Monday, September 10, 2012

Biker Rallies and Jousting

Yup, biker rallies and jousting, because those two totally go together. Or so they tell me. ;)

This weekend was pretty much a bust for me. A whooooole lot of hurry up and wait, a whooooooole lot of stood up, a whoooooooooooole lot of shiny-go-wrong. Big fat boooooo on the weekend.

I did manage to get out for a bit on Saturday for the jousting match at the local biker rally. That was fun. Saw a lot of leather clad dudes walking around showing off their bikes... nomnom. They had a custom bike competition with all kinds of coolness going on, my favorite I think was this one...

It's paint job was swirling flamage of viking awesomeness. I think Thor or someone was in it too. Dunno which viking dude it was for sure...

Note the brass knuckles of farkin' cool. Also...

... friggin' gatling gun tail pipes of farkin' awesomeness. Not big on the saddle bags, but... whatever. 

Then it was off to the joust. Dudes in full armor on vera big horses, knocking each other off with big sticks. 

Dude leaning in... totes mah fave. He kicked ass! 

Big stick go SNAP CRACK!!!!!! Right in the other dudes face!!!!!!!!! >:D

That would be my dude running over to rip the feather off the guy he knocked right off his horse. After of course they help him up. 

Go dude, Go dude!!! 

Twas fun. A little corny, but still fun. I mean really. Who doesn't want to see men in armor kick the crap out of each other with large sticks >:D >:D

Good times.


  1. It's called a lance, HELLO!
    (To quote my favorite movie.)

    Looks like you have lots of fun =D

  2. Lolol. I knoooooooow. :P

    But what I was expecting was this...
    But what I got was something more along the lines of long broom sticks. Soooooo.... sticks :D

    Twas fun tho. Glad I went. :))

  3. Sounds like you had a blast! Lol on the big sticks... maybe actual lances are too dangerous nowadays for insurance? Whatever it was, it looks awesome! And totally drool worthy... men in armor on big horses? *Swooning here*



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