Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Review: Dark Soul 5 by Aleksandr Voinov

Dark Soul vol. 5 by Aleksandr Voinov 

eBook release: Mar 19 2012
Word count: 26,800
Page count: 98
Heat Wave: 5 - Very explicit love scenes
Erotic Frequency: 3 - Moderate
Type: Part of a Series
The saga comes to an end . . .
In “Dark Hunter I,” Stefano Marino must face his most dangerous enemy yet: US Attorney Sebastiano Beccaria, who’s seeking the total annihilation of the Marino clan in the hopes of purging his own dark past.

In “Dark Frost,” a traitor in the organization makes his move, hiring Silvio to kill Stefano. Meanwhile, Silvio struggles to find his place in the Marino home as Donata learns the truth about Stefano’s affair.

The game is up in “Dark Hunter II.” Sebastiano Beccaria confronts Stefano with evidence that will undermine his power and put his life at risk. Stefano faces a bitter choice: fight and risk it all, or flee and protect himself and those he loves. Also, there’s a puppy.

In “Dark Lie,” Stefano makes the only choice he can. With the mutiny brewing and his marriage hanging in the balance, he agrees to leave the life of organized crime. Beccaria has won, but the victory comes at high price—for everyone involved.

In “Dark Heart,” Stefano and Donata have gone to ground in Paris. When a ghost from the past tracks him down, he knows he won’t survive the day if he can’t find a way to make peace with all he left behind.

My Review: 5/5 Amara Stars

Characters:  5
Plot:  5
Writing:  5
Intensity:  5

Heat Level:  5
Sexuallity:  M/M, M/M/F

My Thoughts: 

I’m not really sure what’s left for me to say about my love for the Voinov books. My hardcore uberlove is not news; I assume at this point everyone knows how much I love them. It makes reviews harder and harder; I have a hard time coming up with new ways to describe things and all my reviews end up seeming the same to me. There is only so many ways you can say “I love everything that man writes”.  Dark Soul 5 is no different. I love this one too. I loved Silvio from the moment he rode up on his motorcycle in DS1, and I uber love him at the end of DS5.

As always, the writing in this was fabulous. The continuing episodes of Silvio and Stefano continued to grab me, and hold on to me for days after I finished. The characters, as always, are amazing. Deep. Well written. They captivate me.  I never did end up being a Stefano grrl, but a hardcore Silvio grrl for sure.  The biggest surprise for me character wise in this one was that Voinov was able to get me to like a female character. Stefano's wife Donata was terrific. Voinov writes wonderfully strong women. I rarely like the female characters in books, so… kudos to the author on that one. I really hope he writes more of them.

The other pleasant surprise for me in this one was a new kind of Voinov hot factor. I loved how he pushed that throughout the series. This hot factor wasn’t new to me like some of the others were, but I’ve not see Voinov write it yet so it counts as new. Without revealing too much, I’ll just leave it with… my kindle was smokin’.  Again.

I think the thing I liked best about DS5, the thing that is sticking with me the most now that I’ve finished it… Voinov took the dark, soulless, hotter than hell killer Silvio… and showed me the soul I knew he had deep down. He showed me glimpses of Silvio that for days afterwards still has my heart overflowing with… *sigh* Mah Silvio.  He gave him new layers that perfectly rounded him out. Hell, he even gave him a puppy.

*sigh* Mah Silvio

I love him. I want to take him home and keep him.

*mumbles*  Stop swooning Amara, this is supposed to be a review. We don’t swoon in reviews. *clears throat* ...

In a nutshell, I guess my review is… Voinov does it again. And he does it fabulously. DS5 was the perfect end to a fantabulous series. It was intense, it was HOT, it had twists I didn’t expect, it had *sigh* mah Silvio. It even had a puppy. I could not be more pleased. I am once again owned by a Voinov and the character therein.

*Received ARC copy for review.


  1. Like you, I love Silvio.  There's just something about him.  Can't wait to see how the story concludes even though I'm a little bit sad that it's coming to an end. :(

  2. I thought I would be sad to see it come to an end too. As much as I'd love for Aleks to write Silvio stories forever... he didn't leave me wanting at the end at all. Totally satisfied. I thought it was perfect. :)



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