Friday, March 16, 2012

A book meme...ish...

Five a.m. was the best time for a break-in. 
~ pg 45, Break and Enter by Aleksandr Voinov & Rachel Haimowitz

hmmm... I wonder if that's good... or bad...

Your turn... 

Ready, set... 



  1. As we venture through the paddock of life, we encounter smelly cowpats; furious, charging bulls; stinging nettle; barbed-wire and electric fences.

    - Page 45, "Girls' Talk: Young women speak their hearts and minds"

  2. "What did Burgwell tell you to do?"

    (Page 45 The Pale Horseman, Bernard Cornwell)

    Ah, I'm obviously not going to do what I'm told! No change there then! :)

  3. This is so much harder when so many of my books are ebooks...

    And the book nearest me has a picture on pg. 45 "Seascape" by Michael Collins. It's just not meant to be :D

  4. It's an ebook, so luckily p45 is the first of a new chapter: 

    "It was good to be back on his bike." Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour by T.C. Blue

  5. "Give myself two hours coming and going so I can stay out of his way" - p45 of The Help by Kathryn Stockett...

    If he want me to stat out of the way, why are we dating! lol.



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