Monday, February 13, 2012

Kindle Fire ~ My Review

May I just say…I love my Kindle 3. love Love LOVE mah Kindle.

Back in December, I bought daughter a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I played with it for the weeks leading up to the big day, I’ve played with it off and on since.

May I just say… I hate the Kindle Fire. Seriously. I am beyond frustrated with this jewel.

I’m bummed about that. I really wanted to like it. I wanted to get myself a new shiny to upgrade to. After all the playing I’ve done on it, I’m so glad I never did.

My thoughts on the Fire.

What’s good about it…

I’m totally not sure. Every time I find something good about it, it’s over ridden with things that frustrate me. I guess in the “what’s good about it” column would be…. The free games she has are sort of cool. Aaaaaand… Youtube video’s look good on it. Past that… I got nuthin’.

What I don’t like about it….

In a nutshell… pretty much everything. Breaking the nutshell apart, I would have to say…

Glitchy. This little unit is vera vera glitchy. Vera Vera VERA!

The touch screen is cool. However, it glitches out quite a bit. Instead of a touch type thing going on, it’s a triple, quadruple touch type thing quite a bit of the time. Very annoying.

Wifi. Wifi is cool. It’s got great graphics, and it works pretty well surfing the internet… IF you can connect. Sometimes it will connect, sometimes, like right now as I’m typing this, it will most definitely NOT connect. Had the same problem last night, only then it glitched out SO bad it wouldn’t even bring up the wi-fi options or password dialog box. I keep thinking maybe it needs some kind of patch or software update to fix the glitches, but I can’t connect to even try. ANNOYING!

Reading: Reading does not seem to be the primary thing to do with this little jewel. Personally I can’t read on it. The screen hurts my eyes. It’s like reading on a computer, which I can only do for so long. When I dial up a book on this baby, I’m good for about 20 mins only before my eyes wonk out. I’ve adjusted all the settings, type fonts, background color… you name it. My eyes are not a fan and would very much like me to stick with my old e-ink screen.

I also can’t read on it outside or in direct light, as the glare is just to much. Again, I’ll stick to my old e-ink screen which has zero problems with glare.

The newest problem falls under the reading category as well. Or at least a book category. Not at all sure what is going on with it, but… they keep disappearing. Download a book, begin reading it and all seems well. Go to another location, or turn it off, and that book may or may NOT be there when you return. Currently it seems to be doing the NOT thing quite a bit. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which book it will do this with. Others are there. Unsyncable, but there. Hopping on Amazon to see if this was just this unit and what did I find... this is apparently a common problem. 


Bottom line: I am NOT a fan. Not even a little. I am so glad I decided to stick to my good ol’ Kindle 3. That baby I love. No color fancy stuff, no flying unicorns, just a plain old e-reader. That I can actually read on. I consider that a big bonus.

What about you? Do you have a Kindle Fire? If so, what do you think about it? If not, what do you use?


  1. I have no desire for a Kindle fire, but I did finally break down & get one of the cheapy-o $79 ones. No, make that 2 -- the DH wanted one to take with him to Afghanistan, and I have a butt-ton of free Kindle books that I can't read because I have the same problem you do with reading on the computer. & I decided, what the hell?!

    I wouldn't have, except that I also got myself a new Sony PRS-T1, and it was only $99, which is So Much Less than the $230-ish I paid a couple years back for the Sony PRS-600 (Touch) that I felt I could justify splurging a bit extra on a Kindle for me.

    So, yeah, I have 3 eReaders. I'm giving the old Touch (well, giving is a strong word; I'm going to make available for their use) to the kids; it's got a ton of YA-ish stuff -- mostly Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, but also a ton of classics downloaded from Project Gutenberg. The Five Little Peppers, Nell Speed's Molly Brown series, a lot of Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, L. Frank Baum and more along those lines.

    I'm not hugely thrilled w/ the Kindle, honestly, mostly because I'm used to the touch screen of my Sonys, but I'm getting used to it. & I like having a couple of word games to play. But I really really love my new Sony, although he and I are still working out some "communicating with Calibre" glitches. Once we get those all fixed, all shall be hunky-dory.

    WOW that was long-winded of me. Now I just need to get my paper books as well-organized as my digital ones, and we'll be cooking! (And now I have to quit because it's nearly time to go pick the boys up from the bus stop & I need a drink of water.)

  2. I can't hook up the Kindle Fire to my calibre at all. I can direct transfer books from my computer to the Fire, but not thru Calibre. Which was a total hassle. Another check mark in the BOOOOOOO column.

  3. If ever I find an ereader with proprietary software that allows you to manipulate metadata the way Calibre does, I will snap it up SO FAST. I love being able to play with tags and rearrange the order of books in series and and and.... :D

    I think I'm starting to get the Calibre/Sony issue worked out. It seems to work ok if I only transfer small batches of books at a time. It's when I do a massive load (like when I got the NEW one & had to move everything over) that it has a minor freakout & loses its shit & my tags.

    *sigh* Which reminds me; I need to play with those again. OH, another thing I love about the new Sony! I can create new collections ON THE DEVICE, without having to plug it into the computer! AND add books to existing collections (if they were created in Calibre rather than the Reader software). Which is awesome! (esp. for non-permanent tags, like "Feb books" or "TBR" -- when I'm done I can move it from there to its new home...

  4. I cannot express how grateful I am for this review! I have been pondering upgrading my Sony Pocket to one of these shiny new toys but seeing as it would #1 Hurt my eyes to read on it (which is my primary purpose for it) and #2 Be glitchy about reaching the internets and #3 I hear its fiddly with Calibre too, I am no longer interested in wasting my cash. I think I'll buy more books instead and stick with my dependable but barebones Sony for now . Besides, if I had internet access on my reading device I'd probably squander all of my reading time on surfing blogs :)

  5. The new Sony has WiFi, & honestly that was kind of a sticking point for me -- I didn't really want it. But I don't actually purchase through the Sony store much, so I didn't think it'd be too much of an issue, and as it turns out, I've actually been glad I had it. I read something (don't ask; I don't remember, it was nearly 2 a.m.) that I loved So Much I had to say something about it on Goodreads, and that's pretty much been the extent of my use of the internetz on it! (although I'm considering, if I can find any library books I'm interested in reading, borrowing ebooks from my local library on it.)

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  7. @Tracy: My Kindle has that 'whispernet' thing where I can get into my Amazon store from almost anywhere, no wifi required. Also if desperate enough, get online, twitter or FB or whatever, although it's VERY cumbersome use it for the web. When I bought daughter the Fire, I thought it would have the same Whispernet connection. I didn't understand that it was different until after it got here. My fail.

    I just like my e-reader for my reading thou. I'll use my laptop for the rest. When Kindle gave me the ability to put things in collections/folders all my Kindle woes were solved. That was my biggest complaint about it before. Of course now that I can sort things that way, I don't lol. Too lazy.

  8. @barklesswagmore: I've just gotten so frustrated with the darn thing, I figured twas time to blog it out. lol.

    As for the eye thing... that could very well be my eyes. I don't have super bad eyes, but they aren't perfect anymore and they /hate/ reading for long periods of time on this type of screen. I can read entire books non-stop on my K3 no problem. The glitches are driving me craziest! I would think an update would fix it, and they could very well have one, but if I can't connect to the internet, I can't update. The thing is pretty useless without the connection, especially now that books are disappearing. I can't even get back online to re-download them. That would irritate me enough to have to do, but now that I /can't/ mid book... I growl big time.

    Finding out that my calibre doesn't want to work with it was a big surprise. I had made sure it would hook up to the computer so I could transfer books to it before I gave it to daughter, so I assumed that calibre would be fine. That's what I get for assuming. There could very well be some kind of fix for that too, but for crying out loud, the last thing I need right now is to have to figure out how to eliminate all these frustrations and get the darn thing to work like I want it too. lol I don't need the frustration in my life.

    I'll stick to my K3 for sure. They'd have to make some serious changes to this Fire before I'll look at it again. That's for sure.

  9. Whispernet is good, but it doesn't really help with books bought elsewhere! Also I like to tag stuff (but honestly, I usually tag AFTER I've read it, generally by trope or setting, so that if I'm in a particular kind of mood & want a re-read I can find something fairly easily.) But then, my favorite thing to do is reorganize my books, and tagging/sorting ebooks is almost as much fun (& I'm slightly less likely to find myself an hour later in the middle of a spontaneous re-read...)



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