Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's up?

Well, several things actually.

Today, I'm hanging out over at Brenda Cothern's blog. She's having a special Sizzling July series and... she had me over for an interview.

I had a nervous. I've never been interviewed before. Teehee, it's kinda cool. Lil'ol'me, being interviewed. That rocks.

I'm over there from July 1st-3rd. Come visit me :D :D

My Freia me is having a jewelry anniversary sale in my Etsy store. It's my 6 month, I mean my 7 month, anniversary so I made a sale. :D

It's 15% off of all my in Etsy stock (excludes custom/made to order pieces) with the coupon code 6moyayme. 

Tomorrow, Tal Valante is coming over to mah Place to visit for her All My Crimes tour. 

Sittin' for a chitchat and bringing a cool giveaway.

Aaaaand... I think that's all for now.

Oh! No. Wait. Mah Scarlet & the White Wolf by Kirby Crow giveaway. That's still going on too.

It closes the 3rd, so if you've not yet entered, you totes should. That book is fantabulous!

'k. I think that's all. For now.

Later taters!

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