Wednesday, November 9, 2011

15 Things I bet you didn't know about Bryl R. Tyne

Ha! I love this post. Today I'm giving the Place over to Bryl Tyne for a bit of a guest post. And this post is full of awesome. I think #1 on the list should be... Bryl friggin' rocks. Or, maybe you new that already. ;)

15 Things I bet you didn't know about Bryl R. Tyne

1. Bryl's mother liked to dress him up for kindergarten in psychedelic-colored smock dresses, ringlets, and white patent leather go-go boots.

2. Bryl was terrified of cats—and heights—at an early age.

3. Bryl's still terrified of heights.

4. Bryl's mother insisted on piano lessons for twelve years.

5. Bryl also has rudimentary skills on the flute and the oboe.

6. Bryl's mother (co-conspired with teachers) to nominate him (at age 15) as a contestant in a Wyoming Miss Teen Pageant. Yes. Thanks to community service, volunteering, and those twelve years of piano lessons, Bryl got accepted and had to participate against his wishes. Unhappy, he illustrated his disdain by taking the armload of Amy Vanderbilt etiquette books his aunt had sent and his mother had handed over and deposited them post haste into the nearest trashcan.

7. Bryl was an athlete in high school, winning medals in swimming and track.

8. Bryl can break into tears as quickly and easily as breaking into a rage.

9. Bryl's gypsy heritage plays a huge part in his life.

10. Bryl's mixed up sensory perceptions include, tasting sounds, feeling smells, and hearing colors.

11. Bryl wrote his first book in the seventh grade called Jerry Mouse Heals Christmas

12. ... and he got picked as 1 of 3 students to read his story aloud on the local KASL radio station...

13. ... which earned him a trip to a speech therapist who happened to be listening and swore she could "cure" his lisp.

14. Lisp is gone

15. Now, Bryl stutters

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  1. LOL -- I played flute for six years (5th & 8th-12th grades; I'm not very good. Never could figure out how to play & march in step At the Same Time...) with a year of cello (6th) and a year of All-County Honor Chorus (7th) for good measure. And in college, I managed to fit in a whole semester of beginning piano -- but, sadly, could not continue. Now, my oldest is learning tenor sax, and I'm vaguely regretting it... in a couple of years, it'll be the boys. *sigh*

  2. Good morning Bryl and Amara. Love learning more about you Bryl my friend. You continue to amaze me. Can't wait to read Divinity.

    Hugs to you both,

  3. From a lisp to a stutter.  I stuttered when I was younger.  No fun.  Now, when I'm drunk, in a rage, or crying my eyes out is the only time I stutter.

    sabrinayala at gmail dot com

  4. This was like a very interesting and entertaining short short story! Lol.
    Thanks, Bryl (and Amara)! :)

  5. # 9 is interesting.  Several months ago, I watched a series about gypsies.  Wow, my ignorant eyes were opened.  The series was really good, too.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  6. Great post with a lot of fun tidbits.  And even though growing up was full of some crazy moments at least it gave great fodder for future stories.  And I hate doctors who take it upon themselves to "help".  It's usually not helpful.

    Thanks for the continuing giveaway fun.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  7. Very funny post :-)  #1 had me laughing out loud!

  8. It's entirely true. God, did I feel like an idiot. But in my mother's defense, how was she to know, right?

  9. Exactly. I think having to sit in that room with that stranger for half an hour each week traumatized me for life! To this day if I have to "ask" a question, I cannot get the first word of the sentence to come out without a stutter.

  10. Learn. I was fascinated when I discovered them in my family history research. And I was more RELIEVED than anything to realize that 'no, I'm not nuts!' because I can "read the signs" or know stuff beforehand. It's just part of who I am. Very interesting stuff.

  11. I've been told I"m pretty good at those. ha!

  12. ahhh... Thanks for continuing to read about me. Always happy to entertain when I can.

  13. Love you too, friend (bff)! I never thought I'd ever say those words, bff... guess that's another first for me! :)

  14. I forget how much I miss playing until I"m in a room with a piano. I actually break out into giddiness whenever someone says, "Can you play?"

  15. I already knew all this stuff, but it still had me laughing!!! hahaha

  16. All in the presentation, baby. All in the presentation. ;)

  17. Hi Becky! Thanks so much for coming by today :)

  18. Hi SarahM. 

    Lol Meee too. I just loved this post. 

  19. Hi Joder. Thanks so much for coming by. Hope you had a great day today! :D

  20. Fascinating. I'll have you know I totally have a thing for Gypsies. I'm adopted, so I don't have much history, but I'm pretty sure somewhere in me is some gypsy. At least that's what I like to believe. ;)

  21. Hi Tracey. Thanks so much for coming by today. Hope the day was good to you. :)

  22. You're welcome m'dear. Glad you enjoyed it. I had fun posting this one, Bryl's just too awesome. 

  23. Hi Sabrina. Thanks for swinging by. :))

  24. Violet!!! Hi honey. I'm so glad see you. :D

    I can't wait for Divinity either. I'm starting to get twitchy with mah grabby hands. :D

  25. Hi Tracy. :D 

    I tried the flute. I sucked at it. Could NOT get that thing to make music no matter how hard I tried. Pretty much all wind type instruments and I are just not friends. I'm a piano and guitar girl myself. Or I was anyway. :)

  26. I wish I could still play. I played many years growing up. Then taught myself guitar. Forgot both now. Now all I can play on piano is Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise. They always were my favorite, they stuck. :)

  27. I really *want* to take piano lessons, but...Well, I'm considering getting a keyboard & seeing what I remember & going from there. I think I remember enough of the basics to...not exactly teach myself, but to sort of get there. With the flute, I'm competent enough that I can play recognizable Christmas tunes, but that's about it. :D

  28. Yay, another swimmer!  (I love swimming!) =)

  29. I played flute in the school, now I can only play Noche de paz (I don't know the English title, I thinks it's Holy Night) slowly.



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