming, Brita is coming! *happy dances* W00T W00T!  Today is the first official Riptide Blog Tour Amara's Place's blog stop week and Brita Addams is hanging with me this week with her Riptide story Surprises. Before she gets here, let me give you the low down on what's doin'.

As I mentioned the other day, each Riptide First Wave author will be coming to hang out with me for a bit. With each visit I'll be having a little sit down chat with the author, posting my review if I have one, excerpts and perhaps a guest blog or character interview depending on what's going down that week. Each week will also have it's own ebook giveaway and all comments will also be entered in a end of tour drawing for one of 3 giveaway prizes here at my Place. More info on those on my blog tour page.

Cool, yeah? Yeah. To add to the coolness, all comments throughout the tour are also entered in the end of tour Grand Prize drawing for the Kindle, Nook and iPad.

Bottom line? The more you play, the better your chance of winning waaaay cool goodies.

Uber cool.

'K, now, back to today... my very first stop brings the lovely Brita Addams to my Place with her first Riptide short Surprises... *hears a knock at the door*

*gasp* Oh! She's here.. *looks around to make sure the Place is ready and goes to answer the door*

Amara: Hi Brita! Welcome back darlin’. Come in, have a seat, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea?

Brita: I see some yummy looking raspberry tea over there and I'd love some before Loki dives into the pitcher. J Sweet boy that he is.

Amara: You bet. *laughs* He will totally do that too, little stinker. *pours a glass and passes* I’m so glad to get a chance to sit and chat with you again; we had so much fun last time.

Brita: We sure did. I giggle every time I think about it.

Amara: *chuckles* Me too. So you have a new series coming out, tell me about it?

Brita: Ooh, I'd love to. I'm writing a series of short erotica pieces for Riptide Publishing, centering on the fulfillment of sexual fantasies at the contemporary Romeo Club. Each five thousand word piece will deal with a client and his particular fantasy.

Amara: Niiiice. I read the first one, with Donnie… *whispers* loved it btw… will he be in each story? Or… how will you be working this exactly?

Brita: Donnie probably won't appear again, but then again, he could pop up again. You liked him?
Amara: I did like him. Vera much. So how many stories do you expect to write for this?

Brita: I have in mind to write fifteen or so pieces (hopefully they will be accepted, but there is no guarantee of that. Each are evaluated on their own),

Amara: 15? Wow. That’s awesome.

*grins* What kind of coffee would your characters order?

Brita: Considering the fact that the stories are pure sex, they most definitely would order espresso and lots of it. J

Amara: So darlink, with all these books of awesome you have, you’ve worked with a few different publishers now… how’s it been working w/Riptide?

Brita: Well, you know that Aleks and I have been friends from the time I signed my very first contract, that would be for Serenity's Dream at Noble Romance.

I was so honored when he beta read my last het romance, The Rogue's Salvation. He even helped me with the title of that one – I finished the writing and still hadn't thought of a title. Because of Aleks, the piece went from 12k to close to 30k and the story was much richer for it.

When he and Rachel asked me to submit to Riptide, I was intrigued by their concept. I learned much from Aleks with Rogue and was honored to be asked. I discussed my idea for a modern day Sapphire Club with Aleks and he liked the idea, so I wrote Romeo Club #1: Surprises and was thrilled when Aleks and Rachel accepted it.

The editing process took me aback, but, Oh, My God, I learned so much from both Aleks and Rachel and look forward to more with Romeo Club #2: Rubbed the Right Way.

Being authors themselves, they understand that the author should be paid fairly for their work and from the covers I've seen, the professionalism of the team and the care they lavish on their authors, I pray they will think my future submissions are worthy of the Riptide logo.

Amara: *smiles* Well, having read one of them, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t just snatch them right up. From an author standpoint, what makes them stand out from the rest?

Brita: The contract is extraordinary. An author receives a fair royalty, which demonstrates the owner's recognition of an author's importance. As I mentioned before, the Riptide team is bent on producing the best product they can, which benefits everyone. The editing is top-notch and not just comma policing. They care about the story and aren't afraid to tell an author to rewrite something if they feel the rewrite will raise the quality of the story.

They also are very frank about the fact that they won't accept a story simply because they've published you before. That is integrity. Keep up the quality or it isn't accepted.
Amara: *nods* High quality is important, and so desperately needed in the genre. So what’s next on the Brita Addams / Ripide agenda? And when can I get my grubby little hands on it? *winks*

Brita: As you know, I have Rubbed the Right Way coming out on December 5, the second Romeo Club installment. I have a third called A Thief's Plea. I'm also working on a Regency historical, which I hope to submit for the Rent Boys submission call.

Amara: Ooooo, Brita, a Regency Rent Boy story sound wonderful! I want that. That gives me grabby hands. *smiles*

Thanks for coming back to chat darlin’.  It’s always great to have you come to visit. Can’t wait to see you again for Romeo #2!

Brita: You know I love your place, my sweet.  *hands Loki to his Mama*

Amara: *takes Loki and walks Brita out and pats Aaron on the butt as he walks in*

Surprises (Romeo Club #1) by Brita Addams

Blurb:  Are you willing to put yourself in our hands?

Smart, successful, handsome, and thoroughly sick of the club scene, Don ventures into a popular upscale dating service. Aroused and intrigued by the boldfaced sexual queries on the Romeo Club’s application, he finds himself embellishing one answer after the next. Don thinks he’s taking control of his fate, but when he’s done, he ends up turning over a lot more than just his questionnaire to the dominant Adonis who runs the service.

In a private back room, beneath the snick of handcuffs, the slide of silk over his eyes, and not one hot mouth but two upon his skin, Don learns just how much more than matchmaking the Romeo Club has to offer a guy who doesn’t mind a few surprises.

Romeo Club #1: Surprises is available for pre-sale

Where to find Brita Addams...
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Website URL:
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Twitter: @britaaddams
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Coming later this week...
Character interview: Amara sits down w/Aaron from Surprises

Later taters!


  1. Good morning Brita :)
    Sooo nice to see you as always..
    Loved this little teaser of an interview... can't wait to read more. I have my pre-order in for this and will try and be patient for the others..
    I'm curious to see how each tie will match the man wearing it with each new story. Love that..
    Lo' Amara.. *pets Loki*
    I know how YOU like suits so you know of what I speak yes?
    I'm off to catch some sleep, I'll pop back in later today..
    Night owling it tonite so I thought I'd pop by and say hi to you both on my way out..
    see.. tired.. rambling. :)
    *hugs you both*

  2. The Romeo Club sounds like a great series! If I understand it correctly it is more about the fantasy than getting a relationship? Well, I can easily adjust what I normally read :)
    And again, it gets repetitive, I love the cover!

    luciatea01 (at)

  3. Romeo Club series sounds interesting and completely honest about what it's there for! (And that is a good thing)

  4. I enjoyed the post; it was quite interesting.

    I have added Romeo Club to my must have list; it sounds great.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  5. Rent boy Regency? I must join Amara with teh grabby hands! I have a deep fondness for the Regencies!

  6. Romeo Club is pure, unapologetic erotica :D But it's short enough to support that--basically just one bite-sized, nom-tastic sex scene--and extremely well written besides. Great humor, too--very much a fun read :D

  7. @CAS: g'mornin' darlin'. Oh yeah, suits NOMNOM. Hm. The different ties... I should have asked her that. Now I'm curious too.

    I'm glad you came by, hope you got good sleep m'dear. *hugs*

    @Lucia: Yep, that's exactly was this one was about. Twas one hot little number too.

    @Alex: It was good, I think you'll like it.

    @BL0226: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    @Tracykitn: *waves* Hi honey! That'd be a good one wouldn't it?

    @Rachel: g'mornin' m'dear. Lol it sure was all that. :)

    Thanks for coming by everyone. :)

  8. Good Morning, everyone. I just got up in Amara's wonderful guest room. I appreciate the sign "Brita's Room" darlin'. Nice touch!

    CAS - always great to see you. The ties on the covers will, for the most part, correspond with ties worn (albeit for a brief time) in the story. They are used for various purposes too, not just decoration. *wink*

    Lucia - These shorts are unadulterated erotica and billed that way. I'm fascinated by the wide variety of kinks and thought to explore some of them. I won't be doing golden showers or anything like that (can't deal) but fetishes are interesting to me. These stories are all about the fantasy and how to accomplish it.

    Hi Alex - yep, Rachel likes to call them "one handed reading." They don't profess to be relationship oriented. Now, we have Aaron and Blake, who are the constants and along the way we learn tidbits about them, but the clients are there to be serviced, period.

    Hi Tracey D - I hope you enjoy Surprises. It was such fun to write.

    Tracy - I have the Regency written, and am now polishing it. Regency is my first love (I love history, period)and the time period gives me strictures for my guys - homosexuality was a hanging offense in those days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Riptide will find it to their liking.

    Rachel - my dear Rachel. Thank you for your editing, RC1 is better for it no doubt about it. I bought new armor and am looking forward to RC2 more than you know. The scars have healed nicely, so bring it on. Hugs!!

    Amara, I can't wait for everyone to meet Aaron! Thanks for having me over again. I always love to come visit you and Loki. Excuse me, I'm distracted by those lovely bagels over there. Later folks. HUGS!

  9. Super excited for Riptide. Interested to see what an author had to say about them. Sounds like it'll be awesome. Headed over to pre order some books.

  10. Looking forward to this. What a great interview.

  11. cky15: Oh, my this book looks for good. I am sure that I will be picking this one up.
    I am always looking for some good books to read and to know that there will be more in this series so good.

  12. The concept of the books sound intriguing and I'd love to be entered in the contest.

    Thanks. Pam

  13. Much success with the series - its always exciting to be in on the beginning of one... please enter me in the contest...

  14. I am heading out the door for an afternoon away from the computer, but wanted to stop by and see what's shaking.

    Bookishly Awesome - my experience with Riptide has been amazing. I feel like I've gone to writer's book camp and survived to tell the tale. It's thrilling to be a part of the Riptide First Wave.

    Tiffany - thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll come back throughout the week.

    cky15 - I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed writing this short. I've never written shorts before, being genetically unable to say my name in under 250 words, but with Aleks' and Rachel's help, Romeo Club was born. I'm so happy with the story and the series.

    Pam - thanks for coming by. I hope you'll enjoy the Romeo Club.

    Dawn - Thank you very much for the good wishes. I hope you enjoy RC.

    Everyone - please come by tomorrow for the excerpt, and then for the interview with Aaron. I do hope you love him as much as I do.

    Amara, I'll be back! Just running out for a bite to eat.

    Hugs All.

  15. I get more impressed each time I read about the awesome publishing team at Riptide! Would love to win one of Brita's backlist :-)

    smaccall AT

  16. You two are so funny together!
    these sound good count me in!

  17. This sounds very interesting. I would like to be entered.

  18. I am preordering the Romeo Club books and would love the opportunity to win the book give away

  19. Loving the Riptide party discovering more authors who I want to read. When will I find the time, and the $$ to buy all these books? (besides rob a bank?)
    I know! enter me to win one of the books by Britta Addams, and maybe I'll also win the grand prize. Wouldn't that keep me in books?

  20. @Booklover: Actually, you can pre-order our entire catalog of 17 titles for just $63 or so ;D As for the time to read them? Alas, that I can't help you with.

  21. Riptide is an outstanding group, I can tell you all that. I love the authors (that author loop rocks!)and the staff is wonderful.

    I'd love for all of you to win a backlist book, but alas...

    I'll be back tomorrow and I can't wait till Aaron sits down with Amara and Loki.

    Sleep well, folks.

  22. mm... yep, yep, must have Romeo Club. lol.. and really loving the sounds of the upcoming ones.
    anwyays, really enjoyed the interview. Congrats again, everyone at riptide!! :)

    >w< I'd like in on the contest please~

  23. Hi everyone! Just got home from work, phew, long day. It's so nice to see you all here :D That rocks mah sox.

    @Brita: LOL I can't wait for them to meet Aaron either! That was fun :D

    @Bookishly Awesome: Thanks for coming by today!

    @Tiffany: Thx. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview :)

    @cky15: Thank you for coming :)

    @pamsquilt: You're in. :)

    @Dawn: You're in too :))

    @@Brita: Hope you enjoyed your bite darlin'. I'm just having one now. I'm starved!

    @Bookwyrm: Thanks for coming by today :)

    @Mia: Hiya! heehee, thanks. Brita's fun. :D

    @Juliana: Thanks for coming by today!

    @lisa: Awesome. You'll enjoy it. It's gooood :)

    @BL62: Wouldn't that be cool?! That would so rock hard :)

    @Loveless: Glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks so much for coming by today!

    @Brita: Have a good night darlin'! Sweetest of dreams to you!

  24. Regency is soooo not me genre, but I love rent boys, so if anything will get me to read it... =)

  25. Firstly, congrats on your release at Riptide Publishing!

    I meant to ask how do you interchange the characters in your stories from MF to MM and vice versa. ( since you are also a het writer as well ) Is it really tough?


  26. Hi Loveless, thanks so much for stopping by. Amara always makes my visits fun!

    Hi Adara, Historicals are my first love, though I'm expanding my horizons. The Regencies I write aren't your mama's Regencies, that's for sure. LOL

    Moniquee, It isn't tough to go from m/f to m/m at all. Obviously, the mechanics are somewhat different, but I always try to to keep the human perspective for every character. Love is love. I don't subscribe to the thought that men have vastly different feelings than women. I don't that's in the genes. I happen to like strong characters and write my guys to be guys and my ladies to be independent, not bitchy (can't stand a bitchy character, big turn-off and nothing will get me close a book faster) and all my characters know their own heads. I give my characters human emotions, not those thought to be only inherent in a man or a woman. OH, and no weepy guys for me either. That's the second way to get me to close a book really fast.

  27. Have preordered the first one and really look g forward to getting my hands on it.... Is it time yet.... :-D

    Looking forward to more

  28. That's a really nice answer to my question. Thank You!

    I normally am conflicted in my purchase when the author is both MF and MM writer.

    Anyway, I own Love Immortal. Nice story.

  29. I'm looking forward to read Romeo's Club, sounds sooooo interesting... In a pair of days, I'm going to pre-order it.


  30. Ooops! I write wrongly the tittle, sorry!

  31. *waves* Hi everyone. Thanks so much for coming! :D

    Hope you all had a nice week!

  32. Great interview and can't wait for another book from this series to be released. Sexy sounding storyline.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  33. Oh, doing my happy dance to see Brita is working on a Regency historical! Those are my favorite historicals!


  34. @joder: Thx, I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview. This is going to be a fun series I think. Sooooo many ways for Brita to go with it. I'm so vera excited for it. :D

    @Brandi: Yeah, I'm excited for that too. I think her Regency Rent boys will rock. Can't wait to see it :D



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