Thursday, March 29, 2012

The mind, it boggles...and then hatches a plan

I woke up this morning, padded in to make some coffee,turned on the computer and made the mistake of looking at tweets regarding the mess at Jessewave's blog. I should have known better, on a good day… a morning person I am not. Seeing the tweets led me to make the bigger mistake of actually going over there and reading more of what was going on.

 Yeah. It was definitely a bad choice on my part. Words of wisdom for today: Don’t read fuckwittery with your morning coffee.

 At first, I wanted to make another blog post about the blatant, rampant, cluelessness of what was going on over there. Blog about how I never saw people being uncivil to her, how the entire uproar had nothing to do with her right to review what she chooses, how authors were NOT bullying her and demanding their books get reviewed. How it WAS the wording she choose to stand by in her policy and how it made people feel that was the problem. How saying “I will only review “pure” man on man romance books and no trans books” IS the same as …I only review gay books with real men and trans*men are different. Other. Not the same as cisgender men. 

And that’s hurtful. That's transphobic. Tough shit if that hurts to hear. If you don't want to be accused of being transphobic, don't say transphobic things. 

*mumbles* snarl down Amara. *deep breath*

*clears throat* But seeing that comments like “it has nothing to do with WHAT you review but HOW you state it in your policy” and many, MANY other CLEAR attempts to get the crowd to understand why people were hurt and upset made absolutely zero impact on getting the point across, even after a comment by Dani Alexander that broke my heart as he bared his soul in a comment on the blog, (which, by the way, he shouldn’t have had to do!) still they didn’t get it. Although it was nice and civil to offer advice to Dani to “not care what Wave says” and “you can only be hurt if you allow yourself to be hurt.”,  accuse authors of being bullies, throw Nazi references in, wallow in your total cluelessness, and … and…



 *sigh* I’m getting snarly again.

 Anyway, after realizing the point would never get across over there and it was just a bunch of ‘banging heads against brick walls’ (of which I chose not to bang mine because then they WOULD have seen “uncivil” as I snarl too much and that wouldn’t have helped), I’ve decided to take another approach. My thought is this…

Although I understand that authors weren’t demanding that their books be reviewed, that the problem wasn’t reviews at all, it did show me something. Along with reconfirming that there is a still a genre-wide rainbow spectrum understanding problem, it showed me that there is a need that needs to be filled in the way of reviews.  I’ve already tried to participate in fixing the understanding part with the EtR blog. Education is necessary. Now I’m thinking I want to try to fill the book review need. If I can.

 I’m only a small blog. I’m not even close to Wave scale. But I have always been a rainbow book friendly blog. I want to be MORE friendly. Perhaps review ALL the books. Not just M/M books, certainly not just cis-M/cis-M books. Maybe M/M, F/F, and… I don’t know… ALL the books. Problem is, there are only so many hours in a day, and I can’t do it by myself. So I’m off to ponder a plan. A plan to make Amara’s Place a more full spectrum, more rainbow friendly, book blog. Not just M/M, Not just cis-penis/cis-penis. Full spectrum. It’s going to take guest bloggers, guest posters, and the like. It’s going to take more hands than I have. But I think it could be good.

I think it could be great.

Updates to follow. Once my head stops spinning and my snarls subside more. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in lending a hand, has any ideas... shoot me an email at amara (at) mambazlair dot com.



  1. A good list or three somewhere would be a nice start. I tend to be an "Oooh, shiny!" book buyer and I don't always know where to even start looking for stuff outside a mold. The more visible/accessible (in terms of "Hey, here I am! Add ME to your wishlist!") stuff is, the more likely I am to eventually buy it.

    1. *nod nod* I used to be so much better with that. I need to start doing that again. Thanks luv! :)

  2. Short response: I'm in. :)

    (Slightly longer answer: will try to remember to email at some point. It's been a long week.)

    1. Short reply: Awesome!

      Longer answer: Totally understand. Been a long week over here too. I look forward to your email. If I don't see something in a few days, I'll come find you. :D

      Thanks Shae :D :D

  3. I'm only a little itty bitty new blog but I'll read any romance as long as it moves me. Ever read Halfway Human? The main character is a "null", a sexless being, and boy did that story break my heart. For me, people are people and a good story is a good story. The problem for me, same as tracykitn, is where to find them. I get recommendations all over the place but it would be nice (and probably extremely time consuming) to find a comprehensive listing all posted on one site.

    1. I haven't read that one. Never heard of it, I'll have to go check it out. Sounds good.

      I used to make lists like that. I used to be better at announcing new releases and all that. I've gotten lazy over here the last several months. I shall start doing that again. Totally a good idea :D

      Thanks darlin'!



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