Thursday, April 5, 2012


Amara is out of town today. Off road tripping with daughter, over the mountain and thru the woods to TSO we go :D :D

We are so vera excited. Our boys have a new show. We've been to the winter show every year for the last... 8 or so, now... 

Beethoven's Last Night. We've been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this one to come to our side of the world. We just couldn't miss out. 

Hotties, tuxedos, electric guitars, classical music and... explosions.

It just doesn't get any better than that.

While we're away, don't forget to check out Lee Brazil's giveaway for an ebook copy of Mark's Opening Gambit and that awesome t-shirt, that closes tonight. 

Also, over on the 'embrace the rainbow' site today, DC Juris's post "When Enough Became Enough" went up today. You totally want to check that out. Big heart felt thank you to DC for sharing that.

Time for me to load up and hit the road. 

Hope everyone has a fantabulous day!

Later taters!

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