Monday, October 29, 2012

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Monday, here again. Yaaaay Monday! (<--sarcasm p="p">

Monday is kinda tough after 5 straight days off work. I took a bit of a mini-vaca after a week of Tweedleville blowing my stress level off the grid while they were all off hunting and having a grand ol'time doing whatever they do in the wilderness when they can't manage to hunt well. When they got back I decided I needed some time too. Sooooo… I took it.

A little mini shinies vaca. Twas awesome.

Yaaaaay shinies vaca! (<---not p="p" sarcasm="sarcasm">

I managed to get caught up on some projects that I’d started and not managed to finish for one reason or another. Like the long chain of Tourmaline I've been working on for like... all of October. That jewel took forEVER! Of course it probably wouldn't have taken so long if I could manage to work on one thing at a time. 

pfft. As if.

I also played with my new 14k Gold Fill wire. I'm kind of in love with that. A new kind of shiny. Soooo... sooooo...Mmmmmmmm *pets*

Made a bracelet and some matching earrings too! love Love LOVE! I totes need to make more things gold. Yepyep.

I also managed a couple of new trees. With the way things have been going over here, the trees are a grand accomplishment. Managed 2 of them on my minivaca. A Hematite cabochon tree, that's all cool and sleek looking...

... and a new itty-bitty tiny Writer's Tree of multi colored Tourmaline...

Isn't is cute?!! It's about the size of a quarter. Tiniest little thing! Took forever. I swear, the tinier the tree, the harder it is. Silly trees.

Made a whole slew of other things too. Pendants and bracelets and, and, and... stuff. :D

In and amongst all that, I also managed to catch up on some custom projects. Made a couple writer's bracelets, a couple sooper seekrit things for gifts and my very first Evil Eye Bracelet...

Pretty proud of how that jewel turned out. Twas hard. Took me forever to figure out how to Freia-ize the eyes, instead of just using those glass buggy eye beads. I'm not a fan of those buggy eye beads. 

Anyhoo, much shiny went down on my mini-shinies vaca. Now it's Monday, time to go back to real life. I thought I'd kick off the occasion by knocking over my coffee onto my laptop, effectively causing it to no longer work. Trying my best to clean up that mess to then dump my change jar off the dresser onto my foot, spilling oodles of coins all over the floor. Then of course tweaking my neck in one of the flails while trying to not step on the cat.

All before 8:00am.


Shiny vacas are better than work days. I may have to take another one. Soon. The holidays are coming, and I need to shinies up. :D

Hm. I totally don't remember the point of this post. Pretty sure none of that was it...

Oh well. My blog, my post, can do whatever I want. Even if it doesn't have a point.

Later taters!


  1. Well your day sounds about as good as my friend Maryanne's. LOL Hopefully I can make her and you both smile at least once today. I don't know how but I'll give it a try.

    Well you are listed for today for the Riptide blog hop. So seeing as how that should be on your list of ohno's I comment on Hurricane Sandy. I live in Western Mass and it was hardly even a storm never mind a hurricane. Thank God for that. But it rained off and on from yesterday afternoon till about 6am today. the wind wasn't even something to write about. But Maryanne thinks it was terrible around 5am this morning. I live about a 45 second walk form her front door but she apartment must have been picked up and tossed around. Because at 5am in my apartment I was reading and had my window open listening to see if the weather would turn again. Okay so I've bored you to tears have a great week.


  2. Lol, yeah, the Riptide post was call on account of, well, Sandy. So I just blabbered on about ... stuff. :D

    Glad you didn't you fared the storm ok. Hope Maryanne ended up ok. Lol sounds like a picky storm, poor dear.

    Have a great week Chris! Thanks for coming by to visit!!

  3. Very pretty shinies! Love the Evil Eye bracelet :)

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