Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Silly Loki

Mah Loki. He’s such a sillyboy.

That’s him. Rolling in the dirt. This is new. Well, not the rolling part, just the dirt part. Mah kitteh bud, he’s a roller. And a sprawler. He used to be anyway. Back in his pre-Lapushka days. He'd do this funny thing with his head, kind of a tuck and a ‘come 'eeere’ funny shake thing before he’d somersault over his shoulder, flip onto his back and roll at my feet.  

He did it every time he saw me. Made walking around a bit difficult. Having a large cat fling himself at your feet as you passed by kinda runs the risk of...ya know... smooshing him.

Silly boy.

He’s started doing it again. The other day I saw him out on the back porch, just hangin’. I went out to see what he was up to and the next thing I knew… I had myself a dirt roller. He was absolutely filthy by the time he was done.

*shakes head* Mah Loki.

He’s doing much better these days. He took the sudden disappearance of ‘Pushka pretty hard. He went into a serious funk. Poor dude tried everything to find his buddy, endlessly searching for him, gathering up all lil’boi’s toys and piling them up for him under Lapushka's special chair. He’d lay for days on ‘pushka’s pillow on the couch, lying in wait and just...watching. The whole thing just broke my already broken heart.

He’s pulled out of it. Mostly. He still has some weird funk moments that looks like he’s doing his old “mom, mom, mom! Timmy’s stuck in the well again! But…um… I can’t find the well to show you. L” But those episodes are further and further apart now.

He acts so different these days. More like he used to before I brought ‘pushka home and he Alpha’d up.  He went from silly, lovey boy to indifferent, cock of the rock boy. Now he’s all silly, lovey boy again. Maybe even more than before.  Hard to remember, it’s been to long, but some of his cute idiosyncrasies I do remember have come back, like the silly rolling thing.

He’s such a funneh lil’dude.

Health wise, so far so good. I’m still keeping an over watchful eye on him, probably more than I should. He’s gone thru some weird sniffley, congested thing that had me a bit freaked out. Lapushka had that too. He’s eating again, which is good. I think he's lost some weight, but hopefully that doesn't mean anything bad like it did for Lapushka. The sniffles have stopped, also good. I try not to over worry at ever little thing, but I can’t help it. I love mah Loki. He’s my bud. I don't want to wake up again one day and find out he's gone 4 hours later. Knowing that he almost certainly has the same disease lil’boi had keeps me on edge. Knowing that it may not mutate, keeps me sane. Knowing it could take months before I know… keeps me in an over watchful state of limbo.

But, so far, so good. Mah Loki is adjusting to the loss, and my companion kitteh is back. Silly, lovey and funneh as evah.

Yay for that. :)

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