Saturday, November 19, 2011

‘i see myself’: embrace the rainbow

In the past few days, we have been privileged to witness an increasing awareness and understanding within the m/m romance community about the complex issues of gender/s and sexuality/ies.

This has been a significant and positive step forward in healing a rift caused primarily by ignorance and bringing hope where there was once anger, turmoil and devastation.

This is by no means an end, however.

For if there is one thing we have all learnt is that a rainbow cannot easily be grasped or defined. 

Rainbows are constantly changing.  Rainbows are not fixed.  Even when an artist tries to portray them in a photograph or piece of work it is only one moment in time they are capturing, not the full journey of a rainbow.

It is this fluidity we need to embrace and encourage others to do so as well.

To this end, we are sending out a challenge.

A challenge to help us increase awareness, acceptance and support for the trans*, intersex, intergender and questioning people in the m/m romance community and broader community by adding this to your site:

Kindle Vixen for 'embrace the rainbow'.

We believe this will stand hard as a sign post symbolising hope as well as a safe space for GLBTQQ people to freely be themselves.  Whoever 'they' might be at that particular moment and whoever 'they' might be in different moments in the future.

We do this on the day which marks
the 13th International Transgender Day of Remembrance; a day for remembering those trans* who have been the victims of hate crimes.

We also do this in association with
the Safe Reading Zone campaign; a promise to those GLBTQQ people among us that we will support them.

So, will you accept our challenge?

Perhaps this excerpt from an interview in September 2011 between genderfluid Andrej Pejic and ABC’s Nightline Juju Chang will help you make a descision:

Chang:  When you see yourself in the mirror, do you think of yourself more as a man or as a woman?
Pejic:  I like to keep my options open.
Chang:  What does that mean?
Pejic:  I see myself.

‘I see myself.’

That, friends, says it all.

Please help us spread this message.

With hope and love, Aleksandr Voinov, Amara Devonte and Kris for 'embrace the rainbow'.


  1. Great post with really great points being made.  I LOVE that these kinds of issues are being brought out in the opinion to easily discuss.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  2. Thanks. We're very excited. :)

    I love that they're being brought out too. I'm so glad something good is coming from such a painful mess. 

  3. Thank you for putting this beautiful message out there. I love Pejic's comment: "I see myself". That does say it all.  

  4. Once, again, Amara, you've taught me something new.  They have my full support.

  5. It's just too bad this all had to come about through people being hurt.

  6. I think this is a very important idea, so have now put the symbol and a brief explanation of the concept (lifted from your text - hope that's okay ...) on the front page of my website. I then link it back to here - but will there be an actual Embrace the Rainbow website set up in the future, or is that a really silly question and there already is one! Thank you!

    Anne B

  7. Hi LC.

    I think it's soooo important. So very very important. Pejic is just amazing. Rhi Etzweiler actually turned me on to Andrej awhile back. So full of awesome. Truly. 

  8. Oh, thank Tracey. Once again, you totally made me smile. Thank you. :)

  9. I know. It's still just ripping me up. But it's good to see some good starting to come from it all. And every time I see someone start to understand, I get a little hope.  Every little bit counts. 

  10. Thanks Anne. :)

    We've not talked about a website yet. The feeling was that launching it as individuals it may be more powerful message than if we launched as a formed group.  

    I did want to expand it a bit, to help bring more awareness, for now I'm going to be making some pages on my blogs for info and resources and whatnot. A website could be a great idea. 

  11. Oh brilliant, thanks, Amara. Yes, it would be great to link to something initially for info/resources etc and then maybe later a website - as it would be wonderful to have a place and a base for all, and would certainly raise the profile.

    Hugs galore


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