Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Down-Low with Nikki-O

Cooper’s Hawk
Five out of Five Martinis and a Pitcher of Margarita's Recommended Read~~you'll love this one so much you want to swap stories about reading it over margaritas with your pals. 

Caution: some spoilers ahead.

Victor J. Banis has long  been know in the literary world as a risk taker and a line crosser in addition to have a craft so finely honed it is difficult to see the seams where he has stitched together his words. In his latest offering, Cooper’s Hawk, he goes a bit further down this well beaten—though only by himself—path to offer us a finely cut gem that dares us to look at a beautiful love story backwards. He gives us a cracked rearview mirror, in an old smoky truck… and it’s good enough for getting on with. The mirror shows what has passed before, and the truck runs well enough to get us where we are going.

Cooper’s Hawk is a pitiless look at the bittersweet end of a love affair… on this plane of existence, at any rate. The story outlines a man’s journey through the bleak days immediately after the death of his husband, his tightly held hopes that the pure and powerful love he forged into a lifetime of one small happily ever after strung up in line with the next will somehow translate into an eternity with the arm of his beloved wrapped around his shoulder, and the open ended supposition that he has gone on... and perhaps gone back into the arms of his truest love, the place in all of existence where he fits most perfectly.
You don’t need a lot of words to talk about Cooper’s Hawk. Poignant and thought provoking pretty much fill the bill. I’ll leave you with that, and simply stand and applaud Mr. Banis. Bravo, sir. Bravo. You’ve done it again.

If you haven’t read this little gem yet, I suggest you do. Well beyond five martinis, this one gets a Nikki-O Pitcher of Margarita’s Recommendation. It’s so good, you’re gonna want to share it with your friends, so you may as well buy two. Where to get the goods: BUY LINK
And that’s the down-low, with Nikki-O.


  1. Thanks so much for such a beautiful review - this story is special to me, and I love the people in it, not just Mike and Adam, but the kids as well. And that hawk - well, things happen in mysterious ways, don't they?

    1. Victor, I'm pretty sure I speak for Amara, myself, and the whole crew here when I say we were honored to have the opportunity to review one of your works. Thank you.



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