Thursday, February 16, 2012

WTFery Running Amuck

There are days I just wonder… WTF is wrong with people? I’ve had a few of those days lately. More over the last year than I care to count.

Granted, I’ve only been out here online for almost 2 years, so in the grand scheme of things it’s all pretty new to me, so maybe it’s normal, but some of the shit I have seen, watched friends deal with and had to deal with myself often leads me to wonder… yeah… WTF is wrong with people?

WTF-ery runs amuck. Amuck amuck amuck.

Too often I have whack that just seems to gravitate to me. It’s like I’m a friggin’ whack magnet some days. Seriously. Why hassle me? What is the point? What kind of self gratifying bullshit is it?

I have been hassled for everything from having a favorite author, liking a particular book, not liking a particular book and writing reviews the wrong way. Hassled because I didn't blog dance or I blog danced too much. I'm also a big meanie.  My blog offends some people, I bother some people, my spelling bothers some people, my word choice bothers some people, my sense of humor bother some people, hell, even not embracing the‘blessings of my menstrual cycle’ bothers some people. And on, and on, and on.

What the fuck.

Honestly… I don’t lose all that much sleep over it. I'm not here to win popularity contests and could give a flying fuck what these people think. But it does leave me with one question. Ok, that’s a lie; it leaves me with several questions, but one BIG one…

Why, in /the/fuck/, do these people keep coming to read my oh so offensive blog? Written by my oh so offensive horrible self? Who is forcing them? Is someone tying them up in some dark dank basement and forcing them to be subjected to that horrible Amara?

Why do they keep coming? Over and over and over.

Ok. That's more than one question. But still. What the hell is up with that?

I have some Amara haters that troll quietly in the background, come to read my blog, all my blogs, multiple times a week, every week and then go hide away and whisper to anyone that will listen how awful I am. I have others that like to apparently read my blog so they can bitch loud and proud about me, insult me, offend me, call me names and spew their hate all over me... in my own Places. And, well... *sigh* ...the list goes on.

What.The.Fuck. Is there a point to these people and their games?

WTFery runs amuck out here. I don't get it. But... I guess I wouldn't. Apparently I’m just a sub-literate tool who has the audacity to like those awful M/M books, write an offensive blog and be the meanest Mamba in the whole wide world. Oh, and who doesn't properly embrace her period. Let us not forget that one.

For shame be upon me.


As shameful and awful as I am ...I'm not going anywhere, people of suck or not, soooo... here’s to many more offensive blog posts and pissing off more people.



  1. You tell them! I think some people are not happy unless they have something to bitch about. Negative people always want to spread it around and try to ruin everyone else's day. I am so sorry that people do this to you! If I don't like a blog, I don't go to it. If I don't like a facebook page, I either unfriend or unlike, whichever is appropriate.

    Sending lots of hugs & smiles to try to make your day better!

  2. Sending you loads of hugs indeed! I'm not even quite sure what "embracing your period" even means - sounds quite messy to me and I think you and I should steer well clear, my dear ...


  3. The Meanest Mamba of Them All.

    The Only Mamba, but that's beside the point.

    They are trolls, they have no reason or logic, none that makes any sense. It's just what they do.

  4. I strongly believe if some people didn't complain then they wouldn't have anything to say at all.

    Lots of hugs to you. And cookies. And brownies. And a set of earplugs (err, let's pretend they'd work on the Internet).

  5. Heh...umm...I was paying close attention till the period I'm just blushing and trying like hell to get away from here...

    But I had to stop for a *hug* as I ran out...

  6. Sweetheart, you are the one who's whack. It's your blog and as you say, no one is forcing them to read it, or those "awful" m/m books. They need a life and apparently want to make your miserable. We'll get Frank to go all Punisher on their arses.

    Violet is taking up the sword.

    Calling out Mamba's Posse.

    Much love and big hugs.

    non-robot word - largies LOLOLOLOL

  7. Oops. That was supposed to read you AREN'T the one who's whack. Damn!

  8. @June: Thanks darlin'. *hugs*

    Yeah, I agree. These people are toxic and love to spread it around. I'm out here to have fun. All this other stuff gets so old. I'm the same way, if I don't like something, I don't read it. Seems so simple. lol.

    @Anne: Thanks luv. *hugs*

    lol I spewed a bit of coffee on that. I'm all for steer clear. Embracing. Full.of.Wow.

    @Rhi: Meanest Mamba in the whole wide world. \o/ W00T!

    True all that. I know it too. Still boggles my brain thou. I guess running amuck is more fun than living under their bridge. Dammit anyway.

    @Alex: Oooooo treats! And ear plugs! Best evah. Thanks darlin' :D :D

    @Lee: Lolol. I made Lee blush \o/

    Yeah, I blushed a bit typing it. But it was so over the top stupid I couldn't leave it out. I promise thou, I won't start blogging about it. My Place will be safe for you to come back and play. Thanks for the hugs. Appreciate it. :D

    @Brita: Lol Thanks Violet. These fools best look out. Mamba's posse is a scary bunch. Don't mess with me!

    Yeah, they need to get a life indeed. How sad that chasing me around becomes their focus. I guess everyone needs a hobby. Fools.

  9. Amen Sister!
    Don't let people with little minds and smaller brains ever make you think that you have anything to be sorry for. I love your blog, I don't always comment, but I love it. Keep on blogging and being you.

  10. Embrace your period? Does anyone do that? Thank God for the menopause and HRT is all I have to say on that one! As for the rest, Take Billy Connolly's advice and tell them to 'Fuck off!' He's right, it really does work :)

  11. @Mary: Thanks! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. That make me smile. :D

    Yeah, I don't/won't apologize to these fools. Well, not in a real, un-sarcastic way. I don't typically say anything to them at all, but reached my bs saturation point yesterday. lol got all kinds of lippy all over the place. lolol not sorry. >:D

    @Nithu: LOL apparently some do. I got a good laugh out of that one. Good and... kinda scary sounding at the same time. I have an LOL worthy comment explaining why as women we need to learn about the hidden blessings and the lost knowledge of it's greatness over on my other blog.

    LOLOL! What a great video! Thanks for that! Fuck off is my preferred response actually. Sometimes I drown it in sarcasm, but they are not bright enough to get it. Coming right out with it /is/ often the best way. ;)



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