Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Inspired Jewelry: Vadim Krasnorada's Tree of Life

I have been just busy as a little bee over here. Between the blog and making jewelry, just... yeah... buzz buzz.

I've been working on a bunch of custom jewelry for a book series by Megan Derr. Jewelry based on books, not sure it gets any better than that. Talk about fun! :D I'm just having a blast over here making book inspired jewelry.

Yesterday, I took a bit of a break on those pieces to finish one I've been meaning to make for a long while now. My Afghan Lapis and Sterling Silver Tree of Life pendant....

... it's inspired by one of my all time favorite characters, Vadim Krasnorada from Special Forces. Most who know me know how much I love him. I reeeeeeally wanted to make him a tree. Finally... he has one.

I'm rather proud of my Vadim Tree. :)

I'm also rather excited to have it be endorsed by Aleksandr Voinov who wrote Vadim's character. That makes it all official and ... stuff. And totally rocks mah socks. :D

I have several other characters I'm making trees for. I think Dark Soul's Silvio will be next. Mah Silvio needs a tree; Black and Silver.  I may make mah Ayden from Rachel Haimowitz's Counterpoint a tree too, I'm just not sure what his looks like yet.

One of these days, I want to make a tree for all mah faves. If not a tree, some kind of piece to represent my favorite books or characters. Maybe more conceptual pieces like Lee Brazil's 'Hot Air Balloon' (which he'll be giving away next month) that I made for his upcoming release The Man Trap, or like the pieces I'm making for Megan Derr's The Lost Gods series.

Book inspired jewelry.

The combination of the two things I'm loving the most.

Perfect for the book blogging jewelry grrl.


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