Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Dark Soul 4 by Aleksandr Voinov

I've been dancing and flailing about over Aleksandr Voinov's books for... oh...a couple years now, and here we are again...a new release is coming out. Actually it's already out for pre-order early downloadable awesomeness. Mah Silvio is back in Dark Soul vol. 4. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Silvio W00T! 

Tis time.

For this release however, instead of me and what by now has to be my no big surprise 'whoowhoo Aleksandr Voinov rocks' blog post, I have a guest reviewer to tell you their thoughts on this one.

A sooper sekrit guest reviewer. :D :D

That rocks too.

So...I hold my flail this time, and with a big welcome to my blog, I give the Place over to... Volya Zukov.

Volya... take it away!

Pre-order available now
eBook release: Feb 27 2012
Word count: 16,500
Page count: 68
Heat Wave: 5 - Very explicit love scenes
Erotic Frequency: 3 - Moderate
Type: Part of a Series
In “Dark Rival I,” the noose tightens around Stefano Marino’s neck. While Silvio and Franco are off taking care of the Russian problem, mutiny brews in Stefano’s crime family. It soon becomes clear he can trust only one man in his life, but whether he can hold on to Silvio—and what it might cost his marriage—are questions for which he has no answers. 
In “Dark Rival II,” Silvio returns from his mission. Job done, threat gone, Stefano knows Silvio has no reason to stay. Or so he thought, anyway, until Silvio makes his move. It seems Silvio wants only sex, but Stefano is well aware there’s much, much more on the line. Including Donata, whose suspicions of a mistress in Stefano’s life are uncomfortably close to an even more uncomfortable truth.
Hopeless and helpless as his life crumbles down around his head, Stefano gives in to his desires in “Dark Temptation.” He isn’t any closer to understanding Silvio—and he’s farther from Donata than he’s ever been—but at least he’s come to understand his own needs. Now if only he could figure out how to be himself without hurting the ones he loves the most.

Review by Volya Zukov
5/5 stars

I got the privilege to read this while it was being written, and Aleks dropped hints along nicely so I was, even though still on the edge, pretty aware of what was going to happen next. Still, reading the finished story, it felt so intense as if I was reading it for the first time, and having no clue where I was being taken. It's rare talent, to write so strongly that no matter how many times you read the book, it'll always leave you mind-blown, and utterly speechless. Breathless, even.

This seriously is a series you can't miss. After I had read vol.1, I was sure he can't top it off. But then came vol. 2, and after that vol. 3. I remember even telling Aleks something along the lines of “it's impossible to top vol.3. You're fucked”. I was wrong. Painfully wrong, and I did see it coming all along. DS3 is still my personal favourite, but if I go to objective-mode, I know I should admit this kicks last volumes arse. Big time.

At this point, I really have no strength left to dance for this story. To make you -whoever you are reading my ramblings- to want to pick up this series. Because it's just so out of this world. It simply is impossible to try and describe a story where you can't really tell what the magic is. Why it's just so good.

Therefore, I won't even try.

I'll just take off my imaginary hat, and bow deeply for Voinov. 4 down, 1 to go. And I know, it'll be one hell of a run to the finish-line.


  1. Thanks Volya :D It's nice to have someone to play reviews with. You rock. :)

  2. Can't wait until Monday. I love this series so much! Hard to believe it will be over soon :( but I'm sure what ever happens in the end will be well worth the ride. :)



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