Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Blacker Than Black by Rhi Etzweiler

Today, I have the awesome privilege of having my very first... guest reviewer. 

*does the I have a guest reviewer happy dance* W00T!! That rocks. 

So...with a very warm welcome, a strong cup of java *passes* and a huge thank you, I give the blog over to... Oleg.  *whispers* you rock mah socks. :D

ps: I approve this message because I totally heart this book. :D :D 'k, I'll hush now. 

Blurb: Apparently, my twin and I are two of York’s most notorious criminals. We’ve been Nightwalkers in the blue-light district since the vamps took over the world. Don’t know how many years it’s been. Long enough that a stream of fellow ’walkers have come and gone. Most don’t last long selling their chi. End up face-down in the gutter, or worse. 
For us, one night and one sale change everything. 
Monsieur Garthelle is the first john to hunt me down. He calls me a chi thief in one breath and offers absolution—servitude—in the next. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I like living and breathing. Strange that such a powerful vamp would show leniency to a mere human. And something’s not right with the chi I took from him. It won’t go away.

Neither will he, and he’s forcing us to spy on his peers. Then a vamp turns up dead, and we go from playing eyes and ears to investigating a murder. This isn’t what I signed up for. All I ever wanted was to sell a little chi, maybe steal some in return. I should’ve kept my damn hands to myself.This is my story. Look through my eyes.


Last weekend, I read the awesomeness that is Blacker than Black, by Rhi Etzweiler. And then to double that, The equally proest awesomeness Amara asked me to guest-review it! Thing is, I can't. When it comes to this book, my brain activity is reduced to “OMGZWHUTHOLYSOMETHINGWHOA”. Yup, I hardly doubt that counts as coherent thought.

However, I'll try to cover few points.

First, the doubts regarding first person POV. I know many people do not like it (yours truly
included), but when the writing is of this quality, I hardly notice it. I got so into Blacks head, and didn't want to leave.

Secondly, vampires. This is not your sparkly, horrendous cliché, we're talking about something else completely. Trust me, greatness ensues.

And finally, the plot. You'll love it. Really. It's hard not to. And you'll absolutely, completely, fall in love with Garthelle. Unfortunate for me, as I'm working on getting this character all to myself. Amara tries to fight me on this. (She won't win though. I know this.)

So in the end, the review is, as follows: THIS IS AMAZING PLEASE READ IT AND JOIN IN THE OMGZWHUTHOLYWHOA-reaction with me. It's worth it!

Thanks Rhi for sharing this story with us, and thanks Amara for having me.

I'm done stealing away this place now. Hopefully I get to come by again and go to another readergasm-spree, it's more fun than I thought!

(And if you didn't run to read this book now, I can bribe you with unicorn-cookies. Seriously. They go great with vampires.)

*laughs* Oleg, you rock. I told you it would be fun! I also told you…*glares*... Garthelle is mine.  :-P

That’s all for me, and Oleg. For now.

Later taters!


  1. If this is the result of our second date, I wonder what the third will be like :P

  2. The pair of you are so lucky I wasn't trying to drink my coffee when I saw this.


    Thanks, y'all.

  3. @Oleg: Lol Dunno, but it will be epic. Pick me up at 6? ;-p

  4. @Rhi: *waves* Hi! :D

    Thank /you/ for the book of the awesome.

    ps: I told you all along Black rocked. Mamba is always right. :-p

  5. Oh looks like I have to start reading it, now.

    Can I still have a unicorn cookie? Pretty please..?

  6. @Sarasaya:
    Unicorn Poop for everyone! =D

    It won't let me insert the image, so here, have a link LOL

  7. Now, this is something that deserves a place between my GR pics...

  8. ...that poop is terrifying.

    Nice review ;)

  9. LOL! I'm with you Alex. That poop /is/ terrifying. Vera.


    Oleg fits right in here doesn't he?! Best guest review evah. :D



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