Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lee Brazil's Cool Giveaway! The Man Trap & Silver Hot Air Balloon Ride Pendant

A while back I posted about making a pendant called "Hot Air Balloon Ride"... I think. *scratches head* Maybe that was just the other me...

*sigh* I lose track of my me's sometimes.

Anyhoo, I made the pendant for Lee Brazil's upcoming release The Man Trap. He wanted a piece to do a giveaway with. And, well... it's time :D

Head on over to Lee's blog for a chance to win...


Simon Harris has proclaimed his bisexuality loudly since college, despite never having dated a man. While his family and friends laugh, he knows the truth: there is one man he's always been attracted to. Once, fear kept him from acknowledging that attraction. No more. The next time he finds himself wanting to kiss a guy, he's going for it.

Alexi Manetas has never gotten over his schoolboy crush on Simon. When Simon graduated, Alexi moved on. He may not have pined for Simon, but he never forgot, and  always, lurking at the back of his mind, buried deep in his heart there's been Simon and the hope that they would meet again.

A little help from an old lover and a busybody sister-in-law brings Alexi and Simon together, but Simon's fears might still tear them apart


... a little Sterling silver and Aquamarine diddy I made special for his book giveaway.

Lee will be picking 3 winners. One for an ebook copy of the book and the pendant, the other two will win copies of the ebook. 

So go forth! And check it out. 

Way cool giveaway, over at Lee's Musings.


  1. Very pretty.........of course I went and entered ;)

  2. The book sounds great and the pendent is simply beautiful!



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