Wednesday, October 10, 2012



I kinda stumbled upon the special shiny rock dude yesterday, completely by accident, again, and oooooohhhhhh the stuff he had!!!

I was once told these episodes I have are... shinygasms. Perfect description. That's just totally what I had. Right there in the store. Complete with gasps and moans, some weak in the knees, some serious goose bumps and perhaps even a shudder or... three.

I couldn't help it.

The more excited I got, the more the dude pulled out the goods. Before I knew what hit me, I was fondling $600 strands of rare faceted tourmaline. Multi colored Sapphires. Topaz, Emeralds and Rubies...

Oh my.

I was pretty good, all things considered. I only walked away with...

Some beautiful Amethyst and Ametrine nuggets, some exquisite Pink  and Watermelon Tourmaline, a cool strand of shimmery Charoite for chip trees and some awfully shiny Tiger Eye. (the pics are kinda sucky, but trust me, they are all OH SO SHINY!!)

Then there was...

The Labradorite Cabochons for some Aurora Borealis Trees :D And a lonley Royal Imperial Jasper too.

LOOK AT THEM SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love Love LOVE!

Considering what he had me petting, I controlled myself pretty good.

But, I couldn't stop thinking about the other stuff. So... *sigh*... I went back.

Got more Watermelon Tourmaline slices. Blue and green ones :D Of course... I didn't stop there. I also had to bring home some...

Freshwater pearl chips to try for trees. And... *sigh* ... some faceted Emeralds.

I was kind of a bad grrl.

But I couldn't help it. You should see them in real life! SOOOOOOOOO FRIGGIN UBER SHINY!

As I sit here, trying to ignore the dollars I spent, and petting my new shinies, I am consoling myself with remembering... I wasn't too bad. I resisted the $600+ strands of faceted uber nom I couldn't come close to affording. That counts for... something.

Now I have to make stuff. I have no idea where to start. Wanna make ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!

I might be a little excited. Ok, maybe a lot.

Best get busy.

Later taters!


  1. Congrats on your new shinies! They are lovely :)

  2. Can't wait to see how the Aurora Borealis trees turn out! ^^ #adore



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