Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Accidental Chainmaille

Yes. Accidental chainmaille. Daughter was just checking it out and asked me… “um… is that an accident?”

*sigh* I don’t know, but it was.

I swear, I must be the most easily distracted shinies maker evah. Happens to me all the time really. I start off wanting to make something, go to look for something I need for the project, find things I bought a while back for something else…

And before I know what hit me,

I’m off an running in a totally different direction.

That’s sort of how I ended up with accidental chainmaille last night. The whole process actually started last weekend. I made this little goodie for an order…

Remembered how fun chainmaille was to make, so just thought I’d take a quick minute and made up a silver Half Persian 4 in 1 little goodie I've been meaning to get too…

Ok, maybe that ended up being a gazillion minutes. Quick minute... pfft... as if.

Anyhoo, last night, I thought I’d finish that one up, went looking for the right rings to close it, and ended up with…well...a whole new weave. In a different color. And… totally unrelated.

But way cool. Lookie lookie!!

It’s called Dragon Scale. Been wanting to learn it for a long while now, but never did. I got a new book and it had a cool key chain thingy, so I thought… heeeeey, that’s cool, and tiny, and quick…. How hard can it be? It’ll just take a minute. Good way to try it out, see how hard it is, how it works up, that kind of thing.

Now I have ½ a bronze cuff.

With a little silver on the end because I have no idea what I'm doing with this and when I went back to look for the Half Persian silver rings this morning, I got hit by a silver squirrel and ... wanted to see what would happen if I played silver dragon scale...


Never did finish the Half Persian.


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