Monday, November 7, 2011

Interview & Giveaway: Bryl R. Tyne

Today the Riptide Blog Tour brings uber awesomeness to my Place. soooo excited. Vera. Today I get to hang out with the fantabulous... Bryl Tyne. W00T!

 I've actually wanted to play blog with Bryl for quite a while now and yaaaay me, I get to play with Bryl not once this month but twice. Double W00T! :D  Ok. I'll try to contain myself, but as always... I promise nothing. *whispers* containing myself is hard. I can't help it. Am excitable. :D :D

So, for Bryl's first ever time here, how'z about a chit-chat. Ready, set... go.

Amara:  Hi Bryl! Welcome to my Place. Come in, come in, please, make yourself comfortable. I’m so excited that you’re here. *smiles* Thanks for coming to sit and chat with me.  To start, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Bryl: My name's Bryl, pronounced with a short "i" as in Brill-O pad, and I'm just as abrasive, but again, only because I'm made that way—I intend no harm. I like my reads short and my men long—okay, that's a lie. I seldom say "no" to any man, or woman for that matter… Hmm… What was the question again?

Amara:  *laughs* I, uh…hmm… what was the question…. *shakes head* I dunno, let’s have a new one.  How about this, you have a new book coming out, tell me about that. *smiles*

Bryl:  In Divinity, vampire and night security guard, Martin Hayes, just can't seem to get enough of the new janitor Dylan Mesmer. Is it that carrot-top mop or his freckles that draw Martin—and what is up with this new fetish for orange suckers? Vampires don't like nor need candy, but Martin and his orange lollipops have become inseparable since the day Dylan arrived on scene. And what about these lapses in memory and the disorientation… and the flashes from a past Martin had thought long forgotten? One way or another, Martin's going to get answers, and Mesmer holds them all… along with more orange suckers!

Amara: A vampire, night security guard who has a thing for… orange lollipops? *laughs* Alrighty then. Wants, wants much! *tries to control grabby hands* So tell me, how has it been working with Riptide?

Bryl:  My knees are sore, my neck and my tongue are tired, and I swear if I ever break out of these chains, there'll be hell to pay!

Amara: *laughs* Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.

Bryl:  You want to be smarter, sexier, stronger, and braver, have bigger boobs, a better ass, and better hair than any of your friends, so read ALL my books!

Amara:  *laughs* Well damn. Those are some fine reasons! Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects? 

Bryl:  I'm working on my first Horror works, a collection called ANGUISH for Riptide. Tough Guy II is in the planning stages, and I’m considering tackling my gay PI series soon.

Amara:  Ha! You’re never getting out of those chains. *winks* What kind of research did you do for Divinity?

Bryl:  I scoured through countless ass-shots from redheads to verify that a person's freckles really do cover their ass too.

Amara:  Now there’s some fine research. Need an assistant? *winks* So…were there things you discovered in your research that surprised you? 

Bryl: I was surprised to learn that contrary to my original belief, I rather do like freckles. A lot.

Amara:  What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Bryl:  Expect the worst, take what you get. That way, you'll never be disappointed.

Amara: What TV show/movie/book do you watch/read that you'd be embarrassed to admit?

Bryl:  I'm a sucker for Romantic Comedy. In between my A-Team and Bourne Identity DVDs, I stash The Proposal, with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, Killers, with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, and No Strings Attached, with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. (Obviously, I'm not too embarrassed, am I?)

Amara:  If you could invite any 1 person (real or fictional) to dinner who would you choose?

Bryl:  I would invite one of my g-g-g-g-g grandfathers so I could find out more about why they made the choices they did back then (yeah, I got some real 'winners' in my family—rapists, murderers, and the likes).

Amara:  What’s your hidden talent? 

Bryl:  Sucking golf balls through fifty feet of garden hose doesn't count, right?

Amara:  Bryl…

Bryl:  Okay, okay! I can actually play piano fairly well.

Amara: Cool. *smiles* That was fun. Thanks so much for chatting with me. I hope we get to do this again.

Bryl: So do I. *winks*

Amara:  *gets up to walk the Bryl out* (Not without a good-bye kiss—and make it count!)

Amara:  *grabs Bryl and give a big smooch*

The Blurb:  Divinity by Bryl Tyne
Martin Hayes has found the perfect job for a 200-year-old vampire. As the late-shift security guard for Spire, he works and hunts by night and sleeps by day, hidden away in the unused cellar. Life is all so easy—nights bleeding away, weeks and months passing . . . until a new janitor disturbs the peace. Martin finds himself obsessed with memories (or are they?) of red hair, freckled skin, and men on their knees.

Dylan Mesmer isn’t just a hot, freckled, red-haired janitor. He’s altogether too composed around Martin and never surprised by Martin’s supernatural abilities. In fact, he seems to have a few of his own. And why does he keep feeding Martin orange lollipops?

A healthy vampire has no use for candy, yet Martin cannot resist the lure. He’s being baited and knows it, but for what end? And what about those visions that assail him whenever he thinks of Dylan? Their story is centuries old, but this time around, Dylan’s playing for nothing less than immortality. Eternal life—and eternal love—is within his reach, but can he convince Martin to change his ways and commit? If not, he’ll remain trapped in time beside his lover, always together but forever apart.

Where to find Bryl...

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  1. "If not, he’ll remain trapped in time beside his lover, always together but forever apart."

    O.O Those types of plot lines always make me worry, even though I know I'm fairly safe with the genre. My brain knows it'll (probably) turn out okay, but my heart goes "NOOOOOO" and is all dramatic about it. :) Gotta love it!

  2. Gotta keep you guessing, Alex. That's part of my job, eh? LOL Seriously, the story's by far one of my best stories. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I dunno man.  I think the sucking a golf ball is pretty impressive.  I gotta try that.... 

    sabrinayala @ gmail dot com

  4. Great interview!  And if I could spend my day "researching" like you, boy howdy would I be a happy gal!   Thanks for joining us and talking about the new book.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  5. Very entertaining interview :-)  Can't wait to read Divinity!

  6. OOH--can't wait for --gotta get this one, Bryl!

  7. Can't wait for divinity... Great interview.

    And I'll have u know there is nothing wrong with freckles


    Sarah S


  8. Such a hardship, that research. ;)

  9. really, now? are we volunteering for my next research project? Hah! ;)

  10. and you're next, Adara. With that sassiness. :D  But yeah, grueling work I tell you... seemed like it went on for days!

  11. Can't wait to read Divinity! A vamp with a sweet tooth? Love it, lol!!

  12. The interview was a great fun! And Bryl has managed to get me intrigued about a vampire story!  Don't know what to expect from the book except for a great entertainment :)

  13. Hi Aija. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. I just put up a "hot off the presses" excerpt. This one's going to be good. I've heard such fabulous things about Bryl's books, I can't wait to check them out. 

  14. Hi SusieQ. I can't wait either. Gonna be good. :)

  15. Freckles rock! :D

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for coming by m'dear. :)

  16. Hi Sammy. Thanks for coming by. :)

  17. Hi Sarah. Glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for coming by! :)

  18. Hi Joder. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming by. Hope Monday was good to you. :)

  19. LOL. Inorite? Impressive skillz. ;)

  20. This was such a fun interview; I read it twice!  LOL

    I haven't read any of Bryl's works but I'm looking forward to it.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  21. Great and funny interview. Your next releases gonna be interesting.

  22. I'm looking forward to Divinity!

  23. Hope you like it, Maya! Thanks for stopping by.

  24. Thank you, Maria. :)

  25. Isn't Bryl great? Srsly. :)

    I've not read anything yet either. I've got my Kindle loaded up after all the raving I've heard about Bryl's books, but sadly... haven't cracked one yet. If I ever get caught up they are at the top of the TBR list. Tippy top. :D

  26. I can't help it. It just comes out! =)



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