Friday, July 27, 2012

Amara's Place Song of the Day: Skin

Amara's Place Song of the Day Week er... Year. Perhaps.


I love Nikki so hard. I loved him when I was a teenager and he was all hot Crue dude, and I love him still as Sixx A.M. uber awesome dude of NOM-tasticness.

Did I mention that I love him? Cuz I shouldn't leave that part out. ;)

His Heroine Diaries album really touched me. I still need to read the book. Being the book blogger that can't find time to read ... I still haven't pulled it off my TBR shelf. For shame be upon me.

Today I was listening to This is Gonna Hurt. Some of it just reaches down and grabs hold of me. Hard.

Like this one...

Tis my song of the day.

Nikki dude... you friggin rock man. Srsly.

The end.

ps: Bucket list item at the top of said list... SEE NIKKI SIXX BEFORE I DIE!!!

'k, the end. For realz this time.

Later taters!


  1. I've been on a Halestorm kick lately. Hubby and I found a new theme song ;)

    And this one is a personal fave ;)

    1. Ha! Nice. I love Freak Like Me. Gud one!



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