Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Riptide Anniversary Party!

Guess who opened 6 months ago? Go on. Guess.

Yup. That would be ...

Oh yeah, oh yeah. The publisher of awesome.

Guess what else?

I'm throwing them a party. :D

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Anniversary party of awesome. 

For the next several days, Riptide is going to be giving away all 8 of the original 'First Wave' books here at the Place. Yes, I said all 8. Specifically...Grown Men, First Watch, Master Class, Once a Marine, Sucks & Blows, Pretty Monsters (Josh of the Damned, #1), Dark Soul Vol. 1, and Romeo Club #1: Surprises.

Back to that publisher of awesome thing I mentioned. They rock so hard.

Also, Mr. Voinov will be coming by later on to sit and chat with me about their 6 month mark. Yay. :D

To kick it all off, I've added my own little gift to the pot. My alter, Freia Inguz, whom some of you know makes jewel-er-ies and such, made a little... thing-a-ma-bobbie. A total one of a kind, special Riptide... thing-a-ma-bobbie. 

It's actually a pewter bookmark. I made it with a piece of one of my favorites from the First Wave, First Watch by Peter Hansen, encased it in a resin charm, added a pewter bead with little waves on it and a blue crystal chain. 

It's my Riptide First Wave Happy Anniversary Bookmark :D 

It's my anniversary gift to them. And...I'm giving it to you. That makes it the day one giveaway. 

Here's what I thought I'd do. I was going to ask a few people to write guest posts about Riptide, but I changed my mind. I decided that since Riptide rocks it soooooo hard AND since they are doing such a fab job AND they are so cool as to giveaway all those books and all the other stuff they give us on those cool blog tours, I thought it'd be cool for ALL of us to show them some love. Consider today a party 'guest book signing' type of day. So, come on in, join the party, grab some champagne and...

...leave a comment. Say howdy, throw them some Happy Anniversary love, maybe some "whoowhoo you rock"  aaaand, if you want to be entered in today's giveaway, mention that too. It's open world wide so... fair game for all. 

'K. Let's show Riptide some love. 

Then, make sure you come back tomorrow for the first of the book giveaways. :D

Tis days worth of party. Amara style.

Happy Anniversary Riptide! Thanks for 6 months of rockin' mah socks, giving me all those fabulous books and just being all around publisher of awesome. 

I heart you big time.


  1. Wow! It's hard to believe it's been 6 months already :) I hadn't been reading m/m for long when Riptide started, but they've become the stand out publisher for me. Everything about Riptide is so well done. Their web site is professional, quick and easy to use - I think it's the most user-friendly publisher web sites out there; the books are excellent and they don't seem to suffer from the editing and type-setting problems in their eBooks that many other publishers do; the covers are glorious and stand head and shoulders above the rest. Since I started reading m/m I've learned not to judge books by their covers - there are some real gems hidden inside truly hideous covers - with Riptide, when they announce there upcoming books, I'm as interested to see the cover as I am to read the blurb! Happy Anniversary, Riptide. I hope you go from strength to strength :)

    And as that pewter bookmark is absolutely gorgeous, you can definitely throw my name in the hat for that!

    1. Hi Nithu :)

      Inorite? 6 months already, I can't believe it either. It just flew by! And with all they've done... ah-mazing.

      Thanks so much for coming to the party:D I'm happy you like the bookmark, I've totally got you down for that. :D

      Hope the day is good to you!

  2. Riptide Folks,

    Congratulations on your success. Wow, in 6 months you have accomplished so much. Thanks to you, I have discovered many “new” authors and their works.

    The ride has been fun and wild so far and I look forward in continuing this trip with the Riptide Team.

    Again, congratulations, and I wish you continued success.
    Please enter me in today’s giveaway.

    Tracey D

    1. Hi Tracey! Thanks so much for coming. I've totally got you down for today's giveaway. I hope the day is being good to you! :D

  3. I kind of stumbled onto Riptide at the end of 2011. I guess towards their beginning. I should say I kind of stumbled over one Mr. Aleksandr Voinov and from there I met the rest of the wonderful people that work at Riptide. I was fairly new to M/M, just within a year or so, but I had not found alot of quality works. Some fun fluff yes, but not many books I would have gone that extra mile and ordered print copies. Then I get to Riptide and don't even know where to start. I was like a kid in a candy store, lol! I have not been disappointed. Not one damn time. I hope they keep up the fantastic work for many years to come! *hugs* To all of the staff at Riptide.

    1. Hi Kassandra! Thanks so much for coming to the party! I'm so glad to see you here! :D

  4. Beautiful bookmark Amara! And Happy Anniversary to Riptide! I have been lucky enough to read almost all of your releases so far and everything has been just wonderful! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks jayhjay!

      Haven't their books been just fantabulous?! I knew they'd put out the goods and totally rock it all, but... still. I'm always super impressed.

      Thanks for coming to the party darlin'. :D

  5. Big hugs to our lovely party hostess--that bookmark is perfect and amazing and so sweet I don't even know where to begin with how awesome it and you are :D

    And big hugs to all the readers and authors and bloggers who've made our first six months such a wild ride. May the next six be even more exciting!

    1. Yaaaay. I'm glad you like your bookmark :D :D That makes me happy. Uber happy even. :D

      Here's to the next six months darlin'. Twill be awesome! Cheers.

  6. Has it really only been six months? Riptide fits so perfectly in its place that it feels like they've always been there. That's testament in itself. Well done and Happy Anniversary!

    Brilliant idea, that bookmark, and great party, Amara. Is that? A chocolate fountain? May I?

    1. Thanks darlin'! I was vera excited about mah bookmark. lol had a heck of a time keeping it secret. I suck at keeping gifts a secret.

      That /is/ a chocolate fountain. With fine chocolate imported from Europe. I thought I'd heard Aleks going on about European chocolate once, best in the world, blah blah blah, so ... I had to get some. Only the best for Riptide. :)

      Save some for me. I'll join you at the fountain shortly. :D

    2. Aaaah, bliss, thou art a strawberry covered in chocolate ...

    3. I got those just for you. :D Stay away from the cherries thou, those are mine. >:D

  7. Wow, congrats and Happy Anniversary! May you have many more!

    I love a party, and that bookmark is way cool!


    1. Hi Jen :)

      Thanks for coming to the party! And thanks for the kind words on the bookmark. :))

  8. Happy Anniversary to us and I just love the bookmark, Amara. Beautiful. I'm off to the chocolate fountain. What's a few pounds on the hips, huh?

    Big hugs,

    Brita (aka Chris Hawkins)

    1. Violet! *tackle hugs you*

      Happy Anniversary my lovely. I'm so vera happy you like your present. :D Yaaaay :D :D

      I shall meet you over at the chocolate fountain in a bit. Don't worry about the hips luv, we'll dance that off.

  9. 6 months... where has the time gone! I am sure before we know it we will be celebrating 6 years! You don't know how excited I was 6 months ago when Riptide launched! Okay, well maybe you do since you were just as excited! To finally have all my favs in one place was so much more than awesome!

    *grabs Amara and dances around*

    The give-a-ways rock but the best thing about Riptide is the authors! I love that they all are so friendly and interactive with us... and they have created a company that covers the gambit of what I like to read!

    I wish Riptide many, many, many more years of success and happiness and thank everyone there (and Amara) for all their hard work!

    *hugs everyone and hands out bon bons*


    PS... awesome bookmark Amara! I need to email you about making me a custom one!
    PSS... enter me of course!

    1. *shimmy, shimmy, shake* :D Dancing is fun! :D

      Thanks for coming to the party m'dear. And bringing bon bons!! NOMNOM!!!!

      ps: I'll totes make you a special bookmark. Hit me baby. :D

      pss: you're in luv!

  10. I love Riptide - the website is great and there are so many very, very tempting books. And I'm hopeless with temptation... The bookmark is beautiful!

    Happy Anniversary and I'm looking forward to many more wonderful books to come :)

    Did someone mention a chocolate fountain? Tries to sneak do know the nicest thing to dip in there is beef right?

    1. Hiya darlin'! Thanks for coming! :D

      Glad you like the bookmark! I was vera excited about making that. :D :D

      Did someone mention a chocolate fountain? Tries to sneak do know the nicest thing to dip in there is beef right?

      ... you just exploded my gutter brain. Just sayin ;)

    2. lol - I was thinking more in terms of food. Chocolate's too sticky for play. Probably. It was a party, with some normal people there. They yelled enough about beef, roast potatoes & onion bhajis being dipped in the fountain...if we'd started dipping people it could have gotten a bit awkward :)

  11. Happy 6 month Anniversary Riptide!!!! I love all the books I have read from their fantastic authors. I look forward to upcoming books. Here's to your continued success!!
    And please enter me for the bookmark.It is beautiful and a great memento to win.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for coming to the party! :D

      *raises glass to their continued success*

      ps: you're in for the bookmark! Thanks :D :D

  12. Oh wow. Riptide jewellery! :)

    Thanks, guys, for all the kind words! It's wild, but so much fun. :)

    1. I just /had/ to make you guys something. When it morphed into a bookmark, I got waaaaaay too excited. :D

      Special one of a kind Riptide shiny. :D lol now I want to make one for myself too. I totally need a bookmark! Maybe a DS one for when that print book comes. Oooo, and a Blacker Than Black one! and...and...

      Maybe one for /all/ the books. heehee, I'm a little excited. Shocking, I know ;)

    2. Ohhh DS bookmarks! Maybe with that hot pic of Silvio??? YUM!

  13. Congratulations on the journey that you have taken readers on with Riptide and the stories you publish. I hope you all continue to get as much joy from the publishing work as your readers get from the books. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  14. Congratulations to everyone at Riptide on your 6 month anniversary! You have awesome books, beautiful book covers, and very talented authors. Your site is great, too. Love how you list all the information for each book. Everything I've read has been wonderful! Wishing you lots of continued success. :)

    Beautiful bookmark Amara!

  15. Thanks Amara for throwing this shindig in honor of such an amazing publisher! Riptide Publishing has consistently put out an amazing selection of wonderfully written books since day one. Everyone there is talented and creative and their contributions to the m/m genre can't be equaled. It's been a wonderful 6 months and I look forward to many YEARS to come.

    The Scarf Princess

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  16. Congrats on a successful first six months. Definitely a welcome addition to the online publishing world - I'm looking forward to some of the upcoming releases.

    Okay who am I fooling - I am ECSTATIC about them! Yup yup, good times ahead. Keep it ripping!
    (did I really say that? should I delete that? nah...)

  17. Oh my gosh... Six months have already passed by... Wow! What a pleasure working with Riptide has been!!! I have met some fabulous authors through working with them! And you are full of awesome-sauce to do this kind of giveaway!
    I just wanted to pop on over to show my support and to tell those that have not read any of their books yet... GOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!

    Congrats to you Riptide!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!!

  18. Wow six months already, and so much awesome under your belt in that little time. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next six months.

    Yay to Amara for throwing this bash, can't wait to get drunk on champagne and party on down.

  19. Happy Anniversary to one of my favourite publishers! :)

  20. Oooh, Riptide Love-Fest! I must join in on this! Hooray! Y'all are totally freaking AWESOME!

    I don't need to be in the book drawing, but the bookmark is cute, Amara! =)

  21. Whooo~~ Riptide!! you rock my socks!!!
    LOL... I have loved every book so far and see myself continuing to love them all!! Thank you for such awesomeness!!


    ;) BTW Amara... that is a lovely book mark~ <3

    Luv ya Riptide for bringing us such great books and thank you Amara for hosting their anniversary celebration!

    Excited for tomorrow! ;)

    (oh, and I would love to be entered in the giveaway. xD Thank you for that too!!)


  22. Happy anniversary Riptide! You guys have done an excellent job in 6 short months. I think I have every book published so far and I have loved them all! I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with. And a chance to win an Amara original? Who could pass that up!?!

  23. Happy anniversary! Lovely to be part of the fun! :)

  24. Has it been 6 months already? My how time flies when you're reading great books!
    Happy Anniversary!!!

    **raises champagne glass**
    May Riptide Publishing be around for a long, long time and continue to bring us such delicious treats to read.

  25. Wonderful! Happy Anniversary, and many happy years ahead of you!

  26. Happy sixmonthiversary, Riptide, and all who sail on her. You've brought out some fabulous books in that time. Can't wait to see what the next six months brings.



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