Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sexy Saturday Romeo Wrap Up

Well, it's the end of my first Riptide Blog Tour week. Thanks to Riptide, publisher of awesome for letting me play blog tour with them. Thanks also to the lovely Brita Addams for hanging with me all week and letting me play with her yummy book and of course thank you Aaron and Blake for coming out to play as well. That was fun.  Most of all, uber big thank you to everyone that came by to play blog with me.  If you missed any of the goodies, you can find them here...

Weekly Wrap up...
Interview with Brita Addams
Excerpt of Surprises (Romeo Club #1)
Character Interview with Aaron of Romeo Club
My Review

The weekly giveaway is still open, this week was a Brita Addams backlist book of choice and don't forget that every post commented on is also an entry into the end of tour prizes and the Grand Prize eReader giveaway as well.

I thought with Brita's yummy suitporn cover that I've been NOMing on all week, a Sexy Saturday of suitporn was a fine way to end the week.  What a yummy theme. Don't you think?

Some of my lastest suitporn finds for your Saturday enjoyment...

Mmmm David Gandy

Jeans count. Ties and jeans are yummy ;)

For Rachel ;)


It's a dress shirt... it counts ;)

Ahhhh, the pantsless suitporn dude, totally counts

And finally the... 

I was wearing a suit at one point suitporn dude. ;-p

Happy Saturday. See ya'll tomorrow for the weekly winner.

Later taters!


  1. mmm David Gandy.
    And lol@the final suit. The birthday suit, right?

    Thanks Amara and Brita!

  2. LOL Birthday suit indeed! Ha! Perfect!

    Thanks for coming by Adara. Glad you liked the pics. :D

  3. mmmm...YUM, indeed!

    I do love the suitporn, possibly because I get to see so very little of it IRL. It's all ACUs around here, with the Very Occasional Appearance of Class A's.

    (Ok, and veriword people, ganglefi? Srsly? WHAT am I supposed to think about that? My ganglions are NOT wired for WiFi, nor HiFi, nor...whatever! LOL)

  4. I used to get suitporn in the EDJ years ago, oooohhhh those were the days, NOM NOM. That job had it all. From nice butts in suitporn to scary Hell's Angel harly guy shop forman. From one extreme to the other... and everything in between. :D

    ganglefi? hm. Perhaps it's gang le fi... maybe... french. yeah, french, for...uh... the gang of yummy suitporn! Yeah! That's it :D


  5. LOL!

    Hey, I'm more than happy to settle for UniformPorn on a regular basis with occasional doses of SuitPorn and frequent bits of NakedManFlesh whenever possible (Ohthankyouthankyoutumblr!) It's a fair trade. :D

    (wv: chamo. close enough to camo. Which is UniformPorn. It's like it Knows Us today... O.o)

  6. My Saturday was blah, now it's great!

    Thank you very much!!

    Tracey D

  7. @tracykitn: W00T! Soldierporn WIN! Love me some soldierporn. :D

    @Tracey: LOL you've so vera welcome. :D

  8. Yes, David Gandy is becoming very popular. Been on a few romance covers and he's truly hot. And of course Mr. Fassbender has always been a fave of mine.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  9. LOL aww, thanks for thinking of me, darlin!

  10. Be still my beating heart!!


  11. Those men are beautiful! thanks for the eye candy!

    msmjb AT gmail DOT com

  12. @Lucia: Lol glad you enjoyed m'dear. :)

    @joder: Indeed he is. I'm starting to see him everywhere. No complaints about that whatsoever. He's yummy. Ahhh, part of the Fass fanclub are you? Nice. :)

    @Rachel: Lol couldn't resist. :D

    @Marybelle: lol Glad you likey :)

    @msmjb65: My pleasure darlin'. I do love making hottie posts. One of my fave posts of the week ;)

    Thanks for coming by everyone.

  13. Thanks for a wonderful week Amara and Brita.. It's been great fun and the suit porn???? Icing on the cake baby!



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