Friday, November 16, 2012

When Gall Bladders Attack!

Been a helluva week over in Mambaland. Daughter has been giving me a crash course on Gall Bladders. Crazy little things those are. I’ve never been real sure what the gall bladder does. Truthfully, I’m still not real sure. I /do/ know… the evil little bastards can go belly up and turn on you. When they do it hurts like a muthafukka.

Poor daughter has been in serious pain since last weekend. I rushed her to the Urgent Care Clinic last Sunday morning where she spent a glorious day hooked up to IVs while getting poked and prodded and scanned having they every inch of her checked out. Turned out… she had an evil traitorous gall bladder full of stones.

Didn’t see that coming.

7 hrs later, they doped her up, and sent her home. They promised to have a doctor call the next day to set up an appointment to be seen so she could figure out what to do about the little ball of evil in her gut.

They didn’t call.

The ‘episodes’ got worse.

Tuesday morning contact was finally made. By noon, she was rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery. Of course they assured us that this was a ‘simple’ surgery. That she’d be out and done and home that evening.

Is it just me… or does the word ‘simple’ in front of the word ‘surgery’ just seem stupid?

Unfortunately for daughter, she has inherited my inability to keep it simple.

The doctor got the evil little gall bladder out. But… there’s a problem. Apparently the evil gall bladder sent out it’s minions to fight the good fight after it died. Daughter has some kind of blockage and is still in a LOT of pain.

Simple surgery. Uh-huh. Right.

She’s still not home yet. She’s been hanging out at hotel hospital. This afternoon she gets to have them shove a scope down her throat so they can try to find the evil minion and remove it. If that doesn’t work, poor thing goes back for another surgery. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen because apparently this one won’t be ‘simple’.

Thru all of this, poor daughter is just wracking up the medical bills. She doesn’t have medical insurance. We were trying to get her on the state health plan when this all started. Hoping she would qualify and they would retroactively take care of some of this. We met with the hospital insurance person who informed us that…. No. No they won’t. She should qualify, no problem. But (there’s always a but) apparently our state runs the health program on a lottery system.

A fucking health care lotto.

I thought the woman was yanking my chain.

Year 2011, State of Oregon, in the good ol’ U.S. of A…. and we are running this shit by fucking lottery draw.


Daughter and I are trying to ignore the money side of this shit. She’s still in too much pain and total sucktasticness to do anything but keep moving forward. Thank goodness they are even treating her while uninsured. Very thankful for that.

Anyhoo, ramble ramble… simple surgery isn’t so simple… and hopefully she’s almost fixed and can go home soon.

Worried mama is worried.

*sigh* Stoopid stoopid sucktasticly stoopid.

The end.


  1. Lots of hugs honey - I still can't believe the whole lottery aspect; that's just disturbing. Best wishes to you all and I hope things start improving soon.

  2. Sending lots of good wishes your direction and hoping things get better soon! And health coverage by lotto? Sheesh.

  3. Hope your daughter gets better very soon. Being sick sucks :(
    I have never heard of a state have health coverage by lotto...that just sounds completely stupid.

  4. *hugs* I had to have my gall bladder removed back in '08 at the age of 31. Went through 3 full blown episodes before the doctors would test for anything and then since I did not have any insurance at the time I had to go through an ECHO clinic. This meant I had to wait 6 weeks until the next surgeon was available. I take complete responsibility for that! So I had a virtually fat free diet for that long. It helped me not have any more episodes but it also caused me to be weak and lose 16+ pounds (@ 122 lbs. that is a dent!). I remember crying when the Radiologist told me he couldn't find anything in my upper and lower GI tests. I don't cry. My blessedly wonderful husband gave that doctor an earful and demanded the ultrasound. When the surgeon took my gall bladder out he told the hubs that it was so full of stones and disease he figured it had been going bad since I was a teenager >.<

    Give your daughter a big hug and tell her she is a trooper from me! Worse pain I have EVER had and I have had two C-sections ;)

    If she wants to ask anything about the after effects or whatever you know how to find me luv!


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