Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Books and jewelry and chainmail, oh my!

My poor Place here. So neglected. Sheesh. If I don't start coming over here and blogging more I'm going to be clearing out cobwebs.

I'm still off making mah jewel-er-ies. My new hobby of fantasma is keeping me rather busy. I goobered myself up a bit last week so the jewel-er-ies slowed down for a minute. Actually gave me some reading time over the weekend. Sat down and read Anne Brooke's new story, The Heart's Greater Silence, wow, that's one bitterly fantastic story! I've been meaning to check out Anne's books for a good while now, the TBR pile has a few in it but reading has gotten off track at mah Place. I'm so glad I picked that one up. Anne just catapulted to the top of the TBR mountain. She'll also be cruisin' over tomorrow to play blog and chit-chat a bit, bringing a contest with her too. Yaaaaaay! I can't wait to play blog with Anne. Sweet as can be, plus story of awesome... makes me all happy dance like. :D  Now I'm back to reading Break and Enter by Aleksandr Voinov & Rachel Haimowitz. That thing rocks fer sure. It's good to get back to some reading. Reading rocks and I hear it's... fundamental. ;)

Past that, I'm slowly getting back to making stuff. Learned a tiny bit of chainmail weaving last night. Chainmail W00T! I need to update Tiger Swan with mah new goodies.

I made some 'Helm weave' with silver and brass. It was hard. Maybe I'll make a bracelet or choker or something next. Break out the sterling wire and go for broke.

Made some new Valentine's Day hearts too. They were fun.

Managed to get those ones listed in the Etsy store. I kinda want to keep 'em. Don't make money that way thou. Can't be keeping everything, need to recoup some cash. Besides, seems keeping the goods is Swan's job. Can't get that girl to list her goodies no matter what I do. Silly Swangrrl.

Now I'm off to get ready for Anne's visit. I need to dust or something. This place is a mess. ;)

Later taters!


  1. Dusting??? Dusting?!? What for? I take a leaf out of my mother's book when it comes to housework (even virtual housework ..): she always says there's no point cleaning as it's the dirt that's holding us all together ...



  2. I want to learn to weave chain mail! BTW, I went to the etsy store -again - to stare longingly at the Writer's Tree of Life. Some day. When I have some moola. I'm getting me one of those!

  3. Kasi Alexander (author of BECOMING SAGE) makes some beautiful chainmail jewelry. If you have questions, she might be able to help.

  4. @Anne: LOL. That's awesome. I have a plaque on my wall that says "A clean house is the sign of a misspent life" :)

    @Amanda: It's pretty cool. Hard, but cool. My next project is a choker. We'll see if I still think it's cool after a much longer piece to wrestle with. lol. I'm glad you like the writer's tree. I'm currently working on another one right now, using black tourmaline. Hoping it comes out cool too. :)

    @June: Oooo, thanks, I'll have to check out her stuff. There's so much I think I can do with it. I've already got a beaded chainmail idea. Hoping it works :))

    Thanks for coming by guys! Hope you're all having a good day! :D

  5. Hi! :) You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from my blog Full Moon Bites!

    You can go here to learn more: http://fullmoonbites.blogspot.com/2012/02/full-moon-bites-won-stylish-blogger.html

    (Also-lovely post!)



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