Monday, January 9, 2012

Amara's New Adventures

My poor blog here. I have been neglecting it. Bad Amara. Bad.

Thing is, I can't seem to shake this book blog burnout I have goin' on. I thought a couple weeks off would cure me. But... it hasn't.

I still have some things coming up. I'm in several Riptide Blog tours, Andrea Speed and Rhianon Etzweiler are coming up soon. The uber big deal is the Buck Angel interview, working on that jewel right now.

Reading has become nada. I'm actually still off playing jewelry maker. And loving every minute of it. Some of you know, some of you don't, but I've slipped into one of my other personas, started a web page, an Etsy shop and am currently teaching myself how to make wire wrap jewelry.

Amara, aka Freia has teamed up with daughter and started... Tiger Swan Creations. I am Tiger, she is Swan. (One of these days I'll get Swan to actually post some of her stuff, she currently just keeps it for herself. )

It's been nothing but fun. And I even sold a couple of things too. BOh-nUUUUSSSSS. (<---sings that part)

Since I am just learning, it's rather slow going. I tend to mess up more that I finish, but... that's ok. Fun is where it's at. And every day, I get a little better at it and mess up a little less. W00T!

Wanna see some of mah goodies? I want to share :D :D :D Sooooo... don't say no, you totally wanna see :D :D :D I know you do.

Amethyst Knots

Aquamarine Bows

Sterling Emeralds

Twisted & Banded

Antique Copper & Agates

Mah jewel-er-ies :D :D 

Right now I'm busy trying to finish a Tree of Life pendant, I'm not sure who's winning, me or the tree, but it's gettin' there.

Sadly, as far as my book blog, review / blog requests are just not happening. I'm off on new adventures at the moment, and can't seem to find reading time no matter how hard I try. 

Now I'm off to Tweedleville. Tweedles doesn't seem to understand how I just need to stay home and twist and wrap and make stuff.


Later taters!! :D :D


  1. Those are really pretty. it's funny I just made a blog post about jewelry too and how I make beaded jewelry for myself. I figured why am I paying good money for earrings that I can make myself for half the money. 

    I haven't tried wire wrapping yet because it looked I'll just stick to what I know I can I love your jewelry, you did a great job. :)

  2. Hi Mary :)

    It is hard, for me anyway. I'm starting to get the hang of it thou. I used to bead too, way back when, but I always wanted to learn to wire wrap crystals. I used to wear them quite a bit but could never figure out how they did it. Lol still haven't tried to wrap one. Soon thou.

    I'm glad you like my jewelry, that makes me smile. Thanks :)



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