Thursday, March 15, 2012

Have you ever read this book?

The one that makes you do this?

I have. It's been awhile thou.  I think.  The last time I remember /really/ doing it was when I read Special Forces by Aleksandr Voinov and Marquesate. At least that's the last one that stuck with me.

I don't know how many times I set that thing down with a big ol' "WTF?! Screw this book!" Only to find myself  unable to keep from picking it back up for another intense round. Before I knew it, I'd spent a week to 10 days of back and forth, up and down and  hard core WTF. Didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't work, just fought that thing. I loved it, I hated it, I wanted to kill some characters my very own self, and fell in love with others.

Vadim forever. <3 <3 <3

Best book evah.

Ever read one?


  1. YES. SF was my last this type of book, too. :) Drew very powerful emotions out of me.

  2. Helluva ride wasn't it? Still haven't found a ride quite as intense, and it's been a couple of years since I read it. Could be because it was my first m/m book too thou. Added to my OHSHITWOW and my O.O greatly.

  3. I am still going back and forth is SF.  I walk away when it gets too much, read some other stuff and then go back, lol!  I will make it to the end one day!

  4. Lol. I kept /trying/ to walk away. I just didn't get very far. ;)

    How far are you? 



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