Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cherie Noel Rocks Mah Socks!

I keep thinking I should stay out of all the brouhaha in the genre this week. I tried. I did. There was so much I wanted to comment, so much I wanted to say. But I bit my tongue, mostly. I watched. I hurt. I blogged my own blog instead of lashing out. It wasn't easy. Not sure it was the right way to handle myself. I have an overwhelming need to protect my friends when I see them hurt or attacked. It's my way. Problem is, sometimes I can get too vicious. I don't always think before I speak, or.. type... as the case may be.

So I sat on my hands. I bit my tongue. And I stayed here, on at my own Place.

I didn't want to make things worse.

I thought it was over. I hoped it was over. Turns out, no. No it wasn't.

There was a new post today over at Reviewsbyjessewave. Comments are closed. Probably for the best.

Throughout the entire ordeal, my friend Cherie Noel was dogged over a comment she deleted that first day. It was a very well spoken comment. It was a comment I wish had remained. It was a comment that was twisted into something it was not. Easy to do I suppose when the world can't see it for themselves.

Again, this day, my friend is accused...

"Cherie Noel, probably realizing that maybe she had stepped over the line and gone too far and also she probably didn’t want her fans to know who she really was, deleted hers where she called me as many names as she could reel off...."

Well, the mystery comment has been revealed. 

Before you think anything about my friend, go. read. see.

See it for yourselves.

Maybe you can see where this vile behavior occured. If you find it, point it out to me because I sure can't find it.

I can't find it anywhere.

My mind, yup... still boggled.

Mabye this will be the day this crap is over. 

That would be good. 

I tried to stay out of it again. But... I couldn't. Here's me, sticking my nose in it.

All that's left for me to say today is...

Well done Cherie.

Well done.

ps: Cherie... you rock mah socks.

The end.


  1. The only one I see calling anyone names is Wave. "Whiny, screaming, shrill authors with their own agenda," or a "rabid group" and saying they "don’t care about your children or anyone else who is at risk, only about their own agenda." And then accusing Cherie of name calling when she clearly didn't. it's very childish.

    1. That's exactly how I see it too.

      I was actually going to blog about all of that, but then started getting too worked up. I'm having such a nice quiet Saturday, I didn't want to spoil it by uber growling. lol.

  2. Yes, I remembered reading Cheri Noel's comment before it was deleted, and thinking it was honest but certainly not abusive in any way.

    No one at that C&D thread was abusive. The reaction was totally disproportionate.

    Debate and disagreement is healthy. Casting it as witchhunting and Nazi tribunals is not. M/m is a genre of literature, not a holy temple.

    1. It shows we hit a nerve saying it's about her kink, not real people. She's now trying to cast us as villains. Funny, though, because she doesn't have a single link/proof of our villainous behaviour.

    2. I couldn't agree with you more Violetta.

  3. I'm glad I read it, and I'm even more glad that comments are disabled. A very clear statement of who Wave is, and no pile-on in either direction to jack my blood pressure any higher than it is.

    I don't like the name calling. I don't like the indirect threats (you are losing readers over this, so shut up), or the direct threats (I'm not going to review you any more). I don't like the "hundreds of people support me, so there" statements. It's all bullying behavior, exactly what she accuses everyone else of. And I really don't like bullies.

    I was never much of a Wave reader, so it's not much of a loss either direction. But I sure don't like that others are being hurt by all this. I have never, and will never, understand why people can't treat each other with kindness and a little respect. It's really not that hard to do.

    1. A very clear statement of who Wave is, and no pile-on in either direction

      Good point.

      And yeah, I don't like all the name calling and all the rest either. Serious pot/kettle thing going on, that's for sure.

      I used to be a Wave reader, when I first started. But I've not been for a long while now. Occasionally I'd go have a look-see, but... won't even do that anymore tbh.

  4. You know, the funny thing is, if I lose readers over this, chances are, they weren't "my" readers to start with. I'm not one to feed that "sweet gentle kink" - my books are too raw for that. Hey, loads of my books don't get reviewed on Jesse Wave's blog and they are doing great. Funnily enough, Dark Soul has so far done the best - and that's the "icky" book with a genderfluid main character and both men having a 3-page sex scene with with (strong) woman.

    So - I lose readers - so what. For every reader I might lose, I'll get another one. If I only sold 50 copies of everything I do, that's enough for me. I have a well-paid day job. I don't need big royalties.

    And if she doesn't review me - I'm sure the few hundred people on Goodreads that review my stuff are happy to jump into the breach. That's fine. She doesn't MAKE the genre, she doesn't MAKE any author out there. Authors go big by writing good books and by word-of-mouth.

    So, she can threaten and foam, but in the end, she is not the genre, nor can she make or harm (or even destroy) any author. I'm wholly unimpressed by threats.

    1. Good points all. I do love your attitude.

      Ps: dude, lol, you have one of the most loyal armies I've seen out here. We're a fiercely loyal bunch. >:D You're totally right in thinking any you lose... weren't "yours" to begin with. And even if that's not true... you've still got us hard cores. You couldn't beat us off with a stick. ;p

    2. I'd like to see a stick big enough to get rid of some of us more crazed fans *evil grin*, lol!

      I remember seeing the original post from Cherie and was never offended but then again I am not Wave. I personally thought that other than it being a group of people vs Wave (at least this is how it is perceived) it started as a very civil debate. I was completely put off by the use of the word pure but could not come up with any constructive way to say I thought it sucked ass and was out of line. That is why I leave it to the writers ;) I would have attacked and offended, so instead I refrained. Still hurts my heart to see any person try to dictate to another person how they are suppose to feel.

    3. LOLOL! Could imagine how big of a stick that would have to be?! LOLOLOL!

      I felt exactly the same way Kassandra. And that's exactly why I tried really hard to stay out of the convo. Except my small attempts to try to back Aleks in his requests to have the Embrace The Rainbow banner removed. Being one of the initiators of the site w/him, I didn't want him to be perceived as alone in that. Not that I did a real good job, I felt more like I was peeking out from behind him saying "yeah!" lol.

      I'm such the awesome wordsmith. ;)



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