Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Change is in the air...

Yes, yes it is.

I’ve been wrestling for a long while now on whether or not I want to continue blogging. I hit burn out about a year ago, and as much as I’d hoped it would go away… it hasn’t. With the past year of drama in the m/m community, recent drama overload in broader romanclandia as a whole, authors, readers, reviewers blah blah blah dramaSUCK, trying to help promote authors and books only to continually run into last minute guest posts I have to drop everything to work up because apparently I live to serve, authors who act like they could give a shit about my time or efforts anyway, who don’t even show up for their own sposts, help to promote them, or godforbid offer a simple thanks in any way…


… the list of frustrations goes on and on. I'll just end it there because just listing it is pissing me off and making me growly. Bottom line is, my happy place quit being my happy place a looooooong time ago. It turned into a job, I do for free, for way to many people who could be hosed to really give a damn anyway.

I’m rather turned off at this point. Does it show?

Another problem with what my Place has become is… it just doesn’t fit me anymore. It’s rather square peg in round hole feeling at this point. Oh, I still love books, I just don’t have time to read them. Trying to make a book blog just doesn’t work if you aren’t reading books. It’s kind of a requirement. I’ve moved on to other things these days. Most of you know I am split between Amara and my newer personality Freia… the shinies maker. Truth be told, I’m more Freia than I am Amara these days. Shinies are my passion right now. Not book blogging. So the Place just sits here, collecting dust and cobwebs. As do the other 3 blogs I have.

4 blogs collecting dust is just too many.

So, I’ve decided it’s time for a change. Oh, I’ll still do some book blogging. But I’m going back to blogging for love, instead of… whatever in the hell this joke has become. I’ll still blog the Riptide stuff, because… I love them. I’ll still blog the Voinov stuff, the Crow stuff, the Etzweiler stuff, because… I love them. I’ll still blog other authors that float mah boat or sock mah socks. Books that make me go… HOLYSHITTHATWASAWESOME! Or… HOLYSHITTHATFUCKINGSUCKED! *shrugs* whatever/whoever moves me.  I’ll still host the occasional guest; at least the ones that don’t act like a tool, or act like I’m here only to serve their awesomeness. I’ll still do the occasional giveaway and all of that.

Bottom line is… I’m taking my blog back. I’m going to blog only what I want, who I want, when I want.

Part of that means consolidating all of my blogs I think. I can’t keep up with Amara’s Places AND Freia’s Places. So, I’m going to consolidate them both here, and rename the Place… Mamba’s Lair. Mamba is both Amara and Freia, so it seems to make more sense if they just blog together. It’ll be the new place of books & bling. And any damn thing I feel like.

Like it was supposed to be in the first place.

So… expect a new look, a new name, basically… a total overhaul.

Coming… I don’t know when.

Whenever I feel like it.

The end.

Later taters!


  1. Woohoo! *\o/* And good luck!

  2. Amara, I know this has been coming for a while and I am glad you were finally able to sort out what you wanted to do with all this. Sounds like the new blog will be great! Can't wait to check it out!

    1. Thanks jayhjay. Yeah, definitely a long time coming. Not at all sure what it'll end up being, but what ever it is... it'll be more fun for me. lol I hope. :D

  3. I hope all the changes work out and make you happy ^__^ Def should drop the crap and stick to the love. I have not known you super long, but you're wonderful. I'll always be grateful for the LG shinies you brought to life for me. Am looking forward to the changes, peeps should not be unhappy <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks luv. I'm excited to go back to my Place being my happy place, instead of my "I need to do it" place. lol no clue what it will end up looking like, but ... happy is good. That much I /do/ know.


  4. Good for YOU!!!! Do what make you happy, shiny or books we still LOVE YOU!!!!

    1. Thanks darlin'! Amara's Place of Books and Bling. It's gonna ROCK! :D lol or at least be fun. Yaaaaay fun! :D

  5. Hooray! Good for you. Do what you love and what makes you happy. I'd rather read a review you were passionate about than a bored author guest post any day--even if those days are few and far between. There's no reason for you to be grumpy and pissed off when this is supposed to be something you do for fun. And your shinies are SO gorgeous that I must encourage you to make more of them. ^__^

    1. Thanks Julia! lol I'm tired of being all blog grumpy. Blog grumpy blows. I want to be excited again. All happy dances and whoowhoo. Like in the old days. And I want to make LOTS of shines :D I think I'm even going to start off my new place with a shiny giveaway. It'll be fun!! :D :D

  6. Good luck with it all - everyone needs a happy place. You go for it!! Huge hugs from me



  7. Well done hun! And because I love Riptide (and you too), this is where I'm coming to! xxx



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