Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Walking Dead (TV Show)

Sooooo…. Daughter came over last Sunday night. All excited for the Season 3 opener of Walking Dead. She loves that show. Or, rather, loves to hate it. I think. *shrugs* She screams at it almost as much as I do anyway.

I sat thru last season with her. Every weekend she’d come over and we’d zombie out. Truth be told, I’ve never been a zombie fan. Never have been my thing. But I found the show last season rather addicting. I had a love hate thing going on with it. It was quite intense, which I did like and kept me watching. However, the cast drove me nuts, and I pretty much found myself watching it more to see if some of the annoying characters would get eaten, or maybe someone from the group would just shoot people, like that asshole Shane, in the head and maybe I could stop yelling at the TV.

Or at least start cheering >:D

Watching someone finally put that guy out of my misery was one of the shows highlights for me. Watched that part again last night, with a big ‘YEEEEEEAH!!! KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My love hate relationship with the show kind of drives me batty. I love to hate it I think, which kind of pisses me off. If I’m going to watch a show every week, I should at least like it. Or like at least like one person in it. But…. no. Not this time.

The time spent with daughter is fun, so…*shrugs* there’s that.

But past that, I continually find myself asking the TV… “How have you people survived this long with how fucking stupid you are?!” Ok, maybe it’s more of a yelling than an asking.

Show drives me bonkers.

By the end of last season, and the appearance of this hooded figure dragging 2 zombies around like pets, I hoped for grand things in the new season. Maybe a twist. Maybe a plot. Maybe a cool character or … 3.


No. There was none of that. She seems to be just some chick, dragging 2 zombies around on leashes.


The rest is still the same ol’ thing. Same annoying as fuck characters. Some that have turned into annoying assholes, maybe to take the place of Shane who they killed off, I dunno. They still are trying to get to… um… I don’t know where, just roaming I guess, while they get attacked by and kill zombies. One after another, after another, after another. Will it be one hack this time… or two? Will you use a gun? Will you use a cross bow? Will you figure out how to kill them in riot gear? Will you kill them in a field? Will you kill them on the road?

Will you kill them in a house? Will you kill them with a mouse?


The characters have been roaming for like… 10 months now, since the end of last season. They haven’t gotten any smarter though. Still dumb as stumps. Darwin is not active in this zombie world.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe everyone who’s wife if about to have a baby, any minute, organizes a recon mission to scout for, and kill, zombies in the dark, in a prison, and sends the only doctor… in the world…with the recon group to do it. Maybe every doctor, while on recon, walks thru a wide prison corridor and goes out of his way to not avoid a seemingly dead zombie, but to step over the rotting body. Or rather… in between the seemingly dead zombie’s rotting legs.

Nothing can go wrong in this scenario. Oh… wait…


I dunno. Mabye thinking someone would walk around the dead zombie in the hall is expecting too much.

Dumb as fucking stumps. These people deserve to die. Seriously. By vicious zombie bite. Or… airborne virus… or… wtf ever it is that zombies out these idiots now.


Episode one, and I’m not loving it. I’m kinda hoping daughter won’t make me sit thru the whole thing this season. I have books to read. And shiny to make. And… reruns of just about anything that I would rather watch… than this.

I think if I were to rate this show, I’d give it zero stars. Then take one away for not even giving me a token hot guy to drool over.

-1 stars.

Daughter just turned me on to the 'Walking Dead Drinking Game'. Found this one on the Huffington Post site. Goes like this...

  • Take a sip every time Lori yells Rick's name

  • Chug every time Carl wanders off on his own 

  • Cheers at any reference to Dale's death

  • Take a sip any time Shane's name is uttered

  • Take a nice glug every time a walker gets taken down

  • Take a sip when the survivors discuss the group being broken and whether life is still worth living

  • Chug when you see somebody's innards on the outside of their body

  • Take a nice healthy sip anytime the menfolk do the protectin' & shootin' and the womenfolk do the cookin' and cleanin'

  • Cheers when someone does something so dumb that you think, "Yeah, go ahead, zombies -- take that moron out of the gene pool. Go nuts!"

  • Chug anytime someone who shouldn't have a gun (Carl, Carol, Glenn ...) picks up a gun

  • Finish your drink when (if) T-Dog gets a line
Now... maybe if I'd have known about this... I'd like the show better. At least I could watch it 1/2 lit. Maybe I'll try that if she comes over next week and tries to make me endure another episode.



  1. You know, every time I doubt my instincts, this innate sense of know I have no matter how much everyone else in the fricking WORLD goes on about how great this show is or that show is there is this little voice inside that knows and goes 'NOOOOOOO don't do it! Don't watch. You'll hate it. Life is short, to short to waste it watching shit, turn that channel now or I'll boot yer stoopid ass.'

    Thank you for once again confirming mah voice knows what it's talking about.

    1. Your voice is a good judge. My voice said the same. I really never would have started watching if daughter didn't make me. The first season... or the first part of it anyway... I thought I could hang. I hate zombies, but it was intense, and pretty good. Second season... I found myself way to annoyed way to often. This season... I just want out.

      *sigh* daughter promises she will be by on Sunday, to force me to endure.




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