Monday, September 17, 2012

We have a shiny winner!

Yup, yup it's true.

Remember my Mobius Knot giveaway?

Well, tis time to post the winner. Ok, so it was time a couple of days ago and I'm late. My bad.

But, here I am to do it now. Go me.

So, here we go....

The oracle that is has been consulted...

~ phoenixemrys ~


Congrats Phoenix! Email me your snail mail address to amara@mambazlair (dot) com and I'll get your new shiny off to you!

Thanks for coming by and playing everyone. You rock mah socks.


  1. Mee so happy! First off I'd like to thank the Academy. They didn't have a danged thing to do with it but I always wanted to say that. Tee hee.



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