Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Buck Angel Interview, part 2 & Reader Questions Too!

Today, part 2 of my interview with Buck Angel. I got to talk to him a little bit about his films and the best part of the interview... Buck answers questions sent to me by friends.

Is he just the coolest dude ever or what.

Before I get to it, I just wanted to apologize for my blog's comment fail on the first part of the interview. Several people told me they had tried but the darn thing wasn't cooperating. Big BOOOOOOOO on that! I removed the Disqus form in hopes that maybe it would work better for everyone, here's hoping it will play nice today. Sorry guys. :(

'k. Interview, part 2. Ready, set... go!


Amara: Why and/or how did you start doing adult films?

Buck: I started doing films in 2003 because I saw a complete lack of FTMs in the adult industry. I had been working with trans women (MTF) adult stars when the idea came. I saw how they were treated and the names they were called. I saw that they had little or no control over their product. That is when Buck Angel was created.

Amara: Tell me about your new documentary film “Sexing the Transman”.

Buck: I really wanted to do a documentary on how hormones have affected transmen and their bodies, identities, and sexualities, because I noticed so many guys becoming gay after they began their transitions. That was fascinating to me, and that is where the idea came from. So I just started interviewing guys when I traveled. I also interviewed lovers of transmen, asking them how they have been affected. Anyway, with that I also produced my new adult film Sexing The Transman XXX which has been nominated for Best Educational Release and also Best Transsexual Release at the Adult (AVN) Awards this year.

Amara: What made you decide to make “Sexing the Transman”? What do you hope to accomplish with it?

Buck: I had never seen anything like it, and I wanted to bring more awareness and acceptance of transmen and their sexuality.

Amara: Will you continue making adult films? Or are you going to be doing more documentary type films?

Buck: I will continue in the adult field for sure, but more behind the camera—hopefully making new FTM stars. My recent film, “Sexing The Transman XXX” has been so well received that I am now filming the second one with hopes that it will become a long running series showcasing all kinds of trans people.

Amara: What are you working on now? What’s next for Buck Angel?

Buck: Now I am focusing on my public speaking, which has really taken off. I’ve been speaking at different events, and at colleges and universities. I love doing it and I can see the impact it makes on so many of the students.

Reader questions…

I received several questions from my readers, the one I received the most was best put by “a transman”, but the heart of the question was the same, “how do you deal with the haters?”, I’ll pose that one first, but I’ll let him ask it as he expands upon it…

From a transman…

When I first thought about coming out as transgendered, I was worried about the crap I'd face. Would co-workers shun me? Would I lose my job? Would family hate me? Would love ones suddenly find themselves unable to love me? Would I become a victim of hate crime? Would my gay friends still like me or would they cry foul, like some do! Would my lesbian friends find me now repulsive? Would my own kids think me a freak? I worked through my fears and doubts, and decided, I was willingly to pay the costs my coming out would incur in order to be ME. Surprisingly, I've ended up facing mostly tolerance and quite a bit of acceptance. I have had the occasional sneer or shudder when I get too near to some, but I try not to let it bother me. I guess my question is, what do you say to the haters, those who refuse to be openminded enough to even consider another's point of view? Do you just walk away? Fight? Argue? What? I've seen instances on some sites where assholes harass you and it really pisses me off. What's the best way, in your opinion, to deal with the would be oppressors?

Buck: Thanks for the great question. You know, I had to realize that it was not really about me. That the hate that was coming from them is all about the negativity and fear they have inside. Once you realize that, you can just feel sorry for them. Now, I will admit that sometimes it is hard to ignore them and when I do write back, I confront them on their crap. Lately there has been a big anti-Buck campaign on Tumblr from some crazy so-called “trans activists.” They’ve been calling me all kinds of names from classist and racist to sexist! It is quite funny because if they did their homework about me they would realize that they have no idea how far that all is from the truth. I think the best approach is usually to just walk away and pay no attention, because attention is exactly what they want. 

Do you think it’s normal to feel the need to prove yourself?

Buck: Prove yourself to whom—to yourself or to someone else? I guess if it was to someone else then no, because it is all about knowing who you are; that is all that matters.

How does one acquire a thicker skin to deal with not only the haters but also those who have incessant questions?

Buck: Over time my friend over time.J Follow your true path, and be confident in yourself and the rest won’t matter. If the questions are really coming from a place of curiosity and interest, then it is good to answer them. But if they’re just coming from a place of hate and negativity, then walk on by.

Is it worth living through personal hell in order to "come out" and be yourself? (or maybe it's not hell to you, I don't know, but life feels like it to me sometimes. Maybe this goes back to the thicker skin question?)

Buck: It is totally worth it if it makes your life better! The whole point is to love yourself and live a happier life. What kind of quality of life is it if you aren’t really living as yourself?! There’s no way I could have NOT transitioned. I would have died. So, my personal hell was mostly about living as female. There have been some tough times along the way in my transition, especially at first, but it was completely worth it for me. Along the way people may resent you, hate you, and not understand you. If you know this and are prepared for it, then things might go more smoothly.

What's your workout schedule like?

Buck: I try to workout at least 5 days a week for at least 45 minutes. This last year I completely changed my workout routine. I no longer just go to the gym and pump weights. I starting doing a more well-rounded workout for my whole body that gives me cardio and has cut my body fat tremendously. It is more like the P90X workouts. They are amazing and have made me stronger and leaner. I feel better mentally as well as physically. I started with the workouts from Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper and moved to P90X. They helped to get me ready. You can check out more on my bodybuilding website
Also remember diet plays a huge factor in how your body responds, looks, and feels.

Jambrea would like to know…

If you could tell an individual who was uncomfortable in their own skin and someone who thinks they were born in the wrong body one thing--what would it be?

Buck: You can be whomever or whatever you want to be. There is no right or wrong way to be. Just figure out  what you want and go get it.

 Is it difficult being married and doing porn? Or is it easy to separate the two?

Buck: Because my wife is super supportive and even starred in a couple of my films, it is totally easy for us. We have good boundaries around my adult work and she knows it is just business. I have no emotional attachments to my co-stars. Also, we are both very open-minded around sex. The bottom line though is that if she ever had any problems with what I do I would quit. My relationship with her is the most important thing in the world to me.

What was your best experience as a public speaker/educator? 

Buck: That’s a hard one! The first thing that comes to mind is my IdeaCity10 talk in Toronto. (Here is the Youtube link to the video- It was so amazing connecting with people who had no idea who I was. After my speech many people said I made a huge impact on them. Just recently I spoke at St. Mary’s College in Maryland and I received a standing ovation. It was such a surprise and so rewarding. I have also spoken at Yale where they had a Master’s Tea for me and I spoke in the Master’s home to about 50 students, and the list goes on. It is just so amazing that schools and organizations have been opening their doors to have me come and share my experience in hopes of helping others.

Rhi asks…

How do you feel about being seen or as assumed to be a gay man?

Buck: I don’t care at all. Who wouldn’t want to be a gay man—they are hot! But really, I don’t care because my sexuality is so fluid that one day I can say I am a gay man and the next day I can say I’m straight! Mostly I just say I’m “sexual” because that is a better description of how I really feel.

How many call you an imposter?

Buck: I’m not sure I understand this question. Imposter about what? Being a man? If that is the question, then I’d have to say it doesn’t really matter to me what other people think. I know I’m a man and I am totally confident in that. So if someone thinks I’m not a man just because I have a vagina, whatever. It doesn’t really affect me.

How do you explain to gendernormative people, just how a trans sees things?

Buck: I can’t really answer that because I do not identify as a trans for one, and also I don’t think all trans people see things the same way—or at least I hope not.

Anonymous asks…

Your activism is part of why you inspire me. If there was one thing people could do for the trans* community, what would it be?'

Buck: Thank you. I think first the trans community needs to do for itself. They tend to fight among themselves, which causes a lot distress and this is harmful to the cause. If they want people to respect and hear them, they need to stop fighting with each other. There is strength in numbers. Once they get that resloved I think people will start to listen.

From Tracy, (who will kick my ass for asking you, or rather including this, to which I say, bring it >;P )…

…then, maybe that should be my question -- stance on baked goods? favorites? LOL

Buck: OMG I am a big cookie and bread freak, which of course I have to watch out for because I’m trying to stay in shape. But I just found an awesome recipe for vegan peanut butter cookies. So now they are my favorite and I bake them to take with me on tour to have as a snack. I am also a big fan of brownies though I have not found a great recipe for those yet. If you have a great recipe send it my way!

Amara: Well *sheepish grin* that really didn’t end up being a quick interview did it. I have about 10000 more questions, but… I’ll end there. Thanks so very much for allowing me to bombard you with all of our questions.  That was fun. *Grins*

Buck: Thanks Amara.


Was that awesome or what?! Buck Angel at my little ol' blog. Blows my mind. I'm still just grinning like a loon. :D

Be sure to check Buck out for all his awesomeness. You can find him online here...

Thanks everyone who sent in questions, who came by to check it out, and most of all, uber thanks to Buck. You rock mah socks.

That's all for me, for now.

Later taters!!


  1. Thank you, Buck and Amara! A terrific conclusion to this interview. It is very inspirational to read about someone who is amazingly comfortable being who they are. Thanks again. :)

  2. I'm seconding Kris. Thank you! You're a huge inspiration.

  3. LOL, Amara!!! S'ok, I forgive you!

    I *do*, in fact, have several good recipes for brownies (my favorite is the one-bowl brownies from the box of Baker's unsweetened chocolate squares) but they are in *no way* anything but horribly calorie-laden and sugar-filled (which is why I love them, no doubt, and also why I only make brownies about 4 times a year.) The recipe I have but haven't tried yet but OMG WANT TO is from a friend on LJ; they're twice-baked and the centerpiece of the recipe is a dozen Turtles (y'know, the chocolate-covered pecan-and-caramel miracle candy...)

    ...hmmm. Wonder if I can find time to get to the store today, between all the errands.

  4. I'm thirding Kris! This was great, and some interesting things to think about, that's for certain.

  5. What Alex said! *lol*

    Thank you, Buck, for taking the time to stop by. I have this ... profound joy ... every time I read someone expressing the sentiment you do here, especially regarding the whole "what's in your pants defines you" thing.

    And you've left me with a few things to think about, as well -- identity and perspective are unique to the individual, but in the end the answer lies in a broader cultural acceptable of what those definitions are, from one person to the next.

    It's not about others "understanding" how another "sees" things, it's about accepting that how someone else sees things (or themselves) doesn't make them wrong, broken, or justify attacking them.

    In the end we're all human beings, and we need to learn to accept and love one another, simply based on that commonality.
    All else is secondary.

  6. Lol I fourth Kris.

    I'm so glad you guys all liked the interview. I still can't believe I got the opportunity to do it. Buck Angel here on my blog... I need to pinch myself.

    Thanks for coming by guys. Means a lot to me. :)

    ps: lol Tracy. Told ya I was gonna ask him. heehee. :-p

    pss: I want brownies. :D :D

  7. Very educational. Thanks to Amara and Buck for going the distance to help us understand and maybe open some eyes up to all possibilities.


  8. Amara, hop your butt out to GA and I'll make you brownies... Or if you're lucky, in a couple of years we'll get PCSed back to Lewis.



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