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Edward Kendrick Blog Tour Finale: A Behind the Scenes Look At the Making of Weekends

Edward, I know you've talked a bit about how you wanted to try your hand at writing a May/December relationship, and perhaps even mentioned in passing how you have unique insight into that, but I wanted to know, if I may, a little more about what that meant for you as an author. We all bring bits of ourselves to the work we do... and in many ways that opens us up, makes us vulnerable... can you tell us more about what the process of writing Weekends was like for you? 

Humm, had to ask the hard one didn’t you? All right, I’ll give it a shot at answering, as far as I remember the progression.

The original idea was just to write a May/December romance. The ‘what if’, if you will. Of course, since I am older I thought I might have a bit of insight into what it could be like for Marcus. In may ways he is a lot like me, single, living alone and all in all not too unhappy with his life. Well, not quite true because he realized he wasn’t as content being alone as he wanted people to believe, unlike me. I personally like my life as it is and since I’m well over retirement age now, I’m not looking for a young man to keep me company and get in my hair. –laughing-

So, starting with the basic premise, an older man fairly content with his life, there had to be something, someone thrown at him to show him there was a world outside of the small, safe one he’d created for himself. Enter Demitri, the other half of the May/December. And when that happened my imagination came into play. Who was this young man? What did he do? How could he initially interact with Marcus and how could he make Marcus realize there was more to life than his job, his house and his cat? That there could be love, if he would allow it to happen?

Since I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer the story just grew from there. The only ‘plotting’ was, I suppose, the format to move them through the relationship which was developing between them. Using holiday weekends seemed to be the answer. And so, ‘Weekends’.

Also, if you can tell me how you chose your character’s names... and how you think your background in costuming affects your writing. :)

Related specifically to Marcus and Demitri, choosing Marcus’ name was just a case of finding one which appealed to me and sounded ‘older’ so to speak. For Demitri’s name it had to be a bit more specific since he was the son of a very rigid Greek father. So I went to the ‘name’ site I often use and found one I thought fit him perfectly. It’s as simple as that, for them and for most of the characters in my stories. Get a feel for what I want to character to be like, old, young, tough, gentle, of a specific ethnicity, etcetera and find a name to match my perception. Rarely, very rarely I’ll admit, a name just comes to me, like Rafe’s in ‘Shadow Men’, or Vanni’s in ‘The Beast Within’.

As for my background in costuming affecting my writing, well— Good question. Costumes, designing and making them, is essentially a very creative process, as is writing. During my years as a costumer I met a great variety of, people, not only actors who know they’re playing a role, but the everyday people who rented the costumes with one desire in mind, to become someone other than themselves for a night. It was definitely a study in humanity to watch them decide which costume they wanted. For instance there was the shy man who wanted to be king for a night, the clerk who thought being a gladiator would be fantastic, the secretary who dreamed of what it might be like to be a sexy dancehall girl, and on and on. In other words, the people who wished they could be someone else for a short while. And don’t we all do that, wish that, at times. In writing a story the author does the same thing for the reader, letting the reader into a world which is different from their everyday life, in one way or another. So I think my evolution from costumer to writer was a natural progression. Creating a fantasy life for someone, be it a person wearing a costume or one who is reading a story I’ve written.

And that became quite long winded, didn’t it?  

Not a bit. I imagine we could listen to you go on for days, Edward, as your insight has a unique flavor to it while still being accessible to us all. We all love a bit of something that's familiar yet new all at once. I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and give us this look into the inner workings of Weekends. It's been a treat hosting you. :)

Coming, July 21st.

Marcus Hampton is a staid forty-year-old bookkeeper and a confirmed bachelor. When Demitri Costas, a young photographer, asks if he can take some pictures of Marcus, the older man is surprised but reluctantly agrees.

Demitri becomes infatuated with Marcus, despite the fact he believes the man is straight and married.

Slowly they become friends until each realizes the other is gay, at which point Marcus begins to pull away, certain he is too old for Demitri.

It will take everything within Demitri's power to convince Marcus he's wrong. If he can, and he is determined he will, one way or another, they just might find a future together.


The Weekend Before Thanksgiving

Marcus stretched, checking the time before getting back to what he was doing. His fingers flew across the keyboard, his eyes following the scrolling information on the screen in front of him. It was all rote. Add this, subtract that, make certain part one equaled part two when he'd finished. He was sometimes tempted to move some of it to his own account just to see if he'd get away with it, but he was too honest to even try.
Honest as the day is long, and today seems very long.
He checked the time again.
Why the hell do I care? It's not like I've got anywhere to go other than home.
Running a hand over his short, graying blond hair, he sighed.
I'm a creature of habit and boring as hell, the stereotypical bookkeeper.
An hour later he jumped when someone tapped his shoulder.
"Hey, you planning on spending the weekend here?" one of his coworkers asked.
"Not if I can help it," Marcus told him with a small smile. He closed out the spreadsheet he'd been working on, shut down the file, and logged off. Grabbing his coat from the hook on one wall of his cubicle, he made it to the elevator just in time for the doors to close in his face.
He shook his head, pressed the 'down' button and waited, thinking, The perfect end to a perfect day, week, month, lifetime, then snorted softly. Not.

* * * *

Marcus arrived at his small house on the outskirts of the city to be greeted by a very petulant "Meow" from Daisy. She looked up at him and, her full fluffy tail standing straight up, stalked to the kitchen. When he joined her, she looked disdainfully at her empty food bowl then glared at him.
"Okay, sorry," he told her. Opening the cupboard he took out a can of her favorite cat food, popped the top off and spooned it into her bowl.
"Now for my supper," he muttered, checking the refrigerator to see what was available, if anything.
Leftover lasagna or second-day stew, decisions, decisions.
The stew won out so he dumped it into a pan, set it on the stove to heat, and grabbed a beer before going to turn on the TV. The news was wrapping up, the weather report said it would be cold and snowy for the next few days, and his favorite team had just lost their best player to an injury.
So much for making the end of my day any better than the rest of it.
The smell of something burning had him rushing back to the kitchen. The stew was boiling over, the hot liquid hitting the burner. He rescued it, dumped the stew into a bowl and set the pan in the sink to soak with the hope he'd be able to scrape the burned residue off the bottom eventually.
As he sat down to eat he felt something soft brush his leg and seconds later Daisy had jumped up onto the other chair. She watched him avidly; meowing piteously as if she hadn't just eaten a whole bowl of her own food.
"I'm such a sucker for a pair of golden eyes," he grumbled, setting a small sliver of meat in front of her. She batted at it, sniffed it and then delicately ate it before looking at him beseechingly.
The game continued through the rest of his meal. When the bowl was empty he got up to take it to the sink, at which point Daisy knew she'd had all she was going to get and jumped down, walking sedately into the living room.
Marcus got there a few minutes later to find her curled up in her corner of the sofa grooming herself. He sat down at the other end, picked up the remote and flicked through the TV channels until he found something which might be worth watching.

* * * *

Halfway across the city Demitri Costas slammed his book shut, startling his roommate.
"Problems?" Jack asked.
"Yeah, no, I have no clue, which is actually the problem," Demitri replied. "I'm never going to understand this."
"Then drop the class. You still can, you know."
"And face the wrath of my father? Umm, no."
"Damn it, Mitri, you're twenty-three. It's time you got out from under his thumb."
"He's footing the bill."
"Do you really want to be an engineer?"
Demitri shot him a disgusted look. "What do you think?"
"I know you don't, so drop the class. Hell, drop out of school completely. You're too talented to spend your life slaving away for him." Jack pointed to the photos which lined one wall of their living room. "Any one of those, sold to a gallery, could pay half the rent and then some and you know it."
Demitri scrubbed a hand through his dark, curly hair. "You keep saying that but…" He shook his head.
"But nothing. So help me if you don't do it, I will. Lacey knows several gallery owners, she can steer us to the right one."
A glance at the book he'd been studying made Demitri wonder if Jack had a point. "All right, I guess I can at least try. Find out from her which one would be the best and I'll see what happens."
Jack grinned. "They'll love them, you'll become rich and famous, and I'll be able to say 'I knew him when'."
"That or 'Yeah, he's the fool who though he could make it' as you and your friends pass by me while I'm panhandling on a street corner," Demitri replied with a laugh.
"Not going to happen, Mitri. So, when do you want to do this?"
"As soon as possible before I lose my nerve."
"I'll call her and we'll go tomorrow."

* * * * * * * * * *





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  1. I forget about such things as naming and costuming sometimes while I read, but it would certainly make a difference. It's been a great tour, and sounds like a lovely book.


  2. Thanks for sharing! It's nice to get to know all the intricate details that go into your story. Thanks for the hop, it was fun!!


  3. Such good points about names and costumes. Seeing Marcus in a turtleneck on the cover gives a certain impression to me.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  4. Edward, thank you so much for stopping by! It's always a pleasure to host you. :)

  5. Thank you, Cherie. And thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented.

  6. Heh.. It was nice reading about how this story came to be and how you go about choosing your characters names.
    Really enjoyed the post! =D

    I had fun on the hop! Thank you for the contest!


  7. Hello Edward,

    I'd first like to thank Cherie for hosting Edward on his 'Weekends' Blog Tour.

    Thank you so much Edward for taking the time out of your busy day to stop along your Blog Tour & spend time with your Fans. I very much enjoyed your Interview with Cherie in the progression of writing Marcus and Demitri's Story in "Weekend". Your Cover Art is absolutely perfect in depicting them, their names couldn't be more fitting.

    Thank you again for sharing the background for "Weekends" & the Great Except that just left your Fans wanting More!!!! But I always LQQk forward to another Amazing new release from you Edward, you always WOW your Fans.

    I would very much appreciate the opportunity to enter your very generous giveaway. Thank You.

    Take Care & Best Wishes on your new release,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee')
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com



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