Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Less books, More rocks

I had every intention of spending last weekend locked away with a good book. I started off that way, however, I only made it through one short before the shiny rocks started calling me from the other room. They called and called and CALLED until I just couldn't ignore them any longer. So, instead of spending the weekend reading, I spent the weekend wrapping. And twisting. And fondling all my new shiny rocks. When I was done, I was staring at several new pieces of jewel-er-ies. And even a couple new trees too :D

I feel rather accomplished.

Wanna see?

Ooooofffff course you do.

Sterling Silver Serpentine Tree of Life

Not a bad weekend haul. At least for the Freia me. The Amara me... she came out with nada.

That seems to be happening more and more. Once I let the Freia me out and let her start playing jewelry maker, Amara the book blogger seems to fade more and more into the background. I have trouble balancing the two it seems. That's kind of my way. I'm an all or nothing grrl. I lack balance.

We won't even get into the RL me, don't even know where she went.

On the blazing Freia front thou, movin' and shakin' abounds. Tiger Swan Creations is no more and has been replaced with f.Inguz Art. I've given the website an overhaul, added my photography to it, and made many new things for the Etsy shop. Like... many, MANY. :D

On the fading Amara front, I’m not at all sure what’s up. I’m thinking of closing up a blog or two, perhaps just keep this one. I mean seriously, how many blogs does one person need. Sheesh. As for books… dunno. Seems while I was off busy being Freia and playing with shiny rocks I missed a blog tour or … 4. Oops. I’m sure the reading will continue at some point, I will be finishing my current read for sure, it’s fab after all. That jewel needs a uber whoowhoo review.

Not sure how much pimpin’ I’ll be doing in the near future. Maybe … maybe Amara’s Place will become just that: Amara’s Place. Not Amara Pimps Everybody Else Place. A bit of books, a bit of me and maybe some jewelry too. That WAS the original plan anyhow. Well, without the jewelry part, cuz that’s new.

My Place. My Blog. Me.

*shrugs* Who knows. Guess we’ll see.

I’m a girl without a plan. And a whole lotta shiny rocks.

Mmmmmmmm. Shiny. :D :D


  1. Much as I love the pimping, I think that sounds like a really good idea. Balance is much less likely to result in burnout and much more likely to keep things fun for you. Plus, I love seeing pics of your jewelry :D

  2. Well hey thar!

    Silly Rachel, you shall always be pimped at the Place. My faves are immune to my pimpin' burnout issues. lol can't help buy pimp you guys, tis my way, and great fun for me. :)

    Glad you like the jewel-er-ies. That makes me smile hugeamously. :D

  3. Sooooooo pretty. You and I are gonna have to have a little talk about some stuff when the holidays roll around this year; my stepmom would LOVE your work.

  4. Awwww, Thanks luv. You have me just grinnin' like a loon right now. :D



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