Thursday, November 10, 2011

If you could ask Buck Angel anything...

... what would it be?

Um... that's totally not a rhetorical question either. Perhaps I should explain.


*clears throat* uh... sorry. Let me start again.

Ya know how I get all uber friggin' whoowhoo excited when I get to interview my favorite authors? All happy dances and snoopy like? Weeell... that doesn't even come close to how excited I am right now. (No offense authors, you know I love you. *blows kiss*)

I have no idea how I managed this, I blame the awesome that is Buck Angel, but it seems I have the opportunity to have a little sit down with him. Um... ohshitfuckwow...I get to interview Buck Angel. O.O

Here's the thing. I totally didn't expect this, and silly lil' bloggrrl is scared of mucking this up completely. I'm over excited, unprepared and still haven't caught my breath to restart mah brain. I have no clue what I want to ask him. Well, I kinda do, but... mah brain keeps shutting back down as I go back into a daze because... holyshit I getta interview Buck Angel!

Also, I think this is such a cool friggin' deal, fantabulous opportunity, that I wanna share. :D I like to share. Sharing is fun. Sooooo, I thought I'd see if any of you wanna play too.

Wanna ask Buck Angel a question or two? Huh? You know you do. I mean, come on... it's Buck Angel! :D :D The dude is the very definition of awesomeness. And holyshitcrapfuck it seems he's coming to mah little Place here.

Whooo'da thunk it.

For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about, ya know, cuz maybe not everyone does, let me introduce you real quick.

Ripped from his website,

As an icon of popular culture, Buck Angel's message of empowerment through self-acceptance and being sexually comfortable in your own skin has struck a passionate chord with folks all over the world.

As he demonstrated in his apperances at YALE University and IdeaCity 2010, Buck is not only inspiring people to think outside the box, he is re-defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics. Since Buck coined the phrase " it's not what's between your legs that defines you!", the term has become an anthem for men and women everywhere who have been inspired by this message of self acceptance.

 Buck has been featured in nearly every imaginable international media outlet: television, radio, web, and print. He has appeared on The Tyra Banks Show, Spike TV, The Women's Entertainment Network, Howard Stern Show, Much Music, Sirius Radio, Dan Savage and many others. He's been written about in The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Time Out, Maxim, New York Times, and other publications around the world. Armistead Maupin included Buck Angel as a character in his latest book Michael Tolliver Lives.

 As a visionary filmmaker,activist, educator and lecturer, Buck Angel launched Buck Angel Entertainment as a vehicle to produce multi media projects that will motivate viewers to think outside the box.

 Buck Angel made history when he received the prestigious award from Adult Video News (AVN) for Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2007 for his groundbreaking work in the adult entertainment industry. As the pioneer of an entirely new genre, Buck has received international recognition and continues to be a huge box office hit in numerous markets.

His innovative live performances in New Zealand, Greece, Scotland, London, Madrid, New York City, Toronto, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and many other destinations have attracted thousands of adoring fans and the respect of critics everywhere.

As an icon of popular culture,Buck Angel has appeared on the Howard Stern Show, Spike TV, Much Music, OUT TV, Tyra Banks Show and has been featured in every imaginable media outlet: television, radio, web, print.

As he demonstrated in his apperances at YALE University and IdeaCity 2010, Buck is not only inspiring people to think outside the box, he is re-defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics.

O.O Yeah, that Buck Angel.

Here's the deal. If you'd like to have me include a question in my interview, leave it in a comment, or shoot me an email (amara@mambazlair (dot) com) and maybe I can include it. Depending of course on how many we end up with, as much as I'd LOVE to ask him 1000000000 (<---a gazillion) questions, I prolly shouldn't ask him that many. That's kind of a lot. Oh, also let me know if you want me to ask it in a "so and so asks" kind of way, with your name all, or if you just want me to include it with my own, either way works for me, and we'll see what he says. :D

I'm blown away at this awesome. Seriously.

So, there you have it. While I'm working out all the fine details with him, I'll leave this up on the sidebar over yonder ----->

And we'll make the best damn interview... evah.

I have so much to do!!! I think I might me in over mah head. O.O (<--- dazed)

Later taters!!!!


  1. I love him. He's so hot and totally awesome. 

  2. Just gonna sit here wide-eyed and anticipating, thanks. I can never think of real questions; I just have this need to offer up home-baked goods. (Something about an overdeveloped maternal streak, one of my dearest HS friends said...)

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG...okay...breathe. OMGOMGOMGOMG I'm going to have to think...OMGOMG! I can't wait for the interview. Hot totally frickin' awesome is that!!!! OMGOMGOMG! lol 

  4. Holy shitfuckdamn WOW.
    This is uber-awesome, I can't even begin to explain. It'd be like if Andrej Pejic volunteered to do a cover art photo shoot for BTB. *lol* And it's so cool of you to share this opportunity with everyone like this. You rock, Mamba.

    You already have my questions. If you need me to email them, or need more, let me know.

  5. I second you HolyshitfuckdamnWOW x uber. I am still just rocked to the core. 
    :D :D :D He's so full of awesome to me and to so many others, I just couldn't keep him all to myself. Open floor was my first thought. Well, after holyshitfuckdamnwow. ;)

    I have your questions, no need to email me. Although, you know I'll be yakkin' atch'ya. :D

  6. Hi Tiger. 

    I love him too. He is sooooo great. Soooo vera vera. 

  7. LOL. We may need baked goods for the occasion too. :D Baked goods always rock. ;)

  8. LOLOL. When he tweeted me... that is exactly what I said. I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously. 

  9. K, then, maybe that should be my question -- stance on baked goods? favorites? What should I provide?  LOL

  10. Until now I only knew that he existed (I'm from Baltics - that's in Europe :D). And now I know he's one of the greatest people out there! What would I want to ask him? Everything! But nothing specific forms in my mind. Lol. Well, yeah.. I trust you. ;) I know it will be the awesomest interview!
    Btw, how the hell did you got a chance like this??

  11. Isn't he thou?!! The guy rocks mah socks hard. :D 

    I don't know what to ask him either, but I now know I have about 2 weeks to figure it out. Yay for two weeks. Lolol you have more faith in my interviewing that I do. I'm so afraid of mucking this one all up. Srsly. Between being all starry-eyed and feeling waaay out of my league... I haz a nervous. 

    As for how I got a chance like this? I have nooooo idea. I fall back on Buck is friggin' awesome. 

    I've actually been wishing I could interview him for quite some time now. When I saw he made his documentary while I was on vacation several weeks back I started thinking on it again in a "how cool would it be to talk to him" kind of way. 

    Yesterday, I was reading various threads about the current author controversy and couldn't figure out how to voice my concerns right (I often have trouble with that) and had a "What would Buck say" moment. I ended up at his blog for a minute, then thought out loud on Twitter and tweeted "I wanna interview Buck Angel. That would rock." Next thing I know, he hit back with "sure!" I about fell out of my chair. 

    We've since connected via email and we are on! W00T!! :D :D 

  12. Wow, Amara.  Congrats, Amara.  I'm really excited for you.  I don't have any questions but look forward to the interview.

  13. Oh my. That is .. (words fail me). This is why I love this century - if you want to communicate with your favorite author, actor or what-not, you can do it! But it's still hard to believe that sometimes.. I guess that's why I always do the happy dance when I get a response. Lol :D

  14. Lolol. Oh my. That is... is about as far as I get too. I am still just full of wow. 

    Truthfully, I follow several of my favorite actors, musicians, etc. but never ever has this this happened to me. 

    Authors... yes. I will never forget the first time my favorite author found me on goodreads and ... OMG TALKED TO ME. All I did was post a little review. lolol. I was full of WOW then too. 

  15. But srsly -- you ask that, and I will either have to beat you to death or...stalk you so I can mail you a dozen homemade biscotti. Or something.


  16. LOLOLOL! Is that a dare? or a bribe? 

  17. Thanks! lol I just hope I can do the opportunity justice. Even thou he is soooooo nice... I am nervous as hell.

    :D :D

  18. I dunno...I'll have to think about that.  :D



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