Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amara's Place: 100% Anti-Outing

Soooo… I’ve gone back and forth this week on whether or not to make a blog post about the latest brouhaha in the GR / book blogging world and this atrocious new site ‘stoptheGRbullies’. On the one hand, I have some vera strong opinions on what they are doing over there. On the other hand, I don’t want to draw any more attention to them and drive traffic over there. What to do, what to do.

*sigh* keeping quiet isn’t really my style. So… here I am.

As a blogger/reader/sort of reviewer who's had her share of BS from authors, fans of and just general whack jobs, even tho this hits a little close to home for my comfort, I've decided...I won’t blog my opinions. At least not my opinions on whether or not I think bad reviews, or not backing down from them, is bullying authors; or about a whether or not it’s a reviewers job to put forth formal critique for authors to learn from; or whether or not they should review with kid gloves so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Or any of the rest.

*growls* At least not this time.

But I did want to say a couple of things. As for how I feel about the whole horrendous site… its wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. 

Past that, I think I’ll bite my tongue, for now, and say… check out Jennifer Armintrout's blog post on it all. She nailed it. 

Tongue biting aside, I do want to go on record tho, to say this. 

I have seen and participated in several/many conversations about this new stop the bully site this week. There seems to be a split, for and against this practice of outing reviewers and posting personal RL info and inflammatory comments as this site has done. As to the whole situation...

I call bullshit.

I call bullshit so strongly, that for the record…

I, as a reader, will never read a single word written by an author that supports that site, or this practice.

I will not visit a blog by a blogger that supports that site or practice.

I, as a blogger, will never allow anyone who supports this crap in anyway to ever post on this blog. 

Amara's Place is 100% Anti-Outing. I was against it last year when authors and friends were being outed for some kind of misguided reader good. I'm against it today with readers, reviewers and bloggers being outed for some kind of misguided author good.

I am 100% against this practice. For any reason.

I must say, I'm a bit surprised by some of the people I've come into contact with that think this site is a good idea; that what they are doing is somehow beneficial to the book community. They're only outing bullies after all. Right?

I wonder... are they? Who decides? And why? What kind of damage will this do? But...mostly, I wonder...

Author, reader, blogger, or just plain joeshittheragman...considering that “bully” is the latest buzz word on the internet to describe anyone who disagrees with someone, will you still agree that this is all ok when they deem /you/ a bully and come for you next?

Somehow, I don't think so.

Amara out.


  1. Wow makes me thankful i dont hang out on GR much anymore... My head is still reeling about the mass outing of some writer friends last year... Its Bullshit and i dont now nor will i ever support the practice.

    Thank you!


    1. Yeah, my head still reels over last years disaster too. That's when I really started leaving groups over there. I don't hang out there at all much anymore, groups or otherwise. Too toxic. It's too bad too. It used to be a fun place.

      Thanks for the support Silver. *hugs*

  2. Bravo. As I said elsewhere, I had a run-in with one of those people (somebody that site calls a bully, though I cannot remember her name, and wouldn't mention in anyway). Basically, that person made a screen shot of my twitter feed, quoted me out of context, shelved my then-to-be-released book as "authors behaving badly" and "will not read" (and other charming bits I've forgotten), posted a review saying "see comments" and then posted the screencap, and went on to moan about my co-writer on that book, who'd made the mistake like two years ago to respond to a negative review in less-than-gentle ways.

    Goodreads actually deleted her post.

    And while I found that quite unpleasant, NOTHING justifies what that "Stop the Bullies" website is doing - insinuating that a reviewer is an alcoholic and an abuse mother. Because, what, she posts snarky reviews? That is worth losing your kids over? SRSLY?

    I'm always dismayed by those weird vendettas and power games. Can we focus on the books rather than trying to score points against each other?

    1. Hi Aleks. And thanks. :)

      I'm really glad I missed that whole episode. My hackles would have had a hard time containing themselves, as I'm sure you well know. But I must agree with you, NOTHING justifies what's happening at that site. I'm appalled by it all.

      Lets do focus on the books. I like that so much better.

  3. Ah hell Amara, I've been out of the loop and missed this crap. Damn, could have done without it too. So some bitches have time on their hands. I find it ironic they won't identify themselves. Two of them are Disney characters - HA!

    You know, I had to go look and see if they caught up with some of my snarky book reviews yet. But I refuse to twitter; so maybe I'm still under their radar. Hell, I read plenty of books that I don't like and I sure let my followers know why I didn't like the book. I was ripped a new one on Facebook earlier in the year by an author because she didn't like how I reviewed her book. Even called "the devil." I just kept quiet and let it play out. Like all things, this too will pass.

    I admire each and every author for their awesome talent - that is never in question. I can't write myself out of a paperbag.


    1. Yeah, I could have done without knowing about it too. It's friggin' disturbing.

      I think it's primarily a GR thing. Seems to be anyway. At least so far. Sorry you got attacked on FB, that blows. I missed that episode. Friggin' ppl anyway. lol I've had one that shows up every now and again, she's such a treasure. I'm not the devil tho. I'm an illiterate, white priviledged tool that needs therapy for her apparent rape fantasies, who needs to remember she's not Shakespeare. lol oooookay, duly noted. Some ppl just love to attack I guess. Fuckwads.

      ANYhoo... Thanks for coming by darlin'. Hugs to you!!

  4. Great post Amara! Don't let things like that destroy your mood. Let's focused on the books and enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing what you felt with us.

  5. Everything you said, Amara. This outing thing is not justifiable.



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