Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ARe Earth Day Free Book Day 4

By: Claudia Dain | Other books by Claudia Dain
Published By: ePublishing Works!
Published: Jul 04, 2011
ISBN # 9781614170938
Category: Historical/Other
Book one in a 5 book series. England. Winter 1155. Cathryn and Greneforde are as one; to possess the woman is to possess the land. William, a knight under King Henry, has been gifted Greneforde Tower as a reward for his service to the king. Greneforde, and Cathryn, are now William's. They marry within the hour of his arrival, and Cathryn is outwardly obedient to the combined wills of God, King, and husband. But is she truly so? William thinks not. He begins to believe that some treachery is brewing in his beautiful wife's heart, that she plans to resist consummating their marriage, thereby nullifying it and denying him Greneforde, the home he has fought for through long years. He is determined that Cathryn will deny him nothing; not her land, and not her body.

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