Thursday, July 19, 2012

Once Upon a Time, in the Land of ...Woah, W.T.F?!

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a new silly little blog grrl named Amara. She love Love LOVED to play blog, read books and loooooooved playing on Goodreads. There was so much fun to be had over there! She would go over there almost every day, hang out in book groups, play with fellow readers and OMG rub elbows with her favorite authors. She never even knew you could do such a thing! She would go play and just have herself a ball! 'Twas more fun than a silly little blog grrl should be able to have.

Then, ever so slowly, her playground... turned to crap.

She started seeing all kinds of things she didn’t like. She started seeing people giving bad ratings just to hurt authors, authors behaving badly to reviewers, total assholes wielding their fuckwitery left and right for no other apparent reason than just to be a fuckwit, aaaand... so on and so forth. People full of more suck than she could stand. On both sides. Silly little blog grrl just wanted to play, make friends and have fun. She didn’t want to deal with people of suck. People of suck, well, they suck.

Finally, last November, when she had to watch some of her favorite authors and her vera good friends be hurt by more crap than she could even wrap her brain around, she started leaving groups that were once fun and moving away from people of suck. She started playing on her playground less and less. Her playground had finally turned to... uber crap.

Amara doesn’t like uber crap. Uber crap is foul. Foul foul.

She still checks in over there every once in a while; in the places she didn't boycott due to over craptasticness. But no matter where she goes, she still sees authors behaving badly, people of suck trying to down rank authors with 1 star ratings for books that aren't even out yet and fuckwits running amuk all over the place. And she still doesn’t like it. She doesn’t usually say much, not even when it happens to her faves, because she doesn’t like the drama it all brings, and because her faves don’t want her to go around biting people on their behalf (even thou she really REALLY wants to) so she tries to remember that she was taught that biting is bad, and she growls offline and goes to play somewhere else. Or, sometimes, she makes a blog post.

She thinks biting would be fun thou. Silly little blog grrl has sharp teeth, and she likes to use them. Draw blood NOMNOM >:D

*clears throat* um…anyhoo...

She still sees all this craptasticness going on. Now with the vile site ‘stoptheGRbullies’ coming out to play, the foulness has spread… everywhere. It's craptastic wankfest of wtfery as far as the eye can see.

Yesterday, while skipping along and wandering out and about, she saw a link. Knowing she shouldn't have clicked the link, *sigh* she did anyway and saw this…

So, it seems now, along with the general fuckwitery that goes on over there, decent authors that are actually standing up for readers and reviewers and/or not siding with that latest craptastic wankfest of wtfery website have to deal with this shit? One star reviews to screw w/their book that hasn't even come out yet, followed up with "Deal bitch or piss the fuck off"...?



That down right pisses silly little blog grrl with the hackles and the fangs off. Big time. 

Now, I know that authors don't need this silly little blog grrl to stand up for them, or anything of that nature. These particular authors aren't ones I stalk endlessly, but I see them around. I've seen what they've had to say, I've seen how they interact with readers and reviewers. *shrugs* I pay attention. And honestly... this attack struck me as so out of left field... the mind, it boggles. 

So I find myself asking...

What is wrong with these people? 

It’s a rhetorical question I suppose, I already know what’s wrong with them; they are fuckwits with the maturity level of a junior high schooler, at best. But still.

Sooooo... why am I writing this post? Honestly, I have no idea. *shrugs* Needed to vent. There is no real point I suppose, other than to say… how uncalled for. And... how sad. I remember back to the days GR was fun. The reader/author interaction... was fun. Maybe I didn't know any better, because I was new. Maybe this fuckwitery always went on. But it all seemed different to me back then. I look at what it’s become today and... it just makes me sad.

As a reader I’d also just like to say… thank you. Thank you to all the decent authors. Thank you for not acting like fuckwads to us readers and/or reviewers, like some do. We notice. I've noticed. And thank you to the ones that have spoken out against the latest craptastic wankfest of wtfery. Just… thank you.

And… we readers appreciate you.

Keep making books. 

The end.


  1. I've been thinking the same for a while now.

    1. Hi glass.

      Here's hoping that some day it'll be fun over there again.

  2. I saw that thread of comments.
    And went back to saturating myself in cleaning up some fanfic chapters to update my Dom/Brian goodness.

    I can't afford to go off on a tangent of emotionally engaged ranting. It's draining, unproductive, and pointless.
    The drama is like watching someone who shoved a stick up their own ass and caused rectal perforations, flail around screaming about being anally raped.

    WTFery indeed.
    (Sorry if the analogous imagery is excessive. Hahaha.)

  3. Holy fuck. That is insane!

    Rhi -- thanks for the vivid imagery! :)



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