Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Photo Adventure

It's been a long long LONG while since I've gone on a photo adventure. I used to chase light at absolutely every opportunity. Any free second I had, I found a way to search out any 4 x 6" tiny piece of beauty to bring home home with me.

Obsessed much.

Lol I kind of tend to do that. I'm rather all or nothing about things.

It's been a year or so since I've gone out photoing. Most of my equipment was still packed up from my trip to PA last year. Poor neglected photo equipment. My trigger finger has been itchin' lately. That usually happens when fall is in the air. It's a bit early, but the itchin' has begun none the less.

So, up I got, at the ungodly hour of 4am to get ready to start chasing some light. I forgot how hard that was. I actually forgot how hard a lot of the adventure process was, but I did managed to sort of get a couple of shots. :)

I set off at 5 to discover the moon was big, full... and orange.

It looked vera cool. It also meant... the smoke was thick again. The further I drove, the worse it got, until it got so thick it actually swallowed the moon. 

That's not good.

About an hour later, the sun came blazing up thru the smoke, a big red ball in the sky. That was pretty cool. I'd have photo'd it, if it weren't for the whole burning my corneas thing. ;)

I dropped down into Lost Lake for and hung out for the sunrise...

Was pretty nice actually. Cold, quiet, not a soul around but some tiny birds on the lake. Beautiful.

With all the smoke in the air, the mountains I was hoping for were a total loss. So I thought I'd head to some falls. By the time I got there it was too light out for any real photography, so I just shot a couple quick ones. 

Since the sun was up, making it impossible to get the pics I was after, and they'd closed my 'not really a trail' trail down to the bottom, I was a good grrl and didn't climb down. No use risking my neck, and back, if I can't slow the camera down enough to get the photo I'm after. Water is tricky, and too much light means it won't smooth out like I like. But the falls were cool. :) 

Then I headed on down to the next one. The water was actually running pretty good for this time of year.  

And since I didn't get to the bottom of the other one, I decided to go to the top of this one. If you can't climb down, go up. Hop the fence, balance yourself, grab a tree branch....

and hold on... 

I forgot how that could feel. The energy, the mist, the rush of the water, the roar of the falls... with one foot on a rock, holding onto a tree so you don't go over...


The rest of the day was a bust for photos. But the 250 round trip drive was pretty.

The nap afterwards was nice too. ;)

Next up for my long weekend... shinies I think. Not really up for another 4am, 250 mile smokey road trip. I don't think. *shrugs* subject to change of course.

Adventures in photography. W00T! :D


  1. Wow! What beautiful waterfalls! I would love to do the one foot balancing on a rock and hanging on to a branch above some beautiful waterfalls thing you did! Absolutely a rush!! You are a beautiful photographer My Dear!

    1. Thanks darlin'. :) I love those falls. Need to get back up there soon.

  2. Love love love the fog on the lake. That is sooo pretty!

  3. I love these - especially the fog on the lake. Amazing!! :))

    1. Thanks darlin'. That was definitely my favorite of the day. Gotta love being in the right place at the right time. :D

  4. Those are amazing! :)
    I'm glad the trip was a good one :)



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