Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon

Published By: Just Joshin
Published: May 02, 2012
ISBN # 9781937909079
Word Count: 49,211
Heat Index   2
Someone's out to get Los Angeles bookseller Adrien English. His best friend has been viciously murdered, now he's getting weird phone calls and sinister gifts from a mysterious "admirer." The cops think he's trying to divert suspicion from himself--with the exception of sexy and homophobic homicide detective Jake Riordan. Is his offer to help Adrien on the level or is he out to nail his favorite suspect--to the wall?

My Rating: 3/5 Amara Stars

Characters:  3.5-4
World building:  3
Plot:  3
Writing:  3

Heat Level:  2
Sexuallity:  M/M

My thoughts:
I'm honestly not sure what to say about this one. When I started I just wasn't sure I'd be able to get into it. First...I didn't realize it was written in first person, which isn't really a style I usually enjoy; not the authors fault, totally a personal preference. All the reviews I'd read, I was surprised I didn't see anyone mention it anywhere. 

Right off the bat, things just kept annoying me. Maybe it's me, maybe it's an editing thing. I'm not sure. But things like...

"Dectective Riordan was big and blond, with neo-Nazi haircut and tawny eyes. Actually I had no idea what color his eyes were.."

Soooo, were his eyes tawny, or... do you have no idea?

Those kind of things kept pulling me out and made me scratch my head a bit. It annoyed me enough that I almost put it aside. But everyone loves these books so I kept reading to give it more of a chance.

It ended up being alright. Adrien grew on me after a while, which saved it for me. I was ok with it during the middle. The little annoying things quit annoying me, or weren't happening anymore, not sure which. The mystery was not all that mysterious. Or maybe I should say the who, not the why. The who I pegged pretty quick. The why... took me until the end-ish. I was hanging pretty good with the book, until the ending that left me with a bit of a ... o.O wtf Adrien. 

All in all, it was a good, easy, quick read. I maybe could kick it up to a 3.5. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. *shrugs* It was good enough I'll check out the next one in the series. Hoping very much that I like the next one better.

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  1. It sounds as though you weren't able to overcome your dislike of first person narration.

    To take the example you quoted - I would guess that the author wanted to convey how unsettled and uncertain Adrien was feeling, in that at first he thought he knew what colour the detective's eyes were, but then he wasn't sure after all and he could hardly gaze into those eyes to check - given that he's a detective and might get the wrong idea (or actually the right idea!).

    Maybe if you usually avoid reading first person you're not susceptible to that type of implication. I think it's rather clever of the author to be able to convey so much without spelling it out.

    Do try another Josh Lanyon - he really is excellent. I've just checked a few I would have recommended, but they were also in the first person (because I don't dislike it, it hadn't registered with me). But I suggest Snowball in Hell, which is in the third person.



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